for example to search all human alpha/beta hydrolase found in human genome enter this search in the window below:
select a, fam, nam, c from a in class Gene_locus,
spec in a->Species where like "Homo sapiens",
fam in a->Family,
nam in a->Name,
c in count(select a->Structure)
sort by: fam, :nam

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232 rows returned
Reactivator Type_reactivator
2-PAM Oxime
2-PAM Pyridine
2BIM-7 Oxime
2BIM-7 Uncharged Oxime
3-PAM Oxime
3-PAM Pyridine
4-methyl-3-nitrobenzamido-pentyl-PAM-7d Pyridine-aldoxime
4-methyl-3-nitrobenzamido-pentyl-PAM-7d Oxime
4-PAM Oxime
4-PAM Pyridine
6-Alkyl-3-Fluoro-2-pyridinaldoxime-12d Pyridine
6-Alkyl-3-Fluoro-2-pyridinaldoxime-12d Oxime
7-MEOTA-4-pyridinealdoxime Derivative of Tacrine
7-MEOTA-4-pyridinealdoxime Acridine
7-MEOTA-4-pyridinealdoxime Oxime
7-MEOTA-4-pyridinealdoxime Pyridine
7P1N-4J1 Oxime
7P1N-4J1 Triazol
7P1P-4IX Oxime
7P1P-4IX Triazol
15F Oxime
15F Pyridine
ADOC non-oxime
ADOC-3I non-oxime
Amodiaquine non-oxime
Amodiaquine Quinoline
BDB-106 Oxime
BDB-106 Imidazole
BDB-108 Oxime
BDB-108 Bispyridinium
BDB-110 Oxime
BDB-110 Imidazole
Benzyl-P2A Oxime
Benzyl-P2A Pyridine
BI-6 Oxime
BI-6 Bispyridinium
BI-6 Carboxamide
C35-CVZ Oxime
C35-CVZ Pyrimidine
CBIO Oxime
Cl-HIN Oxime
DAM Oxime
DAM Uncharged Oxime
DMB-4 Oxime
DMB-4 Bispyridinium
GM415 Oxime
GM415 Pyridine-aldoxime
GM508 Oxime
GM508 Pyridine-aldoxime
GM508 Isoquinoline
HGG-12 Hagedorn Oxime
HGG-12 Oxime
HGG-21 Hagedorn Oxime
HGG-21 Oxime
HGG-42 Hagedorn Oxime
HGG-42 Oxime
HGG-52 Hagedorn Oxime
HGG-52 Oxime
HI-6 Oxime
HI-6 Bispyridinium
HI-6 Carboxamide
HI-6 Hagedorn Oxime
HLo-7 Hagedorn Oxime
HLo-7 Oxime
HLo-7 Bispyridinium
HS-3 Oxime
HS-3 Bispyridinium
HS-6 Oxime
HS-6 Bispyridinium
ICD-467 Oxime
ICD-467 Imidazole
JR585 Oxime
JR585 Pyridine-aldoxime
JR595 Oxime
JR595 Pyridine-aldoxime
JR595 Morpholine
K005 Oxime
K005 Bispyridinium
K027 Oxime
K027 Bispyridinium
K027-Cl2 Oxime
K027-Cl2 Bispyridinium
K033 Bispyridinium
K033 Oxime
K048 Bispyridinium
K048 Oxime
K074 Bispyridinium
K074 Oxime
K075 Bispyridinium
K075 Oxime
K117 Oxime
K117 Bispyridinium
K117 Bisaldoxime
K127 Oxime
K127 Bispyridinium
K131 Oxime
K131 Bispyridinium
K131 Quinoline
K142 Oxime
K142 Bispyridinium
K142 Isoquinoline
K153 Oxime
K153 Bispyridinium
K156 Bispyridinium
K156 Oxime
K203 Oxime
K203 Bispyridinium
K206 Oxime
K206 Bispyridinium
K206 Carboxamide
K298 Quinoline
K298 Bispyridinium
K344 Bispyridinium
K454 Oxime
K454 Bispyridinium
K456 Oxime
K456 Bispyridinium
K458 Oxime
K458 Bispyridinium
K474 Bispyridinium
K474 tert-Butyl
K524 Quinoline
K524 Bispyridinium
K727 Oxime
K727 Bispyridinium
K727 Bisaldoxime
K733 Oxime
K733 Bispyridinium
K792 Bispyridinium
K869 Oxime
K869 Bispyridinium
K869 Carboxamide
K870 Oxime
K870 Bispyridinium
K1374 Oxime
K1374 Pyridine-aldoxime
K1374 Isoquinoline
K1374 Pyridinium
K1375 Oxime
K1375 Pyridine-aldoxime
K1375 Pyridinium
LG-703 Uncharged Oxime
LG-703 Oxime
LG-703 Diazepane
LG-703 Azepane
LLNL-02 Uncharged Oxime
LLNL-02 Oxime
LLNL-02 Azepane
MB327 Bispyridinium
MB327 non-oxime
MB327 tert-Butyl
MF5 Oxime
MF5 Pyridine
MINA Oxime
MINA Uncharged Oxime
MMB-4 Oxime
MMB-4 Bispyridinium
Ortho-7 Oxime
Ortho-7 Bispyridinium
Oxime-20 Pyridinium
Oxime-20 Oxime
P2s~contrathion Oxime
PAM Oxime
PCM-0211088 Oxime
PCM-0211088 Uncharged Oxime
PCM-0211338 Oxime
PCM-0211338 Uncharged Oxime
PCM-0211955 Oxime
PCM-0211955 Uncharged Oxime
PCM-0212399 Oxime
PCM-0212399 Uncharged Oxime
PCM-0212399 Carboxamide
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1b Oxime
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1b Pyridine-aldoxime
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1b Isoquinoline
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1c Oxime
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1c Pyridine-aldoxime
Phenyltetrahydroisoquinoline-Pyridinaldoxime-1c Isoquinoline
pro-2PAM Oxime
Q8-Quinuclidine-3-oxime Oxime
QMP-C8 non-oxime
R665 Oxime
R665 Bispyridinium
RM048 Oxime
RM048 Pyridine-aldoxime
RM048 Morpholine
RS170B Oxime
RS170B Carboxamide
RS194B Uncharged Oxime
RS194B Oxime
RS194B Azepane
SAD-128 Bispyridinium
SAD-128 non-oxime
SAD-128 tert-Butyl
SP-134 Imidazole
SP-134 non-oxime
TAB2OH Oxime
TAB2OH Pyridine-aldoxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-1 Oxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-1 Pyridine-aldoxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-1 Uncharged Oxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-1 Derivative of Tacrine
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-1 Acridine
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-2 Oxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-2 Pyridine-aldoxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-2 Uncharged Oxime
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-2 Derivative of Tacrine
Tacrine-pyridinealdoxime-2 Acridine
Toxogonin Oxime
Toxogonin Bispyridinium
Triazole-annulated-oxime-2A Bispyridinium
Triazole-annulated-oxime-2A Pyridine
Triazole-annulated-oxime-2A Triazol
Triazole-annulated-oxime-2A Oxime
Triazole-annulated-oxime-3A Bispyridinium
Triazole-annulated-oxime-3A Pyridinium
Triazole-annulated-oxime-3A Triazol
Triazole-annulated-oxime-3A Oxime
Triazole-annulated-oxime-14A Bispyridinium
Triazole-annulated-oxime-14A Pyridine
Triazole-annulated-oxime-14A Triazol
Triazole-annulated-oxime-14A Oxime
Trimedoxime Oxime
Trimedoxime Bispyridinium
Triple-binding-oxime-III Oxime
Triple-binding-oxime-III Triazol
Triple-binding-oxime-III-R Oxime
Triple-binding-oxime-III-R Triazol
Tryptoline-hydroxy-pyridinaldoxime-3 Oxime
Tryptoline-hydroxy-pyridinaldoxime-3 Pyridine-aldoxime
Tryptoline-hydroxy-pyridinaldoxime-4 Oxime
Tryptoline-hydroxy-pyridinaldoxime-4 Pyridine-aldoxime

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