for example to search all human alpha/beta hydrolase found in human genome enter this search in the window below:
select a, fam, nam, c from a in class Gene_locus,
spec in a->Species where like "Homo sapiens",
fam in a->Family,
nam in a->Name,
c in count(select a->Structure)
sort by: fam, :nam

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127 rows returned
Mutation Species
T682A_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
-6 R30K_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
-6 R30K/S291G_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
-6,238 R30K/S291G_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
19 K14Q/N354D_aphgo-cxest Aphis gossypii
19,376 K14Q/N354D_aphgo-cxest Aphis gossypii
57 V185M_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
78 F115S_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
78 F115S/I199V/G303A/F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
78 F139L_aphgo-ACHE2 Aphis gossypii
78,129,227,290 F115S/I199V/G303A/F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
83 I82M_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
83 I82M/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
83,227,290 I82M/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
116,141,355,491 H104R/A128V/T333P/K484R_aphgo-cxest Aphis gossypii
119 G137D_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
119 G119S/A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119 G119S/A280T_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119 G119S/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119 G119S_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119 G221A_aphgo-ACHE1 Aphis gossypii
119 G119S_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
119 G119S_anoga-ACHE1 Anopheles gambiae
119,280 G119S/A280T_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119,280,331 G119S/A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
119,331 G119S/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
129 F115S/I199V/G303A/F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
129 I199V/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
129 I199T/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
129 I159V_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
129 I214V_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
129 I214V/G488S_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
129,227 I199V/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
129,227 I199T/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
129,396 I214V/G488S_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
131 D131G_pluxy-ACHE1 Plutella xylostella
133 E163K_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
136 A136T_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
150 V180L/G262A_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150 V180L/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150 V180L/G262A/F327Y/D341L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150 V180L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150,227 V180L/G262A_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150,227,290 V180L/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
150,227,290,304 V180L/G262A/F327Y/D341L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
195 T230M/G262V/F327Y/A586T_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
195 T230M_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
201 A201S_pluxy-ACHE1 Plutella xylostella
201 A302S_aphgo-ACHE1 Aphis gossypii
201 A201S_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
201 A302S/S431F_aphgo-ACHE1 Aphis gossypii
201 A328S_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
201 A236S_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
224,306,428,447 T210M/N294K/G408D/S441F_aphgo-cxest Aphis gossypii
227 F115S/I199V/G303A/F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
227 I199V/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
227 I199T/G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
227 G303A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
227 G227A_pluxy-ACHE1 Plutella xylostella
227 V180L/G262A_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 V180L/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 V180L/G262A/F327Y/D341L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 G262V/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 T230M/G262V/F327Y/A586T_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 G262A_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 G262V_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227 I82M/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227,290 G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
227,290 G262V/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
232 S250T_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
233 W251L_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
233 W251S_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
233 W251C_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
238 S291G_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
238 S291G/I392T_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
238 R30K/S291G_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
238,337 S291G/I392T_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
257 D273E_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
262 A391T_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
280 G119S/A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
280 G119S/A280T_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
280 A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
280 A280T_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
280,331 A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
287 M303I_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
290 F115S/I199V/G303A/F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
290 F368Y_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
290 F399V_cydpo-ACHE1 Cydia pomonella
290 F386V_pluxy-ACHE1 Plutella xylostella
290 V180L/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 V180L/G262A/F327Y/D341L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 G262V/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 T230M/G262V/F327Y/A586T_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
290 F368A_drome-ACHE Drosophila melanogaster
290 F290V_culpi-ACHE1 Culex pipiens
290 I82M/G262A/F327Y_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
304 V180L/G262A/F327Y/D341L_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
328 G365A_musdo-ACHE Musca domestica
328 G328A_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
330 L354F_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
331 G119S/A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 G119S/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 A280T/F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 F331C_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 F331W_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 F331Y_tetur-ACHE Tetranychus urticae
331 S431F_myzpe-ACHEm Myzus persicae
331 S431F_aphgo-ACHE1 Aphis gossypii
331 A302S/S431F_aphgo-ACHE1 Aphis gossypii
333 S357L_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
337 S291G/I392T_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
337 I392T_lepde-ACHE Leptinotarsa decemlineata
339 A365V_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
353 W378R_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
358 S383T_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
373 I396V_musdo-EST23aes07 Musca domestica
376 K14Q/N354D_aphgo-cxest Aphis gossypii
396 G488S_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
396 I214V/G488S_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
441 A441G_pluxy-ACHE1 Plutella xylostella
551 Q642-644del_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
551,553,554 Q642-644del_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
553 Q642-644del_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae
554 Q642-644del_bacol-ACHE Bactrocera oleae

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