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Details on ESTHER Mutation Viewer Java Applet

The classes have a general API and the modular design pattern of the program is such that different viewers may be used to visualise the same data in an integrated fashion.

The original classes have been written by Alan Robinson from the EBI for p53 mutations (he kindly gave us java codes and his constant help is gratefully acknowledged).


The 1-D protein view uses a 'semantic lens' (the red box). Click and drag this red box, and the area it bounds is displayed in the lower part of the window.
For readability only Torpedo californica ACHE sequence has been included and it is only visible in the magnified part. Depdending on the font used by your browsers, you may have to enlarge this window

The three different views use the same colouring scheme for residues belonging to the active site (S200, E327, H440) and the choline binding site (W84) : magenta and the peripheral (Y70, Y121, W279) : blue. Strands of beta sheets are also coloured in 2D and 3D views, pink for the N-terminal small sheet and cyan for the large central sheet.

When a point is selected, it will be highlighted in all the displays, and the entries at the codon position will be shown in the text message window.


After down-loading of the database as a flat-file it is converted into a Hashtable-style database on the client The creation of the Hashtable database on the client is time-consuming (around 3-5 minutes on a PC). Once this has been done, a window and text entry field will appear in the browser window at the bottom of this page, and the message "Database loaded" will appear.

When search terms are entered into the query entry box in the browser window, the 'hits' will be highlighted on the different representations of the AChE protein. When a point is selected, it will be highlighted in all the displays, and the entries at the codon position will be shown in the text message window.

Evaluation systems

Evaluation systems used in ESTHER are listed below and can be used to search the database :
AChE binding and inhibition
Acyl specificity
Back door hypothesis
Binding of succinylthiocholine studies
Catalytic triad
Choline binding site
Congenital goiter with hypothyroidism
Congenital myasthenic syndrome
Glycophospholipid anchorage
H-bond network
Hydrophobic subsite
Intracellular retention
Minimal C-term determination
Omega loop
Oxyanion hole
Peripheral anionic site
Salt bridge
Search for phosphotriesterase activity
Signal transduction
Silent variant
Substrate inhibition
Subunit assembly
Succinylcholine hydrolysis
Triad definition
YT blood group antigen
You can also use following acronyms :
natural mutation
site directed mutagenesis
random mutation

Search terms may be combined using the operators '+' for AND, and '!' for NOT.

The search engine is case sensitive and does not allow pattern matching.

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Mail to: Nicolas Lenfant, Thierry Hotelier, Yves Bourne, Pascale Marchot and Arnaud Chatonnet.
Please cite: Lenfant 2013 Nucleic.Acids.Res. or Marchot Chatonnet 2012 Prot.Pept Lett.
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