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Family Report for: Carb_B_Platyhelminthe


Block C
Parent Family : Carboxylesterase

These proteins have a cytoplasmic domain and a transmembrane domain N-terminal similar to neurotactine. Carboxylesterase type B (CestB) increased expression in flukes exposed to triclabendazole (TCBZ). Three mutations in TCBZ-resistant parasites allow binding of TCBZ-SX. TCBZ is metabolized into TCBZSO by the host liver but also by the parasites. This enzyme hydrolyses p-nitrophenyl acetate. Other Platyhelmithe CO esterase belong to neurotactin, gliotactin, neuroligin Cholinesterase or OtherNon-catalytic_C families

IPR002018 (Carboxylesterase, type B)
PF00135 (COesterase)
no EC number

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    Title: Single Amino Acid Polymorphisms in the Fasciola hepatica Carboxylesterase Type B Gene and Their Potential Role in Anthelmintic Resistance
    Miranda-Miranda E, Cossio-Bayugar R, Trejo-Castro L, Aguilar-Diaz H
    Ref: Pathogens, 12:1255, 2023 : PubMed


    Title: A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Translates into a Radical Amino Acid Substitution at the Ligand-Binding Site in Fasciola hepatica Carboxylesterase B
    Miranda-Miranda E, Scarcella S, Reynaud E, Narvaez-Padilla V, Neira G, Mera YSR, Aguilar-Diaz H, Cossio-Bayugar R
    Ref: Genes (Basel), 13:, 2022 : PubMed


    Title: Transcriptome-Based Identification of a Functional Fasciola hepatica Carboxylesterase B
    Pedroza-Gomez YJ, Cossio-Bayugar R, Aguilar-Diaz H, Scarcella S, Reynaud E, Sanchez-Carbente MDR, Narvaez-Padilla V, Miranda-Miranda E
    Ref: Pathogens, 10:1454, 2021 : PubMed


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