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News Report for: January-12-2022

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DateJanuary 12, 2022
Comment Great news: Maria Laura Bolognesi, Doriano Lamba and Manuela Bartolini announce that the 14th International Meeting on Cholinesterases and 8th Conference of Paraoxonases will take place in-person from 18th to 21th September 2022 in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy (14che8pon) Functional and structural insights into environmental adaptation of a novel Hormone-sensitive lipase, E53, obtained from Erythrobacter longus are published by Ding et al. and structures of wild type enzyme and mutants are available (7W8N, 7CI0, 6KF5, 7CIH) Crystal structure and substrate recognition mechanism of the prolyl endoprotease PEP from Aspergillus niger are published by Miyazono et al. and structure (7WAB) is available. The structure of glucuronoyl esterase OtCE15A R268A variant from Opitutus terrae in complex with, and covalently linked to, D-glucuronate is available (7B7H) and will be published soon by Zong et al. A new coding sequence variant (a missense variant: V184A) in neuroligin 3 was significantly more common in autistic children than in controls in a study published by Hegde et al. More high-resolution crystal structures of the Notum inhibitor complexes will be published soon by Zhao Fish and Jones and some are available (7B50, 7B84, 7B86, 7B87, 7B89, 7B8A, 7B8C, 7B8D, 7B8F, 7B8G, 7B8J, 7B8K, 7B8L, 7B8M, 7B8N, 7B8O, 7B8U, 7B8X, 7B8Y, 7B8Z, 7B98, 7B99, 7B9D, 7B9I, 7B9N, 7B9U, 7BA1, 7BAC, 7BAP, 7BC8, 7BC9, 7BCC, 7BCD, 7BCF, 7BCH, 7BCI, 7BCK, 7BCL, 7BD2, 7BD3, 7BD4, 7BD5, 7BD6, 7BD8, 7BDA, 7BDB, 7BDC, 7BDD, 7BDF, 7BDG, 7BDH) In particular (7B45, 7B4X, 7B3X7B3G, 7B3H, 7B3I, 7B3P) are published by Steadman et al.

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