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News Report for: DECEMBER-30-2019

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DECEMBER-30-2019Paper (5)
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DateDecember 30, 2019
Comment With best wishes for the new year! from the ESTHER Team. Structure of Bacteroides intestinalis acetyl xylan esterase (BACINT_01039) is available (6NE9) and will be published soon by Pereira et al. Crystal structures of a permafrost metagenomic library uncultured bacterium esterase PMGL2 with GCSAG motif around the catalytic serine are available (6QIN, 6QLA) and will be published soon by Boyko et al. Genetically engineered proteins with two activesites for enhanced biocatalysis and synergistic chemo- and biocatalysis are published by Alonso et al. and structures of ester-hydrolase EH1AB1 from the metagenome of lake Arreo are available (6I8F, 6RB0, 6RKY) A novel, modified human Butyrylcholinesterase catalytically degrades the chemical warfare nerve agent, sarin is published by McGarry et al. Structural characterisation of melatonin as an inhibitor of the Wnt deacylase Notum is published by Zhao et al. and structures will be available soon (6TR5, 6TR6, 6TR7). Furano[2,3-d]prymidine amides as Notum inhibitors are published by Atkinson et al. and structures will be available soon (6T2H, 6T2K) Identification of alpha,beta-hydrolase domain containing protein 6 as a diacylglycerol lipase in Neuro-2a cells is published by van Esbroeck et al.

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