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News Report for: March-24-2021

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March-24-2021Paper (8)
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DateMarch 24, 2021
Comment DPP9 directly sequesters the NLRP1 C-terminus to repress inflammasome activation. This is published by Hollingsworth et al. and Cryo-EM structure of NLRP1-DPP9 complex are available (6X6A, 6X6C). Similar results are published by Huang et al. on rat DPP9. Structure is available (7CRW) Purification and crystallographic analysis of a novel cold-active esterase (HaEst1) from Halocynthiibacter arcticus is published by Jeon et al. A large-scale genome-lipid association map guides lipid identification is published by Linke et al. A structurally unique Fusobacterium nucleatum tannase provides detoxicant activity against gallotannins and pathogen resistance as is published by Mancheno et al. and structure is available (6YQ4) Structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis puromycin hydrolase is published by Zhao et al.. It displays a prolyl oligopeptidase fold and an acyl aminopeptidase activity. Structure is available (7C72) Joviano-Santos et al. show that motoneuron-specific loss of VAChT mimics neuromuscular defects seen in Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome Crystal structure of mouse neuroligin-3 and in complex between mouse PTP delta are available (7CEE, 7CEG) and role of canonical versus non-canonical transsynaptic signaling of neuroligin 3 in tuning of development of sociality in mice is published by Yoshida et al. PTP delta competes with Neurexins binding on neuroligin3

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