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    Title: Neuroprotective evaluation of diospyrin against drug-induced Alzheimer's disease
    Alam A, Ali G, Nawaz A, AlOmar TS, Rauf A, Ayaz M, Ahmad S, Almasoud N, AlOmar AS and Wilairatana P <1 more author(s)>
    Ref: Fitoterapia, 171:105703, 2023 : PubMed


    Title: A clinical study and future prospects for bioactive compounds and semi-synthetic molecules in the therapies for Huntington's disease
    Islam MR, Jony MH, Thufa GK, Akash S, Dhar PS, Rahman MM, Afroz T, Ahmed M, Hemeg HA and Venkidasamy B <2 more author(s)>
    Ref: Molecular Neurobiology, :, 2023 : PubMed


    Title: Evaluation of pyrimidine/pyrrolidine-sertraline based hybrids as multitarget anti-Alzheimer agents: In-vitro, in-vivo, and computational studies
    Javed MA, Jan MS, Shbeer AM, Al-Ghorbani M, Rauf A, Wilairatana P, Mannan A, Sadiq A, Farooq U, Rashid U
    Ref: Biomed Pharmacother, 159:114239, 2023 : PubMed


    Title: Malathion-resistant Tribolium castaneum has enhanced response to oxidative stress, immunity, and fitness
    Rauf A, Wilkins RM
    Ref: Pestic Biochem Physiol, 184:105128, 2022 : PubMed


    Title: Spiro Heterocyclic Compounds as Potential Anti-Alzheimer Agents (Part 2): Their Metal Chelation Capacity, POM Analyses and DFT Studies
    Hadda TB, Deniz FSS, Orhan IE, Zgou H, Rauf A, Mabkhot YN, Bennani B, Emam DR, Kheder NA and Maalik A <2 more author(s)>
    Ref: Med Chem, 17:834, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: Molecular Insight into the Therapeutic Promise of Flavonoids against Alzheimer's Disease
    Uddin MS, Kabir MT, Niaz K, Jeandet P, Clement C, Mathew B, Rauf A, Rengasamy KRR, Sobarzo-Sanchez E and Aleya L <1 more author(s)>
    Ref: Molecules, 25:1267, 2020 : PubMed


    Title: Exploring the Multifunctional Neuroprotective Promise of Rasagiline Derivatives for Multi-Dysfunctional Alzheimer's Disease
    Uddin MS, Kabir MT, Rahman MH, Alim MA, Rahman MM, Khatkar A, Al Mamun A, Rauf A, Mathew B, Ashraf GM
    Ref: Curr Pharm Des, :, 2020 : PubMed


    Title: Drug Design of Inhibitors of Alzheimer's Disease (AD): POM and DFT Analyses of Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of beta-amino di-Carbonyl Derivatives
    Hadda TB, Rauf A, Zgou H, Senol FS, Orhan IE, Mabkhot YN, Althagafi, II, Farghaly TA, Alterary S
    Ref: Mini Rev Med Chem, 19:688, 2019 : PubMed


    Title: Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Some semi-Rigid Spiro Heterocycles: POM Analyses and Crystalline Structure of Pharmacophore Site
    Hadda TB, Talhi O, Silva ASM, Senol FS, Orhan IE, Rauf A, Mabkhot YN, Bachari K, Warad I and Mubarak MS <2 more author(s)>
    Ref: Mini Rev Med Chem, 18:711, 2018 : PubMed


    Title: Pistagremic acid, a novel beta-secretase enzyme (BACE1) inhibitor from Pistacia integerrima Stewart
    Rauf A, Uddin G, Khan A, Siddiqui BS, Arfan M, Dalvandi K, Ben Hadda T
    Ref: Nat Prod Res, 29:1735, 2015 : PubMed


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