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Augusti-Tocco_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_45 Acetylcholine and regulation of gene expression in developing systems
Bencherif_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_17 Therapeutic potential of novel selective drugs targeting nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Berg_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_149 Nicotinic signal transduction machinery
Bermudez_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_97 Phosphorylation and function of alpha4beta2 receptor
Bourne_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_103 Structural comparison of three crystalline complexes of a peptidic toxin with a synaptic acetylcholine recognition protein
Briggs_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_11 High- and low-sensitivity subforms of alpha4beta2 and alpha3beta2 nAChRs
Buno_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_161 Presynaptic muscarinic control of glutamatergic synaptic transmission
Castillo_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_153 Role of the RIC-3 protein in trafficking of serotonin and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Clos_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_89 Effect of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors on AChE-induced PrP106-126 aggregation
Cordeiro_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_41 Vesicular calcium transport shapes rapid acetylcholine secretion
Cottage_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_39 Buprofezin inhibits acetylcholinesterase activity in B-biotype Bemisia tabaci
del Monte-Millan_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_85 Dual binding site acetylcholinesterase inhibitors: potential new disease-modifying agents for AD
Diaz-Hernandez_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_177 Role of CaCMKII in the cross talk between ionotropic nucleotide and nicotinic receptors in individual cholinergic terminals
Dinklo_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_109 Desensitization characteristics of the human alpha7nAChR/5HT3A chimera receptor
Dobbins_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_115 The role of the cytoskeleton in neuromuscular junction formation
Dunant_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_209 Acetylcholine release in rapid synapses: two fast partners--mediatophore and vesicular Ca2+/H+ antiport
Dunbar_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_169 Cognitive enhancement in man with ispronicline, a nicotinic partial agonist
Duysen_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_91 Phenotype comparison of three acetylcholinesterase knockout strains
Egea_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_59 Desensitized nicotinic receptors that, however, afford cytoprotection in bovine chromaffin cells
Fernandez-Carvajal_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_121 Structural and functional changes induced in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by membrane phospholipids
Fruchart-Gaillard_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_7 How three-finger-fold toxins interact with various cholinergic receptors
Gajsek_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_27 Expression of MuSK in in vitro-innervated human muscle
Galvis_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_107 Expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on murine alveolar macrophages
Garcia_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_57 A comparison between acetylcholine-like action potentials and square depolarizing pulses in triggering calcium entry and exocytosis in bovine chromaffin cells
Gautam_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_157 M1-M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-deficient mice: novel phenotypes
Girard_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_99 Remodeling of the neuromuscular junction in mice with deleted exons 5 and 6 of acetylcholinesterase
Grutter_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_63 Identification of two critical residues within the Cys-loop sequence that determine fast-gating kinetics in a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel
Gunning_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_21 Inhibition of carbamate-insensitive acetylcholinesterase by piperonyl butoxide in Helicoverpa armigera
Hansen_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_101 Structural characterization of agonist and antagonist-bound acetylcholine-binding protein from Aplysia californica
Hasselmo_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_133 Cholinergic modulation of cortical function
Hecker_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_23 Peripheral choline acetyltransferase is expressed by monocytes and upregulated during renal allograft rejection in rats
Hibbs_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_73 Structural dynamics of the acetylcholine binding protein: hydrodynamic and fluorescence anisotropy decay analyses
Holzgrabe_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_165 Allosteric modulators and selective agonists of muscarinic receptors
Jakubik_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_111 Determinants of positive cooperativity between strychnine-like allosteric modulators and N-methylscopolamine at muscarinic receptors
Jevsek_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_29 Microarray screen for synaptic genes in the neuromuscular junction
Jones_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_83 Alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression in Alzheimer's disease: receptor densities in brain regions of the APP(SWE) mouse model and in human peripheral blood lymphocytes
Karczmar_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_237 Conclusions and comments for the XII ISCM
Kovarik_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_113 Interaction of pyridinium oximes with acetylcholinesterase and their effect on organophosphate-poisoned mice
Kummer_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_67 Role of acetylcholine and muscarinic receptors in serotonin-induced bronchoconstriction in the mouse
Lippiello_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_19 Ispronicline: a novel alpha4beta2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-selective agonist with cognition-enhancing and neuroprotective properties
Lips_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_15 Coexpression and spatial association of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits alpha7 and alpha10 in rat sympathetic neurons
Li_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_79 Gene transfer of acetylcholinesterase protects the knockout mouse from the toxicity of DFP
Li_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_193 Production of the butyrylcholinesterase knockout mouse
Lopez_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_141 Can cholinesterase inhibitors provide additional effects to cholinergic neurotransmission enhancement?
Machova_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_25 Docosahexaenoic acid supports cell growth and expression of choline acetyltransferase and muscarinic receptors in NG108-15 cell line
Massoulie_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_233 The C-terminal T peptide of cholinesterases: structure, interactions, and influence on protein folding and secretion
Maxwell_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_129 Toxicodynamic modeling of highly toxic organophosphorus compounds
Mis_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_31 Effects of acetylcholinesterase gene silencing on its activity in cultured human skeletal muscle
Molles_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_105 Targeted in vivo expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mouse brain using lentiviral expression vectors
Montenegro_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_51 Acetyl- and butyrylcholinesterase activities decrease in human colon adenocarcinoma
Morales_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_5 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor properties are modulated by surrounding lipids: an in vivo study
Mordvintsev_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_71 A model for short alpha-neurotoxin bound to nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo californica
Moroni_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_95 Stoichiometry and pharmacology of two human alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptor types
Mourot_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_3 Photo-induced covalent attachment of agonists as a tool to study allosteric mechanisms of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Mourot_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_13 Reorganization of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor during desensitization probed with a photoactivatable agonist
Nashmi_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_181 CNS localization of neuronal nicotinic receptors
Navarro-Lopez_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_125 A cholinergic mechanism for eye fixation
Nieto-Ceron_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_49 Thymus acetylcholinesterase activity is reduced in mice with congenital muscular dystrophy
Novakova_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_69 Muscarinic receptors are affected by corticotropin-releasing hormone and c-fos gene disruptions: is there a mutual connection to adrenoceptors?
Olivera-Bravo_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_205 Quaternary ammonium anticholinesterases have different effects on nicotinic receptors: is there a single binding site?
Paraoanu_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_201 On functions of cholinesterases during embryonic development
Perrier_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_75 Readthrough acetylcholinesterase expression remains minor after stress or exposure to inhibitors
Popa_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_227 The N-butylcarbamate derivative of galantamine acts as an allosteric potentiating ligand on alpha7 nicotinic receptors in hippocampal neurons: clinical implications for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Robles_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_119 Ethanol consumption produces changes in behavior and on hippocampal alpha7 and alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptors
Rodrigues_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_173 Interaction between P2X and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in glutamate nerve terminals of the rat hippocampus
Rosa_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_61 Neuroprotection by nicotine in hippocampal slices subjected to oxygen-glucose deprivation: involvement of the alpha7 nAChR subtype
Rubio_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_185 Effect of acetylcholine on tau phosphorylation in human neuroblastoma cells
Sakr_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_35 Engineered site-directed labeling of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors using reactive epibatidine derivatives: appraisal of epibatidine-docking models in neuronal and muscular receptors
Saxena_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_145 Bioscavenger for protection from toxicity of organophosphorus compounds
Searl_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_215 Modulation of calcium-dependent and -independent acetylcholine release from motor nerve endings
Silveyra_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_65 Altered glycosylation of acetylcholinesterase in the Creutzfeldt-Jakob cerebrospinal fluid
Smit_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_9 Acetylcholine-binding proteins: functional and structural homologs of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Spies_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_55 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors containing subunits alpha3 and alpha5 in rat nociceptive dorsal root ganglion neurons
Stetzkowski-Marden_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_37 Rafts are required for acetylcholine receptor clustering
Tapia_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_81 Enhancement of secretion by threshold nicotinic stimulation in bovine chromaffin cells
Tsetlin_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_77 Alpha-conotoxin analogs with enhanced affinity for nicotinic receptors and acetylcholine-binding proteins
Tsim_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_189 Transcriptional control of different acetylcholinesterase subunits in formation and maintenance of vertebrate neuromuscular junctions
Wang_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_223 MuSK signaling at the neuromuscular junction
Wan_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_33 Chick acetylcholinesterase promoter regulation
Wieseler_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_93 Markers of organophosphate exposure in human serum
Wonnacott_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_137 Nicotinic receptors modulate transmitter cross talk in the CNS: nicotinic modulation of transmitters
Woolf_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_219 Acetylcholine, cognition, and consciousness
Zimmerman_2006_J.Mol.Neurosci_30_197 Readthrough acetylcholinesterase: a multifaceted inducer of stress reactions

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