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Year Report for: 1935

Bacq_1935_Arch.Int.Physiol_42_24Recherches sur la physiologie et la pharmacologie du systeme nerveux autonome
Dale_1935_Proc.R.Soc.Med_28_319Pharmacology and Nerve-endings (Walter Ernest Dixon Memorial Lecture): (Section of Therapeutics and Pharmacology)
Dale_1935_Science_82_99The new ergot alkaloid
Dudley_1935_Br.Med.J_1_520The substance for the traditional clinical effect of ergot
Dudley_1935_Science_81_559The new active principle of ergot
Julian_1935_J.Am.Chem.Soc_57_755Studies in indole series. V. Complete synthesis of physostigmine (eserine)
Keith_1935_Arch.Neurol.Psychiatry_34_1022Experimental convulsions induced by administration of thujone
Kirsh_1935_Int.J.Plant.Sci_97_321Lipase Production by Penicillium Oxalicum and Aspergillus flavus
Lange_1935_Chem.Ztg_59_393Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Darstellung und Verwendung von Fluorverbiridungen
Rossi_1935_Arch.Ophthalmol_42_341Azzione sull'occhio di un nuovo farmaco sintetico exerino-simile: la prostigmina (Ricerche sperimetali e cliniche)
Stedman_1935_Biochem.J_29_2107The relative cholinesterase activities of serum and corpuscles from the blood of certain species
Walker_1935_Proc.Roy.Soc.Med_28_759Case showing effect of prostigmin on myasthenia gravis

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