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Mutation Report for: W82A_human-BCHE

Name Class
Mode_of_mutationSite directed mutagenesis
Modification (3)
SummarySuccinylthiocholine binding;No binding of succinylthiocholine;Masson_1997_Biochemistry_36_2266
Substrate activation;substrate activation;Masson_2001_Biochim.Biophys.Acta_1544_166
Aging;W82A increases half-life of aging by DFP 13 times;Masson_1997_Biochem.J_327_601
Aricept~Donepezil~E2020 inhibition;no inhibition at >120uM;Saxena_2003_Eur.J.Biochem_270_4447
Paper (5)
Commentp.W82A Trp82Ala (p.W110A Trp110Ala in primary sequence with 28 amino-acids signal peptide) No binding of succinylthiocholine Aging: W82A increases half-life of aging by DFP 13 times, Aricept~Donepezil~E2020 inhibition: no inhibition at >120uM

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