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Type_substrate Report for: Carbamate

Derived from carbamic acid (NH2COOH). Polymers whose units are joined by divalent carbamate groups NH(C=O)O are an important family of plastics, the polyurethanes. Carbamates can also inhibits many enzymes whose catalytic active site contains a nucleophilic Serine. This serine can be carbamylated. The first naturally occurring carbamate discovered was physostigmeine( eserine). Many carbamates were developped as insecticides or nerve agents (inhibitors of cholinesterases) but also in medicine
See also this moiety in type of inhibitors: Carbamate

SubstrateMain targeted enzyme familiesTypeStructure
BambuterolBCHE Carbamate | Drug | Pro-drug | tert-Butyl
CHEMBL1784957ACHE Carbamate | Derivative of Rivastigmine | Drug | Pro-drug
CapecitabineCarb_B_Chordata | Carboxylesterase Carbamate | Drug | Pro-drug | Pyrimidine
CarbacholACHE Analogue of substrate | Carbamate | Choline ester | Drug | Not A/B H target | Trimethylammonium
CarbendazimHNLyase_Bact Benzimidazole | Carbamate
Chlorantraniliprole Carbamate | Carboxamide | Insecticide | Pyrazole | Pyridine
ChlorprophamCarb_B_Bacteria Carbamate | Herbicide
DesmediphamCarb_B_Bacteria Carbamate | Herbicide
Eslicarbazepine-acetateArylacetamide_deacetylase | Carb_B_Chordata Acetate | Benzazepin | Carbamate | Carboxamide | Drug | Pro-drug
FenobucarbACHE | Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like Carbamate | Insecticide
Idalopirdine-rivastigmineBCHE 5-HT-receptor-ligand | Carbamate | Derivative of Rivastigmine | Drug | Multitarget | Pro-drug
IrinotecanBCHE | Carb_B_Bacteria | Carb_B_Chordata Carbamate | Derivative of Irinotecan | Drug
N-Methyl-7-dimethylcarbamoxyquinoliniumACHE Carbamate | Quinoline
NPCCarb_B_Bacteria Carbamate | Derivative of Irinotecan | Drug | Not A/B H target | Piperidine
Paranitrophenyl-N-benzylcarbamateCutinase Carbamate | Chromogen | Polyurethane | pNP
PhenmediphamCarb_B_Bacteria Carbamate | Herbicide
PolyurethaneBacterial_lip_FamI.3 | Carb_B_Bacteria | Polyesterase-lipase-cutinase Carbamate | Polymer | Polyurethane
Tosylcarbamic-acid-butyl-ester Carbamate | Polyurethane | Sulfonamide | Sulfur Compound
butyl-N(para-nitrophenyl)carbamateCutinase Carbamate | Chromogen | Polyurethane | pNP
trans-BifenthrinCarb_B_Arthropoda | HNLyase_Bact Carbamate | Cyclopropane | Insecticide | Not A/B H target | Trifluoro | pyrethroid

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