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News Report for: March-15-2023

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March-15-2023Paper (7)
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DateMarch 15, 2023
Comment Rapid discovery and crystallography study of highly potent and selective butylcholinesterase inhibitors based on oxime-containing libraries and conformational restriction strategies is published by Jing et al. and structures of human BCHE in complex with alkyl linked bis-ligand derivatives of tacrine are available (7QHD, 7QHE). An analysis of connectivity between surface and interior in catalytic subunits of acetylcholinesterases inferred from their X-ray structures is published by Radic et al. A novel thermostable and salt-tolerant carboxylesterase involved in the initial aerobic degradation pathway for pyrethroids in Glycomyces salinus is described by Liu et al. Structural insights into catalytical capability for CPT11 hydrolysis and substrate specificity of a novel marine microbial carboxylesterase, E93 are published by Li et al. and structure (7X8L) is available. Improvement of thermostability and activity of PET-degrading enzyme Cut190 towards a detailed understanding and application of the enzymatic reaction mechanism, is published in a preprint by Numoto et al. and structures are available (8IBL, 8IBM). Molecular insights into the catalytic mechanism of plasticizer degradation by a monoalkyl phthalate hydrolase is published by Chen et al. and structures are availble (8HGV, 8HGW) A splicing variant of EDS1 from Vitis vinifera forms homodimers but no heterodimers with PAD4 as published by Voss et al. and the first structure of an EDS1 entity beyond the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana will be available soon (8B28).

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