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News Report for: JULY-23-2014

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JULY-23-2014Paper (4)
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DateJuly 23, 2014
Comment Structures of carboxylesterases EstFa from Ferroplasma acidiphilum (3WJ2) and SshEstI from Sulfolobus shibatae (4P9N, 3WJ1) are published by Ohara et al. and will be available soon. Structures of oxidized PVA hydrolase (OPH) from two known PVA-degrading organisms, Sphingopyxis sp. 113P3 (3WLA) and Pseudomonas sp. VM15C (3WL5) are published by Yang et al. and will soon be available. Crystal structures of haloalkane dehalogenase DatA from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58 are available (3WIB, 3WI7) and published by Guan et al.. Crystal structures of Pseudomonas putida esterase which reveal the functional role of residues 187 and 287 in substrate binding and chiral recognition are available (4OB6, 4OB7, 4OB68, 4OU5) and published by Dou et al.

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