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Tax_name Report for: Nematocera

609 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Nematocera. 161 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Aedes aegypti/ Aedes albopictus/ Anopheles albimanus/ Anopheles aquasalis/ Anopheles arabiensis/ Anopheles atroparvus/ Anopheles baimaii/ Anopheles braziliensis/ Anopheles christyi/ Anopheles coluzzii/ Anopheles culicifacies/ Anopheles darlingi/ Anopheles dirus/ Anopheles epiroticus/ Anopheles farauti/ Anopheles funestus/ Anopheles gambiae/ Anopheles gambiae str. PEST/ Anopheles maculatus/ Anopheles marajoara/ Anopheles melas/ Anopheles merus/ Anopheles minimus/ Anopheles pseudopunctipennis/ Anopheles quadriannulatus/ Anopheles scanloni/ Anopheles sinensis/ Anopheles stephensi/ Anopheles triannulatus/ Anopheles vagus/ Anopheles vestitipennis/ Apiloscatopse sp. OR17/ Belgica antarctica/ Bradysia coprophila/ Bradysia odoriphaga/ Chironomidae sp. OR02/ Clunio marinus/ Corethrella appendiculata/ Culex annulirostris/ Culex nigripalpus/ Culex palpalis/ Culex pipiens/ Culex pipiens complex sp. HZ-2012/ Culex pipiens complex sp. MW-2012/ Culex pipiens complex sp. YL-2011/ Culex pipiens molestus/ Culex pipiens pallens/ Culex pipiens pipiens/ Culex quinquefasciatus/ Culex quinquefasciatus quinquefasciatus/ Culex sitiens/ Culex tarsalis/ Culex theileri/ Culex tritaeniorhynchus/ Culicoides circumscriptus/ Culicoides newsteadi/ Culicoides riethi/ Culicoides salinarius/ Culicoides sonorensis/ Culicoides vexans/ Dilophus sp. MM-2004-01/ Dilophus sp. OR09/ Keroplatidae sp. MM-2004-02/ Keroplatidae sp. OR14/ Lutzomyia longipalpis/ Mycetophilidae sp. OR13/ Nyssomyia neivai/ Phlebotomus argentipes/ Phlebotomus papatasi/ Phlebotomus perniciosus/ Psychodidae sp. OR15/ Rymosia sp. OR11/ Rymosia sp. OR12/ Sciara sp. OR10/ Simulium ornatum/ Sitodiplosis mosellana/ Tipula sp. OR18
9dipt-Boest1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-MT380203 ACHE
9dipt-MT380204 ACHE
9dipt-a0a084vbj8 Neuroligin
9dipt-a0a084vdq1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vdq2 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vdq4 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vdq5 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vji7 OtherNon-catalytic_C
9dipt-a0a084vlc2 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vlc3 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vlt1 ACHE
9dipt-a0a084vs93 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vsa4 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vsa5 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084w1n7 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wah8 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wah9 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wan6 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wan7 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084we77 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
9dipt-a0a084we78 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
9dipt-a0a084we79 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
9dipt-a0a084we80 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
9dipt-a0a084wev9 Carb_B_Arthropoda

9dipt-a0a084vbi2 ACHE
9dipt-a0a084vbj6 Neuroligin
9dipt-a0a084vdq3 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084vfh7 Neuroligin
9dipt-a0a084vk24 ACHE
9dipt-a0a084w0a3 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wlj4 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wlj5 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wlj6 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wlj7 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a084wsh6 Neuroligin
9dipt-a0a084wsh7 Neuroligin
9dipt-a0a182k2l6 Kynurenine-formamidase
9dipt-a0a182mb20 ABHD12-PHARC
9dipt-a0a182sai7 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-a0a1j1hg69 ACHE
9dipt-d7p7b1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-d7p7b1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-f1drr3 ACHE
9dipt-f1drt1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-g9fp86 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-q19pz4 Ndr_family
9dipt-q19q11 Prolylcarboxypeptidase
9dipt-q1js12 ACHE
9dipt-q1js15 ACHE

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