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Type_substrate Report for: Lactone

Lactones are cyclic carboxylic esters, containing a 1-oxacycloalkan-2-one structure (C(=O)O). Lactones are formed by intramolecular esterification. Building block for many substrates of enzymes
See also this moiety in type of inhibitors: Lactone

SubstrateMain targeted enzyme familiesTypeStructure
1,5-Seco-vibralactoneHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Lactone | Natural
3-Oxoadipate-enol-lactoneCarboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase Butenolide | Lactone
3-oxo-C12-HSLAHL-acylase Dodecanoate | Homoserine | Lactone
Alpha-Angelica-lactoneCanar_LipB | Carboxymethylbutenolide_lactonase Analogue of substrate | Butenolide | Lactone
Benzyl-malolactonateFungal-Bact_LIP Lactone | Ring opening polymerization substrate
Buibuilactone Lactone | Odorant | Pheromone
C4-HSLAlphaBeta_hydrolase Homoserine | Lactone
C6-HSL6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase | AHL-acylase Homoserine | Lactone
C8-HSL6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase Homoserine | Lactone
D-D-lactoneCanar_LipB Lactone | Ring opening polymerization substrate
D-Pantolactone Aryl ester | Lactone
DienelactoneDienelactone_hydrolase Lactone
GYOThiohydrolase Analogue of substrate | Lactone | Propionate
HexadecalactoneCanar_LipB Hexadecanoate | Lactone | Ring opening polymerization substrate
JaponilureCarb_B_Arthropoda Lactone | Odorant | Pheromone
Juvenile-hormone-IIEpoxide_hydrolase Epoxide | Lactone | Natural
Juvenile-hormone-IIIEpoxide_hydrolase | Juvenile_hormone_esterase Epoxide | Lactone | Natural
L-Pantolactone Aryl ester | Lactone
Mycophenolic-acid-acyl-glucuronideABHD10 Benzofuran | Drug | Glucuronide | Glucuronoyl | Lactone | Not A/B H target
N-3-oxo-dodecanoyl-L-homoserine-lactone Dodecanoate | Homoserine | Lactone
PentadecalactoneCanar_LipB Lactone | Ring opening polymerization substrate
Probenecid-glucuronideABHD10 Drug | Glucuronide | Lactone | Not A/B H target
Xilatone-RedRsbQ-like Derivative of Resorufin | Fluorescent Probe | Lactone | Phenoxazin | Strigolactone receptors ligand
Yoshimulactone-GreenPlant_carboxylesterase | RsbQ-like Benzoate | Fluorescent Probe | Lactone | Strigolactone receptors ligand
delta-Valerolactone6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase | Epoxide_hydrolase Lactone
delta-hexadecalactoneCanar_LipB Hexadecanoate | Lactone | Natural | Pheromone
delta-octalactone Lactone | Natural
desmethyl-Yoshimulactone-GreenRsbQ-like Benzoate | Lactone | Strigolactone receptors ligand | desmethyl Strigolactone receptors ligand
epsilon-caprolactoneCanar_LipB Lactone | Ring opening polymerization substrate
gamma-Valerolactone Lactone

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