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News Report for: August-04-2021

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Structure (18)
DateAugust 04, 2021
Comment Crystal structures of DPP8 in complex with the EIL peptide (SLRFLFEGQRIADNH) and 1G244 are available (6TRW, 6TRX) and are published by Ross et al. Dipeptidyl peptidase 9 triggers BRCA2 degradation by the N-degron pathway to promote DNA-damage repair is published by Silva-Garcia et al. and structures are available (6QZW, (6QZV) The HaloTag as a general scaffold for far-red tunable chemigenetic indicators is published by Deo et al. and structures are available (6U2M, 6U32) Covalent inhibition of hAChE by organophosphates causes homodimer dissociation through long-range allosteric effects is published by Blumenthal et al. and electro microscopy structures are available. Development of a CNS-permeable reactivator (LLNL-02) for nerve agent exposure: an iterative, multi-disciplinary approach is published by Bennion et al. Combined cardioprotective and adipocyte browning effects promoted by the eutomer of dual sEH/PPARgamma modulator TK90 is published by Hartmann et al. and structure of soluble epoxide hydrolase in complex with TK90 is available (7A7G). Novel class of covalent Notum inhibitors, 4-(indolin-1-yl)-4-oxobutanoate esters are published by Zhao et al. and structures (7ARG, 7B2Z, 7B2Y, 7B2V, 7B37, 7B3F) are available X-Ray structures of the Haloalkane dehalogenase HaloTag7 mutants labeled with fluorophore substrate are available (6ZVU, 6ZVU, 6ZVV, 6ZVX, 6ZVY) and will be published soon by Tarnawski et al. An ABHD17-like hydrolase screening system to identify de-S-acylation enzymes of protein substrates in plant cells is published by y Liu et al.

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