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The 11th Meeting on Cholinesterases

The 11th Meeting on Cholinesterases held in Kazan, old Russian city on the Volga River, on June 4-9, 2012.
The latest developments and advances in the field of cholinesterases, enzymes reacting with organophosphates, and related topics were discussed during the meeting.
Almost 200 people from 22 countries attanded the meeting.

International advisory board decisions

  • The next Meeting on Cholinesterases will be held in Oct-Nov 2014 or in first week of June 2015, Alicante, Spain (www.12thChE.org).
  • Three new members of the IAB were nominated: Yechun Xu (Shanghai, China), Pascale Marchot (Marseille, France), Florian Nachon (Grenoble, France).

Main Topics

  • Structure of cholinesterases and related α/β hydrolase-fold proteins
  • Molecular biology and cell biology of cholinesterases and alternative functions of cholinesterases
  • Interaction of cholinesterases with substrates, inhibitors and reactivators
  • Anticholinesterases: Mechanisms of toxicity, detection, diagnosis of exposure, detoxication and therapy; counter-terrorism strategies
  • Stoichiometric and catalytic bioscavengers against anticholinesterase agents
  • Enzymes other than cholinesterases reacting with anticholinesterase agents
  • Diseases related to cholinesterases, and therapy with cholinesterase inhibitors

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