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Year Report for: 2000

Abbott_2000_Eur.J.Biochem_267_6140Cloning, expression and chromosomal localization of a novel human dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP) IV homolog, DPP8
Abdalla_2000_Mol.Cell.Endocrinol_160_17Effect of estrogen on intracellular signaling pathways linked to activation of M(2)- and M(3)-muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the rat myometrium
Abe_2000_J.Gastroenterol_35_28Focal therapeutic efficacy of transcatheter arterial infusion of styrene maleic acid neocarzinostatin for hepatocellular carcinoma
Abgrall_2000_Aquaculture_181_1Sublethal effects of azamethiphos on shelter use by juvenile lobsters (Homarus americanus)
Abi-Gerges_2000_J.Physiol_523 Pt 2_377Functional expression and regulation of the hyperpolarization activated non-selective cation current in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Abou-Hatab_2000_Arch.Gerontol.Geriatr_31_193Plasma esterase activities in young and old patients undergoing open inguinal hernia repair
Abraham_2000_J.Neuroendocrinol_12_486Chronic corticosterone administration dose-dependently modulates Abeta(1-42)- and NMDA-induced neurodegeneration in rat magnocellular nucleus basalis
Adams_2000_J.Cell.Biol_150_1385Absence of alpha-syntrophin leads to structurally aberrant neuromuscular synapses deficient in utrophin
Adams_2000_J.Neurochem_75_2277The A-type potassium channel Kv4.2 is a substrate for the mitogen-activated protein kinase ERK
Adams_2000_J.Neuroendocrinol_12_Autho Adams T#SNew pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer's disease: implications for dementia care nursing
Adams_2000_Science_287_2185The genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster
Adel-Patient_2000_J.Immunol.Methods_235_21Evaluation of a high IgE-responder mouse model of allergy to bovine beta-lactoglobulin (BLG): development of sandwich immunoassays for total and allergen-specific IgE, IgG1 and IgG2a in BLG-sensitized mice
Adhami_2000_Neurotoxicol.Teratol_22_41Intrahippocampal cholinergic-rich transplants restore lead-induced deficits: a preliminary study in rats
Agarwala_2000_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_272_641Phosphorylation of RTP, an ER stress-responsive cytoplasmic protein
Agmo_2000_IDrugs_3_743International Behavioral Neuroscience Society - ninth annual meeting
Aguera_2000_Analyst_125_1397Splitless large-volume GC-MS injection for the analysis of organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides in vegetables using a miniaturised ethyl acetate extraction
Ahmadi_2000_Biochem.Biophys.Res.Commun_269_676GSTM1 and mEPHX polymorphisms in Parkinson's disease and age of onset
Ahren_2000_Eur.J.Pharmacol_404_239Improved glucose tolerance and insulin secretion by inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase IV in mice
Aitcheson_2000_Aquaculture_183_269Removal of aquaculture therapeutants by carbon adsorption: 1. Equilibrium adsorption behaviour of single components
Aizawa_2000_Respiration_67_652Histamine-induced increase in isometric tension of smooth muscle is mediated by local vagus nerve in human bronchus
Akaaboune_2000_Mol.Cell.Neurosci_15_355Developmental regulation of amyloid precursor protein at the neuromuscular junction in mouse skeletal muscle
Akici_2000_Eur.J.Pharmacol_388_115Further evidence for the heterogeneity of functional muscarinic receptors in guinea pig gallbladder
Akiyama_2000_Cardiovasc.Res_46_531Adrenergic inhibition of endogenous acetylcholine release on postganglionic cardiac vagal nerve terminals
Alagiakrishnan_2000_Hawaii.Med.J_59_57Use of donepezil in elderly patients with Alzheimer's disease--a Hawaii based study
Alami-Durante_2000_J.Exp.Biol_203_3675Effects of environmental temperature on the development of the myotomal white muscle in larval carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Alberi_2000_Brain.Res_872_11Involvement of calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in carbachol-induced rhythmic activity in the hippocampus of the rat
Albuquerque_2000_Behav.Brain.Res_113_131Neuronal nicotinic receptors in synaptic functions in humans and rats: physiological and clinical relevance
Albuquerque_2000_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_144_337Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors and Synaptic Transmission in the Mammalian Central Nervous System
Alhomida_2000_Toxicology_147_33Kinetic analysis of the toxicological effect of tacrine (Cognex) on human retinal acetylcholinesterase activity
Ali_2000_J.Pharm.Pharmacol_52_1297Effect of Rhazya stricta Decne on monoamine oxidase and cholinesterase activity and brain biogenic amine levels in rats
Alkondon_2000_Eur.J.Pharmacol_393_59alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and modulation of gabaergic synaptic transmission in the hippocampus
Alkondon_2000_J.Neurosci_20_66Nicotinic receptor activation in human cerebral cortical interneurons: a mechanism for inhibition and disinhibition of neuronal networks
Alkondon_2000_Neuropharmacol_39_2726Nicotine at concentrations found in cigarette smokers activates and desensitizes nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in CA1 interneurons of rat hippocampus
Allman_2000_Mol.Pharmacol_58_175Scanning mutagenesis identifies amino acid side chains in transmembrane domain 5 of the M(1) muscarinic receptor that participate in binding the acetyl methyl group of acetylcholine
Almeida_2000_Neuropharmacol_39_2740The opioid antagonist naltrexone inhibits activity and alters expression of alpha7 and alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptors in hippocampal neurons: implications for smoking cessation programs
Alonso-Villalobos_2000_J.Vet.Med.B.Infect.Dis.Vet.Public.Health_47_1The in vitro secretion of acetylcholinesterase by adult stages of Heligmosomoides polygyrus: the effects of broad-spectrum anthelmintics
Altamirano_2000_J.Neurochem_74_869The butyrylcholinesterase K-variant shows similar cellular protein turnover and quaternary interaction to the wild-type enzyme
Alvarez-Arcaya_2000_Acta.Neurol.Scand_102_350The butyrylcholinesterase K variant is a protective factor for sporadic Alzheimer's disease in women
Amada_2000_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1478_201Overproduction in Escherichia coli, purification and characterization of a family I.3 lipase from Pseudomonas sp. MIS38
Amador_2000_N.C.Med.J_61_209Where we stand with treating dementia
Ambrus_2000_Food.Addit.Contam_17_519Within and between field variability of residue data and sampling implications
Amouyal-Barkate_2000_Ann.Pharmacother_34_1347Abnormal movements with donepezil in Alzheimer disease
Andberg_2000_Biochem.J_345 Pt 3_621Leukotriene A4 hydrolase: a critical role of glutamic acid-296 for the binding of bestatin
Andersson_2000_Food.Addit.Contam_17_547Comparison of pesticide residues in composite samples and in individual units: the Swedish approach to sampling
Andreani_2000_Eur.J.Med.Chem_35_774-Aminopyridine derivatives with antiamnesic activity
Angeli_2000_Pharm.Acta.Helv_74_131Receptors in neurodegenerative diseases, muscarinic cholinergic receptors
Antil-Delbeke_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_29594Molecular determinants by which a long chain toxin from snake venom interacts with the neuronal alpha 7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Aparicio_2000_Chem.Biol_7_895A complex multienzyme system encoded by five polyketide synthase genes is involved in the biosynthesis of the 26-membered polyene macrolide pimaricin in Streptomyces natalensis
Aparicio_2000_Trends.Genet_16_54Vertebrate evolution: recent perspectives from fish
Arahira_2000_Eur.J.Biochem_267_2649Purification, molecular cloning and ethylene-inducible expression of a soluble-type epoxide hydrolase from soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.)
Araki_2000_Cytotech_33_93Transgenic rabbits expressing human lipoprotein lipase
Aramakis_2000_J.Neurosci_20_6106A critical period for nicotine-induced disruption of synaptic development in rat auditory cortex
Arca_2000_Clin.Genet_58_369The common mutations in the lipoprotein lipase gene in Italy: effects on plasma lipids and angiographically assessed coronary atherosclerosis
Argiriadi_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_15265Binding of alkylurea inhibitors to epoxide hydrolase implicates active site tyrosines in substrate activation
Armengaud_2000_Brain.Res_859_390Functional cytochrome oxidase histochemistry in the honeybee brain
Armstrong_2000_Drug.Metab.Rev_32_327New structural and chemical insight into the catalytic mechanism of epoxide hydrolases
Arneric_2000_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_144_419Agonists and Antagonists of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Arsan_2000_Biotechnol.Bioeng_69_222Selectivity of Rhizomucor miehei lipase as affected by choice of cosubstrate system in ester modification reactions in organic media
Aschner_2000_Neurotoxicol_21_175Interactions between pesticides and glia: an unexplored experimental field
Ashery_2000_EMBO.J_19_3586Munc13-1 acts as a priming factor for large dense-core vesicles in bovine chromaffin cells
Atoji_2000_Auton.Neurosci_84_1Innervation of the pigeon oviduct: correlation of NADPH diaphorase with acetylcholinesterase, tyrosine hydroxylase, and neuropeptides
Atta_2000_J.Nat.Prod_63_1393New norditerpenoid alkaloids from Aconitum falconeri
Audsley_2000_Insect.Biochem.Mol.Biol_30_681Juvenile hormone biosynthesis by corpora allata of larval tomato moth, Lacanobia oleracea, and regulation by Manduca sexta allatostatin and allatotropin
Auld_2000_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_292_692Pharmacological characterization of endogenous acetylcholine release from primary septal cultures
Aura_2000_Eur.J.Pharmacol_390_313Pre-training blocks the improving effect of tetrahydroaminoacridine and D-cycloserine on spatial navigation performance in aged rats
Aurilia_2000_Microbiology_146_1391Three multidomain esterases from the cellulolytic rumen anaerobe Ruminococcus flavefaciens 17 that carry divergent dockerin sequences.
Avasthi_2000_J.Assoc.Physicians.India_48_794Serial neuro-electrophysiological studies in acute organophosphate poisoning--correlation with clinical findings, serum cholinesterase levels and atropine dosages
Aviram_2000_Am.J.Clin.Nutr_71_1062Pomegranate juice consumption reduces oxidative stress, atherogenic modifications to LDL, and platelet aggregation: studies in humans and in atherosclerotic apolipoprotein E-deficient mice
Aviram_2000_Circulation_101_2510Human serum paraoxonases (PON1) Q and R selectively decrease lipid peroxides in human coronary and carotid atherosclerotic lesions: PON1 esterase and peroxidase-like activities
Aviram_2000_Free.Radic.Res_33 Suppl_S85Review of human studies on oxidative damage and antioxidant protection related to cardiovascular diseases
Babic_2000_Age.Ageing_29_370Spontaneous rupture of oesophagus (Boerhaave's syndrome) related to rivastigmine
Bachmann_2000_Biosens.Bioelectron_15_193Improved multianalyte detection of organophosphates and carbamates with disposable multielectrode biosensors using recombinant mutants of Drosophila acetylcholinesterase and artificial neural networks
Baenziger_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_777Effect of membrane lipid composition on the conformational equilibria of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Bai_2000_Curr.Med.Chem_7_355Huperzine A, a potential therapeutic agent for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Bailey_2000_Arch.Toxicol_74_322Association of azinphos-methyl with rat erythrocytes and hemoglobin
Bailey_2000_Can.J.Clin.Pharmacol_7_198Antidote availability in Quebec hospital pharmacies: impact of N-acetylcysteine and naloxone consumption
Bailey_2000_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_97_11581A novel function for serotonin-mediated short-term facilitation in aplysia: conversion of a transient, cell-wide homosynaptic hebbian plasticity into a persistent, protein synthesis-independent synapse-specific enhancement
Bainy_2000_Aquaculture_191_163Biochemical responses in penaeids caused by contaminants
Baladi_2000_Clin.Ther_22_1549Rivastigmine for Alzheimer's disease: Canadian interpretation of intermediate outcome measures and cost implications
Balestra_2000_J.Neuroimmunol_102_89Antibodies against neuronal nicotinic receptor subtypes in neurological disorders
Balestra_2000_Mol.Pharmacol_58_300Chick optic lobe contains a developmentally regulated alpha2alpha5beta2 nicotinic receptor subtype
Ballard_2000_Ann.Neurol_48_868Delusions associated with elevated muscarinic binding in dementia with Lewy bodies
Bandmann_2000_J.Biotechnol_79_161Genetic engineering of the Fusarium solani pisi lipase cutinase for enhanced partitioning in PEG-phosphate aqueous two-phase systems
Banu_2000_Mol.Microbiol_35_854Identification of novel VirR/VirS-regulated genes in Clostridium perfringens
Baptista_2000_Biotechnol.Bioeng_70_699Trehalose delays the reversible but not the irreversible thermal denaturation of cutinase
Barak_2000_Biochemistry_39_1156Evidence for P-N bond scission in phosphoroamidate nerve agent adducts of human acetylcholinesterase
Barbier_2000_Int.Microbiol_3_117Esterases in marine dinoflagellates and resistance to the organophosphate insecticide parathion
Barnes_2000_Chest_117_63SThe pharmacological properties of tiotropium
Barnes_2000_Neurosci_99_17Chronic treatment of old rats with donepezil or galantamine: effects on memory, hippocampal plasticity and nicotinic receptors
Barrantes_2000_Kidney.Int_57_1382Nongenomic effects of steroids on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Barresi_2000_Development_127_2189The zebrafish slow-muscle-omitted gene product is required for Hedgehog signal transduction and the development of slow muscle identity
Bartels_2000_Biochem.Pharmacol_60_479Determination of the DNA sequences of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase from cat and demonstration of the existence of both in cat plasma
Bartolomeo_2000_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther_292_584The preclinical pharmacological profile of WAY-132983, a potent M1 preferring agonist
Barton_2000_Semin.Neurol_20_7Ocular aspects of myasthenia gravis
Basova_2000_Zh.Evol.Biokhim.Fiziol_36_97[Kinetic analysis of the 'substrate protective effect' for cholinesterases of various origin]
Bass_2000_Cell_101_235Double-stranded RNA as a template for gene silencing
Bassant_2000_Eur.J.Pharmacol_387_151Sustained effect of metrifonate on cerebral glucose metabolism after immunolesion of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in rats
Bawden_2000_Virology_274_120Complete Genomic Sequence of the Amsacta moorei Entomopoxvirus: Analysis and Comparison with Other Poxviruses.
Bazin_2000_Presse.Med_29_871[Alzheimer type dementia: is early diagnosis significant?]
Beare_2000_Med.J.Aust_172_96Organophosphate poisoning versus brainstem stroke
Beattie_2000_Development_127_2653Mutations in the stumpy gene reveal intermediate targets for zebrafish motor axons
Beaumont_2000_Nat.Neurosci_3_133Enhancement of synaptic transmission by cyclic AMP modulation of presynaptic Ih channels
Begun_2000_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_97_5960Reduced X-linked nucleotide polymorphism in Drosophila simulans
Beisson_2000_Biochem.Soc.Trans_28_773Assaying Arabidopsis lipase activity
Beja_2000_Science_289_1902Bacterial rhodopsin: evidence for a new type of phototrophy in the sea
Belkner_2000_Biochem.J_352 Pt 1_125Macrophage cholesteryl ester hydrolases and hormone-sensitive lipase prefer specifically oxidized cholesteryl esters as substrates over their non-oxidized counterparts
Bell_2000_Br.J.Pharmacol_131_1135Histamine depolarizes cholinergic interneurones in the rat striatum via a H(1)-receptor mediated action
Bellingham_2000_Clin.Exp.Pharmacol.Physiol_27_132Cholinergic modulation of respiratory brain-stem neurons and its function in sleep-wake state determination
Bellizzi_2000_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_97_4573The crystal structure of palmitoyl protein thioesterase 1 and the molecular basis of infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
Bello-Ramirez_2000_Toxicology_149_63A theoretical approach to the mechanism of biological oxidation of organophosphorus pesticides
Belmahdi_2000_Hum.Mutat_16_450Identification of 6 new polymorphisms, g.11177G>A, g.14622C>T (R49C), g.17540T>C, g.17639T>C, g.30929T>C, g.31074G>A (R454Q), in the human microsomal epoxide hydrolase gene (EPHX1) in a French population
Belmonte_2000_J.Neurosci_20_8417Developmental expression of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in chick retina: selective induction of M2 muscarinic receptor expression in ovo by a factor secreted by muller glial cells
Ben_2000_Photochem.Photobiol_71_124Porphyrins and related compounds as photoactivatable insecticides. 3. Laboratory and field studies
Bender_2000_Life.Sci_66_1675Probing the size of a hydrophobic binding pocket within the allosteric site of muscarinic acetylcholine M2-receptors
Benhammou_2000_Neuropharmacol_39_2818[(3)H]Nicotine binding in peripheral blood cells of smokers is correlated with the number of cigarettes smoked per day
Bennett_2000_Neuropharmacol_39_523The concept of transmitter receptors: 100 years on
Bentley_2000_Chem.Rev_100_3801Mycophenolic Acid: a one hundred year odyssey from antibiotic to immunosuppressant
Bercik_2000_Gastroenterology_119_386Quantitative analysis of intestinal motor patterns: spatiotemporal organization of nonneural pacemaker sites in the rat ileum
Berg_2000_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_144_247Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Ganglionic Transmission
Berggren_2000_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1481_317Substitutions of surface amino acid residues of cutinase probed by aqueous two-phase partitioning
Berggren_2000_J.Chromatogr.B.Biomed.Sci.Appl_743_295Partitioning of peptides and recombinant protein-peptide fusions in thermoseparating aqueous two-phase systems: effect of peptide primary structure
Berman_2000_J.Neurosci_20_7017The role of identified neurotransmitter systems in the response of insular cortex to unfamiliar taste: activation of ERK1-2 and formation of a memory trace
Bertolini_2000_Clin.Genet_57_140Pseudodominance of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) deficiency due to a nonsense mutation (Tyr302>Term) in exon 6 of LPL gene in an Italian family from Sardinia (LPL(Olbia))
Betz_2000_J.Basic.Microbiol_40_7Molecular cloning, sequencing, expression, and site-directed mutagenesis of the 1H-3-hydroxy-4-oxoquinaldine 2,4-dioxygenase gene from Arthrobacter spec. Ru61a
Bhaskaran_2000_J.Assoc.Physicians.India_48_439Familial infantile myaesthenia
Bhattacharjee_2000_J.Mol.Recognit_13_213Molecular similarity analysis between insect juvenile hormone and N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) analogs may aid design of novel insect repellents
Bhattacharya_2000_Indian.J.Exp.Biol_38_753Signal transduction by xenobiotics in fish
Biagioni_2000_Int.J.Dev.Biol_44_689Acetylcholine synthesis and neuron differentiation
Biagioni_2000_Int.J.Dev.Neurosci_18_93Activation of neurospecific gene expression by antennapedia homeobox peptide
Biagioni_2000_J.Neurosci.Res_62_591Modulation of cholinergic marker expression by nerve growth factor in dorsal root ganglia
Biely_2000_Anal.Biochem_286_289A chromogenic substrate for a beta-xylosidase-coupled assay of alpha-glucuronidase
Biely_2000_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1474_360Inverting character of alpha-glucuronidase A from Aspergillus tubingensis
Bigbee_2000_Brain.Res_861_354Evidence for the direct role of acetylcholinesterase in neurite outgrowth in primary dorsal root ganglion neurons
Birks_2000_Cochrane.Database.Syst.Rev__CD001190Donepezil for mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease
Birks_2000_Cochrane.Database.Syst.Rev__CD001191Rivastigmine for Alzheimer's disease
Bitner_2000_Brain.Res_871_66Reduced nicotinic receptor-mediated antinociception following in vivo antisense knock-down in rat
Blader_2000_Hum.Mol.Genet_9_945Zebrafish developmental genetics and central nervous system development
Blake_2000_Trends.Neurosci_23_92The neurobiology of duchenne muscular dystrophy: learning lessons from muscle?
Blasina_2000_Cell.Tissue.Res_299_173Evidence for a noncholinergic function of acetylcholinesterase during development of chicken retina as shown by fasciculin
Blass_2000_Alzheimer.Dis.Assoc.Disord_14_39Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of metrifonate in patients with probable Alzheimer disease. The Metrifonate Study Group
Blomquist_2000_Biochem.J_352 Pt 2_319Identification and characterization of a novel Rho-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor
Blum_2000_J.Bacteriol_182_1346Feruloyl esterase activity of the Clostridium thermocellum cellulosome can be attributed to previously unknown domains of XynY and XynZ
Boccia_2000_Neurobiol.Learn.Mem_74_217Involvement of central cholinergic mechanisms in the effects of oxytocin and an oxytocin receptor antagonist on retention performance in mice
Boger_2000_Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A_97_5044Exceptionally potent inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase: the enzyme responsible for degradation of endogenous oleamide and anandamide
Bompard-Gilles_2000_Structure.Fold.Des_8_153A new variant of the Ntn hydrolase fold revealed by the crystal structure of L-aminopeptidase D-Ala-esterase/amidase from Ochrobactrum anthropi
Bomser_2000_J.Biochem.Mol.Toxicol_14_346Activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK 44/42) by chlorpyrifos oxon in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Boney_2000_Mol.Endocrinol_14_805The critical role of Shc in insulin-like growth factor-I-mediated mitogenesis and differentiation in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Boogaard_2000_Xenobiotica_30_485Metabolic inactivation of five glycidyl ethers in lung and liver of humans, rats and mice in vitro
Boorman_2000_J.Physiol_529 Pt 3_565Stoichiometry of human recombinant neuronal nicotinic receptors containing the b3 subunit expressed in Xenopus oocytes
Borgaonkar_2000_Dig.Dis.Sci_45_1644Acute on chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction responds to neostigmine
Born_2000_Biochemistry_39_8556Enzyme-catalyzed acylation of homoserine: mechanistic characterization of the Haemophilus influenzae met2-encoded homoserine transacetylase
Bornemann_2000_Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci_908_260Transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
Bosch_2000_Gene_245_65Complete nucleotide sequence and evolutionary significance of a chromosomally encoded naphthalene-degradation lower pathway from Pseudomonas stutzeri AN10
Botero Cid_2000_J.Med.Chem_43_2155Structure-activity relationships in a series of bisquaternary bisphthalimidine derivatives modulating the muscarinic M(2)-receptor allosterically
Boucher_2000_Gene_247_145Structure, mapping and expression of the human gene encoding the homeodomain protein, SIX2
Boudreau-Lariviere_2000_Am.J.Physiol.Regul.Integr.Comp.Physiol_278_R140Myotubes originating from single fast and slow satellite cells display similar patterns of AChE expression
Boudreau-Lariviere_2000_J.Neurochem_74_2250Molecular mechanisms underlying the activity-linked alterations in acetylcholinesterase mRNAs in developing versus adult rat skeletal muscles
Bourne_2000_Structure.Fold.Des_8_143The atomic-resolution structure of a novel bacterial esterase
Bouzat_2000_J.Gen.Physiol_115_663Nicotinic receptor fourth transmembrane domain: hydrogen bonding by conserved threonine contributes to channel gating kinetics
Bowman_2000_Microbes.Infect_2_1479Assessing the impact of Plasmodium falciparum genome sequencing
Boyd_2000_Bioorg.Med.Chem.Lett_10_3952-(Alkylthio)pyrimidin-4-ones as novel, reversible inhibitors of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2
Boyd_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_22401Probing the active center Gorge of acetylcholinesterase by fluorophores Linked to substituted cysteines
Boyle_2000_Bioorg.Med.Chem.Lett_10_2727Benzylidene ketal derivatives as M2 muscarinic receptor antagonists
Boyle_2000_Chem.Biol.Interact_125_209Gender-specific metabolism of benz[a]anthracene in hepatic microsomes from Long-Evans and Hooded Lister rats
Bradamante_2000_Coll.Antropol_24_373Plasma cholinesterase activity in patients with uterine cervical cancer during radiotherapy
Braginskaia_2000_Zh.Nevrol.Psikhiatr.Im.S.S.Korsakova_100_29[Certain biochemical blood markers in the process of cholinergic therapy in Alzheimer's disease]
Braida_2000_Neuroreport_11_2025Cannabinoid-induced working memory impairment is reversed by a second generation cholinesterase inhibitor in rats
Braida_2000_Pharmacol.Res_41_671Excitatory and inhibitory effects of second-generation cholinesterase inhibitors on rat gastrointestinal transit
Braida_2000_Pharmacol.Res_42_299Eptastigmine improves eight-arm radial maze performance in aged rats
Braida_2000_Pharmacol.Res_42_495Eptastigmine restores the aged rat's normal cortical spectral power pattern
Bramich_2000_Auton.Neurosci_82_109Potentiation by neostigmine of responses to vagal nerve stimulation in the sinus venosus of the toad
Brand_2000_J.Neurochem_74_1596N-methyl bases of ethanolamine prevent apoptotic cell death induced by oxidative stress in cells of oligodendroglia origin
Brandt_2000_Adv.Exp.Med.Biol_477_97Development of a tertiary-structure model of the C-terminal domain of DPP IV
Braselton_2000_J.Vet.Diagn.Invest_12_15Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry identification and quantification of isazophos in a famphur pour-on and in bovine tissues after a toxic exposure
Braun_2000_Biochimie_82_705Myristoylation-dependent N-terminal cleavage of the myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate (MARCKS) by cellular extracts
Brautaset_2000_Chem.Biol_7_395Biosynthesis of the polyene antifungal antibiotic nystatin in Streptomyces noursei ATCC 11455: analysis of the gene cluster and deduction of the biosynthetic pathway
Bray_2000_Protein.Eng_13_153The CATH Dictionary of Homologous Superfamilies (DHS): a consensus approach for identifying distant structural homologues
Breese_2000_Neuropsychopharmacology_23_351Abnormal regulation of high affinity nicotinic receptors in subjects with schizophrenia
Breeze_2000_Neuropharmacol_39_2706Optical measurements of presynaptic nicotinic effects
Breithaupt_2000_Z.Naturforsch.C.J.Biosci_55_971Enzymatic hydrolysis of carotenoid fatty acid esters of red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) by a lipase from Candida rugosa
Bren_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_12692Hydrophobic pairwise interactions stabilize alpha-conotoxin MI in the muscle acetylcholine receptor binding site
Bresler_2000_Appl.Environ.Microbiol_66_904Gene cloning and nucleotide sequencing and properties of a cocaine esterase from Rhodococcus sp. strain MB1
Bretaud_2000_Ecotoxicol.Environ.Saf_47_117Effects of carbofuran, diuron, and nicosulfuron on acetylcholinesterase activity in goldfish (Carassius auratus)
Briguet_2000_J.Neurosci_20_5989The Ets transcription factor GABP is required for postsynaptic differentiation in vivo
Britt_2000_Comp.Med_50_133Histopathologic changes in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscle of rhesus macaques, ten days after exposure to soman (an organophosphorus nerve agent)
Broberger_2000_Brain.Res.Mol.Brain.Res_75_25Differential effects of intrastriatally infused fully and endcap phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotides on morphology, histochemistry and prodynorphin expression in rat brain
Brocca_2000_Protein.Sci_9_985Mutants provide evidence of the importance of glycosydic chains in the activation of lipase 1 from Candida rugosa
Brody_2000_J.Cell.Biol_150_F83Drosophila melanogaster G protein-coupled receptors
Bronfman_2000_Neurobiol.Dis_7_152Acetylcholinesterase-positive fiber deafferentation and cell shrinkage in the septohippocampal pathway of aged amyloid precursor protein london mutant transgenic mice
Bronfman_2000_Neurosci_97_411No evidence for cholinergic problems in apolipoprotein E knockout and apolipoprotein E4 transgenic mice
Brophy_2000_Pharmacogenet_10_453Analysis of paraoxonase (PON1) L55M status requires both genotype and phenotype
Brown_2000_Enzyme.Microb.Technol_26_801Accelerated prediction of recombinant protein production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by using rapid monitoring techniques
Brown_2000_Handb.Exp.Pharmacol_144_3The History of the Neuronal Nicotinic Receptors
Bruneau_2000_J.Histochem.Cytochem_48_267The affinity binding sites of pancreatic bile salt-dependent lipase in pancreatic and intestinal tissues
Brunner_2000_Chromosome.Res_8_465Molecular cloning and characterization of the Fugu rubripes MEST/COPG2 imprinting cluster and chromosomal localization in Fugu and Tetraodon nigroviridis
Brzozowski_2000_Biochemistry_39_15071Structural origins of the interfacial activation in Thermomyces (Humicola) lanuginosa lipase
Buccafusco_2000_Brain.Res_852_76Prevention of precipitated withdrawal symptoms by activating central cholinergic systems during a dependence-producing schedule of morphine in rats
Budd_2000_J.Biol.Chem_275_19667Phosphorylation and regulation of a Gq/11-coupled receptor by casein kinase 1alpha
Budiman_2000_Genome.Res_10_129A deep-coverage tomato BAC library and prospects toward development of an STC framework for genome sequencing
Buhler_2000_Chemistry_6_2564A convenient synthesis of optically active 5,5-disubstituted 4-amino- and 4-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanones from (S)-ketone cyanohydrins
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