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Tax_name Report for: Culicini

126 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Culicini. 37 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Culex annulirostris/ Culex nigripalpus/ Culex palpalis/ Culex pipiens/ Culex pipiens complex sp. HZ-2012/ Culex pipiens complex sp. MW-2012/ Culex pipiens complex sp. YL-2011/ Culex pipiens molestus/ Culex pipiens pallens/ Culex pipiens pipiens/ Culex quinquefasciatus/ Culex quinquefasciatus quinquefasciatus/ Culex sitiens/ Culex tarsalis/ Culex theileri/ Culex tritaeniorhynchus
9dipt-a0a097i5u5 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culpi-1este Carb_B_Arthropoda
culpi-ACHE1 ACHE
culpi-ACHE2 ACHE
culpi-ESTA Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-1estb Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-2estb Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-3estb Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-ACHE1 ACHE
culqu-ACHE2 ACHE
culqu-b0vz13 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz17 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz20 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz21 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vzr7 Pancreatic_lipase
culqu-b0w003 Acidic_Lipase
culqu-b0w004 Acidic_Lipase
culqu-b0w0b8 Gliotactin
culqu-b0w232 SERHL
culqu-b0w291 Kynurenine-formamidase
culqu-b0w294 SERHL
culqu-b0w295 SERHL
culqu-b0w346 Ndr_family
culqu-b0w3i6 Valacyclovir-hydrolase
culqu-b0w3q7 Juvenile_hormone_esterase

9dipt-f1drr3 ACHE
9dipt-f1drt1 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9dipt-g9fp86 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culan-ACHE1 ACHE
culan-ACHE2 ACHE
culpi-2este Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz18 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz19 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0vz22 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0w6h0 Acidic_Lipase
culqu-b0wag2 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
culqu-b0wdb9 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0wfu6 Acidic_Lipase
culqu-b0wi73 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0wit8 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
culqu-b0wiu4 Juvenile_hormone_esterase
culqu-b0wix9 Neuroligin
culqu-b0wiy0 OtherNon-catalytic_C
culqu-b0wiy1 Neuroligin
culqu-b0wk15 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0wn16 Carb_B_Arthropoda
culqu-b0wp53.1 Prolylcarboxypeptidase
culqu-b0wp53.2 Prolylcarboxypeptidase
culqu-b0wsl2 Neuroligin
culqu-b0wuu6 Carb_B_Arthropoda

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