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News Report for: SEPTEMBER-16-2020

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SEPTEMBER-16-2020Paper (7)
Structure (15)
DateSeptember 16, 2020
Comment Structure of an epoxide hydrolase from endophytic Streptomyces with unique structural features and wide biocatalytic activity is published by Tormet-Gonzalez et al. and structure is available (6UNW) Structural basis for the inhibitor and substrate specificity of the unique Fph serine hydrolases of Staphylococcus aureus is published by Fellner et al. and structures of FphF (apo and with inhibitors are available (6VH9, 6VHD, 6VHE, 6WCX) Screening of a custom-designed acid fragment library identifying 1-phenylpyrroles and 1-phenylpyrrolidines as inhibitors of Notum carboxylesterase activity is published by Mahy et al. and structures are available (6YV4, 6YUW, 6YUY, 6YV0, 6YV2, 6YXI, 6YSK) Crystal structure of a biodegradable plastic-degrading cutinase-like enzyme from the phyllosphere yeast, Pseudozyma antarctica, solved by getting the phase from anomalous scattering of uncovalently coordinated arsenic (cacodylate) is available (7CW1) and will be published soon by Suzuki et al. Multiscale computation of organophosphorus reactivity and stereoselectivity of immunoglobulin scavengersA17 Ig-paraoxonase (WTIgP) is published by Mokrushina et al. Streptomyces ambofaciens of wild type Alp1U and Y247F mutant (CFTR-inhibitory-factor_Cif like) in complex with Fluostatin C and intermediate (soaked fluostatin C for 6 hours) are available (6KXR, 6KXH) and will be published soon by Zhang et al. Platsaki et al. published that the Ig-like domain of Punctin/MADD-4 is the primary determinant for interaction with the ectodomain of neuroligin NLG-1 Ramachandran et al. published that FSH1 encodes lysophospholipase activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae McClafferty et al. published that site specific deacylation by ABHD17a controls BK channel splice variant activity

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