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Ansell_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__143 The origin and turnover of choline in the brain
Aprison_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__543 Evidence of a central cholinergic mechanism functioning during drug induced excitation in avoidance behaviour
Aquilonius_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__399 Choline in the cerebrospinal fluid as a marker for the release of acetylcholine
Barker_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__193 The compartmentation of acetylcholine in cholinergic nerve terminals
Beani_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__369 Effects of Adrenergic Blocking and Antiadrenergic drugs on the acetylcholine release from the exposed cerebral cortex of the conscious animal
Belleau_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__441 The anionic sites of acetylcholinesterase versus the acetylcholine receptors
Blaustein_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__291 Potassium ions and calcium ion fluxes in isolated nerve terminals
Bradford_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__309 An in vitro approach to the biochemistry of transmission
Brimb1ecombe_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__521 Effects of drugs which interact with central muscarinic receptors
Burton_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__271 Chemical constituents which can bind acetylcholine
Cavallito_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__97 Inhibitors of choline acetyltransferase
Collier_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__163 Biosynthesis of acetylcholine in vitro and in vivo
Crossland_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__355 Acetylcholine and the morphine abstinence syndrome
De Robertis_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__505 Proteolipid cholinergic receptors isolated from the central nervous system and electric tissue
Dikstein_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__479 Biochemical organization of pharmacological receptors
Edery_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__411 The influence of an oxime on the release of acetylcholine into perfused cerebral ventricles
Fonnum_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__83 Subcellular localization of choline acetyltransferase in brain
Giacobini_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__67 Comparative analysis of central and peripheral cholinergic synapses
Green_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__59 A pyrolysis-gas chromatographic method for the detection and measurement of acetylcholine and related compounds: Its application to the identification and microestimation of acetylcholine in tissue effluents
Hanin_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__33 Environmental and technical. preconditions influencing choline and acetylcholine concentrations in rat brain
Heilbronn_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__245 Chemically induced changes in the acetylcholine uptake and storage capacity of brain tissue
Holmstedt_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__339 Effects of oxotremorine and atropine on choline acetylase activity
Jenden_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__3 Recent developments in the determination of acetylcholine
Karlin_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__489 Investigations of the chemical nature of the acetylcholine receptor
Kitz_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__465 Acetylcholinesterase: some evidence for conformational changes and allosteric interactions
Koelle_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__431 Improvement in the accuracy of histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase. Facts and artifacts
Madill_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__529 The potentiating effect of DFP upon the central tremorgenic potency of nicotine-N-oxide in mice
Mahler_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__225 Isolation and characterization of membranes from rat cerebral cortex
Pauling_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__457 The conformation of molecules affecting cholinergic nervous systems
Pepeu_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__387 Investigations into the increase of acetylcholine output from the cerebral cortex of the cat caused by amphetamine
Polak_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__323 An analysis of the stimulating action of atropine on release and synthesis of acetylcholine in cortical slices from rat brain
Potter_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__75 Choline acetyltransferase from mammalian brains
Schuberth_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__15 Determinations of choline
Schuberth_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__177 On the turnover of acetylcholine in the brain
Sollenberg_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__27 Determination of acetylcoenzyme A
Sorbo_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__133 On the origin of the acetyl group of acetylcholine
Stern_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__419 The content of material with acetylcholine-like activity in the brain of animals following thiamine Deprivation and treatment with pyrithiamine
Tucek_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__117 Subcellular localization of enzymes generating acetyl-CoA and their possible relation to the biosynthesis of acetylcholine
von Euler_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__XIX Introductory words
Waser_1970_Cholinergic.Mechanisms.Utgivara__359 Action of some neuro- and psychopharmaco on membrane ATP-ase and acetylcholinesterase of cortical synaptosomes

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