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Tax_name Report for: Araneae

39 Alpha/beta hydrolase fold proteins are known to date in Araneae. 45 fragments are known to date
Contains these species Calisoga cf. theveneti DHL-2015/ Calisoga sp. A DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. D DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. E DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. F DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. G DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. H DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. J DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. K1 DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. K2 DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. L DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. M DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. N DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. O DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. P DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. Q DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. R DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. S DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. U DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. V DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. W DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. X DHL-215/ Calisoga sp. Z DHL-215/ Cupiennius salei/ Eresus cinnaberinus/ Latrodectus hesperus/ Nephila clavipes/ Parasteatoda tepidariorum/ Pardosa pseudoannulata/ Stegodyphus mimosarum/ Trittame loki
9arac-KU501287 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-KU501288 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-KU501289 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-KU501290 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087sw65 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087szh2 Gliotactin
9arac-a0a087szh4 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087t106 ACHE
9arac-a0a087t354 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087t356 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087t358 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087t3h8 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087tcj0 Monoglyceridelipase_lysophospholip
9arac-a0a087tcj1 Monoglyceridelipase_lysophospholip
9arac-a0a087tey4 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087tey6 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087thz8 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087ti34 Neurotactin
9arac-a0a087tq55 Gliotactin
9arac-a0a087u3c6 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087umf2 SERHL
9arac-a0a087unn6 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9arac-a0a087unn7 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9arac-a0a087uwy6 ABHD12-PHARC
9arac-v5qqc6 ACHE

9arac-a0a087sv02 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087sxf3 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087syt8 Carb_B_Arthropoda
9arac-a0a087t0h4 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087t111 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087t3c1 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087t3c2 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087t3c6 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tc11 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tcj7 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tcm3 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087teg6 Duf_1057
9arac-a0a087tg14 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tg15 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tg53 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087tla8 Duf_1057
9arac-a0a087tqd2 Pancreatic_lipase
9arac-a0a087tw83 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087u1f7 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087u2k9 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087u2l0 Neuroligin
9arac-a0a087u3g5 Gliotactin
9arac-a0a087u7p0 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087u7p1 Cholinesterase-like
9arac-a0a087u7p2 Cholinesterase-like

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