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VitPhe : what is it?

VitPhe est un système d'information dédié à l'archivage, la consultation et le traitement de données experimentales issues de différents projets et récoltées sur des dispositifs variés (champ, serre et laboratoire).
This work has been initiated by the ANR project VITSEC and CIVB to study the adaptation of grapevine to water deficit. This project is based on a multidisciplinary approach (ecophysiology, genomic, genetic) and several partners are involved (UMR EGFV Bordeaux, UMR LEPSE Montpellier, UMR DIAPC Montpellier). Data generated by this project is various (molecular data, genetic data, physiological data, meteorological data) and large (some experiments are conducted on high-throughput platform).

News (see all)

Update - Vitphe - (published 30/04/2018 by arnaud.charleroy)

- Improved ergonomics
- Optimizing the display and import of data
- Tutorial is out of date

Update Plants section - (published 05/03/2015 by vincent.negre)

Links with the "Réseau Français des Conservatoires de Vigne" (http://bioweb.ensam.inra.fr/collections_vigne) have been included in the plants section.

Update - version 2.1 - (published 26/09/2013 by vincent.negre)

- Bug Fixes and improved translations.
- Sandbox: test database that you can use connecting through Vitphe with your usual password by clicking on Sandbok (below your login). When clicking the application simulates an admin-level user.
- Management of complex data.
- Sends an email when deleting an application uncommitted (email administrators and the person making the request).