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Bi_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_461 Quantification of the Transcripts Encoding Different Forms of AChE in Various Cell Types: Real-Time PCR Coupled with Standards in Revealing the Copy Number
Bourne_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_387 The neuroligins and their ligands: from structure to function at the synapse
Brudzynski_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_436 The ascending mesolimbic cholinergic system-a specific division of the reticular activating system involved in the initiation of negative emotional States
Campanari_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_446 Acetylcholinesterase protein level is preserved in the Alzheimer's brain
Cheung_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_506 Acetylcholinesterase complexes with the natural product inhibitors dihydrotanshinone I and territrem B: binding site assignment from inhibitor competition and validation through crystal structure determination
Dunant_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_377 Presynaptic k(+) channels, vesicular ca(2+)/h (+) antiport-synaptotagmin, and acetylcholinesterase, three mechanisms cutting short the cholinergic signal at neuromuscular and nerve-electroplaque junctions
Etlin_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_517 The Motor Output of Hindlimb Innervating Segments of the Spinal Cord is Modulated by Cholinergic Activation of Rostrally Projecting Sacral Relay Neurons
Favero_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_324 The timing of activity is a regulatory signal during development of neural connections
Golicnik_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_330 Progress-Curve Analysis Through Integrated Rate Equations and Its Use to Study Cholinesterase Reaction Dynamics
Gros_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_454 Non-synaptic roles of acetylcholinesterase and agrin
Hamouda_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_480 Photoaffinity labeling of nicotinic receptors: diversity of drug binding sites!
Hrabovska_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_352 Reassessment of the role of the central cholinergic system
Jafarzadeh_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_500 Higher Circulating Levels of Chemokine CCL20 in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Evaluation of the Influences of Chemokine Gene Polymorphism, Gender, Treatment and Disease Pattern
Karczmar_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_287 XIV ISCM, Hangzhou, China, May 2013: Opening Remarks
Karczmar_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_291 Cholinergic behaviors, emotions, and the self
Kobayashi_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_525 lynx1 Supports Neuronal Health in the Mouse Dorsal Striatum During Aging: an Ultrastructural Investigation
Kruse_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_316 Novel insights into m3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor physiology and structure
Kuo_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_487 Importing, caring, breeding, genotyping, and phenotyping a genetic mouse in a chinese university
Lenfant_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_362 Tracking the origin and divergence of cholinesterases and neuroligins: the evolution of synaptic proteins
Lestaevel_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_469 Influence of environmental enrichment and depleted uranium on behaviour, cholesterol and acetylcholine in apolipoprotein e-deficient mice
Lin_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_397 Differential regulation of lipid metabolism genes in the brain of acetylcholinesterase knockout mice
Liu_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_345 Effect of Cocaine on Ion Channels and Glutamatergic EPSCs in Noradrenergic Locus Coeruleus Neurons
Mak_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_511 Synergistic inhibition on acetylcholinesterase by the combination of berberine and palmatine originally isolated from chinese medicinal herbs
Montenegro_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_429 Most Acetylcholinesterase Activity of Non-Nervous Tissues and Cells Arises from the AChE-H Transcript
Murthy_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_409 Preclinical studies on neurobehavioral and neuromuscular effects of cocaine hydrolase gene therapy in mice
Ohno_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_359 Collagen Q is a Key Player for Developing Rational Therapy for Congenital Myasthenia and for Dissecting the Mechanisms of Anti-MuSK Myasthenia Gravis
Shenhar-Tsarfaty_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_298 Cholinesterases as biomarkers for parasympathetic dysfunction and inflammation-related disease
Waiskopf_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_306 AChE and RACK1 Promote the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Fluoxetine
Xu_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_417 Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds Suppress Acetylcholinesterase Activity via Transcriptional Downregulations In Vitro
Yang_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_493 A Novel Risk Haplotype of ALOX5AP Gene is Associated with Ischemic Stroke in Chinese Han Population
Zhang_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_335 Hsa-miR-132 Regulates Apoptosis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Independent of Acetylcholinesterase
Zhong_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_370 Evidences for B6C3-Tg (APPswe/PSEN1dE9) Double-Transgenic Mice Between 3 and 10 Months as an Age-Related Alzheimer's Disease Model
Zou_2014_J.Mol.Neurosci_53_424 Characterizations of Cholinesterases in Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata)

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