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Type_substrate Report for: Antibiotic

Antimicrobial substance active against bacteria. Target the bacterial cell wall (penicillins and cephalosporins) or the cell membrane (polymyxins), or interfere with essential bacterial enzymes (rifamycins, lipiarmycins, quinolones, and sulfonamides) have bactericidal activities. Protein synthesis inhibitors (macrolides, lincosamides, and tetracyclines) are usually bacteriostatic (with the exception of bactericidal aminoglycosides). Some alpha/beta hydrolases are involved in the biosynthesis or the activation or hydrolysis of these compounds
See also this moiety in type of inhibitors: Antibiotic

SubstrateMain targeted enzyme familiesTypeStructure
7-Aminocephalosporanic-acidAcetyl-esterase_deacetylase | BD-FAE Antibiotic | Natural
AclacinomycinAclacinomycin-methylesterase_RdmC Antibiotic
AclarubicinAclacinomycin-methylesterase_RdmC Antibiotic
AmoxicillinCarb_B_Chordata Antibiotic
AmpicillinCarb_B_Chordata | Cocaine_esterase | Peptidase_S15 Antibiotic
Bottromycin-A2BotH Antibiotic | Propionate | tert-Butyl
Bottromycin-A2-MKWBotH Antibiotic
Bottromycin-A2-derivative-MQZBotH Antibiotic | Propionate
Bottromycin-A2-derivative-MRBBotH Antibiotic | Propionate | tert-Butyl
BrefeldinAHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Antibiotic | Macrocycle | Natural | Toxin
Cephalosporin-CAcetyl-esterase_deacetylase | BD-FAE | Homoserine_transacetylase Antibiotic | Natural
ChloramphenicolHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Antibiotic | pNP
Chloramphenicol-diacetate Acetate | Antibiotic | pNP
Deacetylcephalosporin-CHomoserine_transacetylase Antibiotic | Natural
FlorfenicolHormone-sensitive_lipase_like Antibiotic
N-alanyl-secovicenilactam-ethyl-esterProline_iminopeptidase Analogue of substrate | Antibiotic
Omphalotin-AS9N_PPCE_Peptidase_S9 Antibiotic | Macrolide | Natural | Peptide
PimaricinThioesterase Antibiotic | Macrolide | Natural
PuromycinPMH_Peptidase_S9 Antibiotic
RifampicinArylacetamide_deacetylase Acetate | Antibiotic | Drug | Natural | Not A/B H target
Skyllamycin-AThioesterase Antibiotic | Macrolide | Natural | Peptide
Skyllamycin-like-precursorThioesterase Antibiotic | Macrolide | Natural | Peptide
Thiostrepton6_AlphaBeta_hydrolase Antibiotic | Macrocycle | Natural | Peptide | Quinoline
Tiancimycin-HTiancimycin-TnmK-Tripeptidase-HIP Antibiotic | Natural | Polyketide

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