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    Title: Characteristics of a recombinant Fusarium verticillioides cutinase and its effects on enzymatic hydrolysis of rice straw
    Gu S, Liu C, Zhang W, Qu M, Li Y, Zang Y, Xiong X, Pan K, Zhao X
    Ref: Int J Biol Macromol, 171:382, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: Androgen-dependent miR-125a-5p targets LYPLA1 and regulates global protein palmitoylation level in late-onset hypogonadism males
    Qu M, Zhao Y, Qing X, Zhang X, Li H
    Ref: Journal of Cellular Physiology, 236:4738, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy of Donepezil by Combined Therapy: A Comprehensive Review
    Rong X, Jiang L, Qu M, Hassan SSU, Liu Z
    Ref: Curr Pharm Des, 27:332, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: DECR1 directly activates HSL to promote lipolysis in cervical cancer cells
    Zhou H, Zhang J, Yan Z, Qu M, Zhang G, Han J, Wang F, Sun K, Wang L, Yang X
    Ref: Biochimica & Biophysica Acta Molecular & Cellular Biology Lipids, :159090, 2021 : PubMed


    Title: Karrikin Signaling Acts Parallel to and Additively with Strigolactone Signaling to Regulate Rice Mesocotyl Elongation in Darkness
    Zheng J, Hong K, Zeng L, Wang L, Kang S, Qu M, Dai J, Zou L, Zhu L and Xiong G <11 more author(s)>
    Ref: Plant Cell, 32:2780, 2020 : PubMed


    Title: Immobilized MAS1 lipase showed high esterification activity in the production of triacylglycerols with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
    Wang X, Li D, Qu M, Durrani R, Yang B, Wang Y
    Ref: Food Chem, 216:260, 2017 : PubMed


    Title: Mutation in acetylcholinesterase1 associated with triazophos resistance in rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
    Jiang X, Qu M, Denholm I, Fang J, Jiang W, Han Z
    Ref: Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications, 378:269, 2009 : PubMed


    Title: Resistance mechanisms and associated mutations in acetylcholinesteras genes in Sitobion avenae (Fabricius)
    Chen M, Han Z, Qiao X, Qu M
    Ref: Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, 87:189, 2007 : PubMed


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