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Disease Report for: Galactosialidosis

Alternative name(s)|Neuraminidase deficiency with beta-galactosidase deficiency
Goldberg syndrome
Deficiency of lysosomal protective protein
Deficiency of cathepsin A
Deficiency of protective protein/cathepsin A
PPCA deficiency
Carboxylpeptidase L deficiency
Mutation|25 mutations (e.g. : C241R_human-CTSA, C331LfsX55_human-CTSA, F173PfsX37_human-CTSA... more)
OMIM: |256540, 613111

(from OMIM)Cathepsin A (CTSA , CATHA protective protein PPCA, beta-galactosidase protective protein PPGB, Carboxypeptidase L) is a ubiquitously expressed multifunctional enzyme, with deamidase, esterase, and carboxypeptidase activities and a preference for substrates with hydrophobic amino acid residues at the P1-prime position. Association with CTSA, as part of the lysosomal multienzyme complex, is essential for stabilization of lysosomal beta-galactosidase (GLB1; 611458), as well as for activation of the lysosomal neuraminidase (NEU1; 608272) (summary by Seyrantepe et al., 2008). Goldberg et al. (1971) described 3 children (2 boys and a girl), in a Mexican family with first-cousin parents, who had a disorder characterized by dwarfism, gargoyle facies, mental retardation, seizures, corneal clouding, macular cherry red spot, beta-galactosidase deficiency, dysostosis multiplex, and hearing loss. The absence of clinically enlarged viscera, vacuolated blood cells, and mucopolysacchariduria was likewise distinctive. The combination of features of a mucopolysaccharidosis and a sphingolipidosis suggested that this should be considered a mucolipidosis. Berard-Badier et al. (1970) described a 17-year-old patient (case 3) who had corneal opacities, a cherry red spot, and the same type of vacuolation of the Kupffer cells as that in the family studied by Goldberg et al. (1971). Most of the cases have been Japanese. Chitayat et al. (1988) described a male with juvenile galactosialidosis who presented at age 19 with hip arthralgia and for evaluation for possible spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. He had facial 'coarseness,' corneal clouding, mitral and aortic regurgitation, and hepatosplenomegaly. Electron microscopy of skin biopsy and peripheral blood lymphocytes showed membrane-bound fibrillogranular inclusion. The urine showed elevated sialyloligosaccharides but no free sialic acid. Alpha-neuraminidase and beta-galactosidase were both low in fibroblasts. Thomas et al. (1979) found deficiency of neuraminidase in cultured fibroblasts from Goldberg's original patient. Cases of combined deficiency have been reported by Lowden and O'Brien (1979), Hoogeveen et al. (1980), and Wenger et al. (1978). Although this form may be clinically indistinguishable from the sialidoses without deficiency of beta-galactosidase, its distinctness is indicated by complementation in heterokaryon experiments. No evidence of a structural mutation of beta-galactosidase was found (Hoeksema et al., 1980). In normal cells and GM(1)-gangliosidosis cells, beta-galactosidase has a half-life of about 10 days, whereas in the doubly deficient cells it has a half-life of less than 1 day. This reduction is due to enhanced degradation. The form which combines neuraminidase and beta-galactosidase deficiencies appears to have a defect in a 32,000 dalton glycoprotein necessary for activation or proteolytic protection of these 2 enzymes (d'Azzo et al., 1982).

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