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Year Report for: 1941

Beveridge_1941_Science_93_356A Note on Serum Cholinesterase Variability in Male and Female Rats
Bloch_1941_Helv.Med.Acta_8_15Der Einfluss von Trikresylphosphat auf die Aktivitat der Cholinesterase
Glick_1941_J.Biol.Chem_137_357Some additional observations on the specificity of choline esterase
Harvey_1941_Bull.Johns.Hopkins.Hosp_69_529On the effects of the intra-arterial injection of acetylcholine and prostigmine in normal man
MacIntosh_1941_J.Physiol.London_99_436The distribution of acetylcholine in the peripheral and the central nervous system
Macintosh_1941_J.Physiol_99_436The distribution of acetylcholine in the peripheral and the central nervous system
Massart_1941_Enzymologia_9_364Hemmumg der Acetylcholin-Esterase durch Farbstoffe und durch Eserin
Mendez_1941_J.Pharmacol.Exp.Therap_72_80On the action of prostigmine on the circulatory system
Mitropolitanskaya_1941_C.R.Acad.Sci.URSS_31_717On the presence of acetylcholine and cholinesterase in protozoa, spongia and coelenterata
Nachmansohn_1941_J.Gen.Physiol_25_75Electric Potential and Activity of Choline Esterase in the Electric Organ of Electrophorus Electricus (Linnaeus)
Renshaw_1941_J.Neurophysiol_4_167Influence of discharge of motoneurons upon excitation of neighboring motoneurons
Stevens_1941_J.Am.Chem.Soc_63_308Physostigmine substitutes
Youngstrom_1941_J.Neurophysiol_4_473Acetylcholine esterase concentration during development of the human fetus
Zeller_1941_Helv.Chim.Acta_24_962Geschlechtsfunktion und Serum-Cholinesterase des Menschen
Zeller_1941_Helv.Chim.Acta_24_968Beitrage zur Fermentchemie des mannlichen Geschlechts-apparates. Uber das Vorkommen der Cholinesterase, der Mono- und Diaminoxydase in Sperma und Prostata, und uber die Beeinflussung der Spermien-Beweglichkeit durch Fermentinhibitoren

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