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News Report for: March-31-2021

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DateMarch 31, 2021
Comment Crystal Structure of Recombinant Human Acetylcholinesterase In Complex with GD (Soman) and HI-6 is available (6WVO) and published by McGuire et al. Structure of catalytically non active S532A mutant of oligopeptidase B from S. proteomaculans with modified hinge region is available (7NE5) and will be published soon by Petrenko et al. X-Ray structures of the Haloalkane dehalogenase HaloTag7 labeled with fluorophore substrates are available (6Y7A, 6Y7B) and will be published soon by Tarnawski et al. A new family of bacterial and fungi sequences was extracted (Abhydrolase_10) the name comes from the Pfam database. It is not the ABH10 family. None of the proteins have been characterized but they seem to have a conserved catalytic triad and should have enzymatic activity. A paper by Bayle et al. shows that carboxylesterase Notum is a druggable target to modulate Wnt signaling Mangiagalli et al. show that the activity and stability of a cold-active acylaminoacyl peptidase rely on its dimerization by domain swapping. Enhancing the stability of Geobacillus zalihae T1 lipase in organic solvents and insights into the structural stability of its variants is published by Maiangwa et al. Four new BCHE variants which seems to be associated with prolonged post suxamethonium apnoea: p.(Trp205Cys), p.(Leu222His), p.(Glu469Gln), and p.(Lys276Ter) are found by Millet et al.

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