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Arredondo_2003_Life.Sci_72_2063 Functional role of alpha7 nicotinic receptor in physiological control of cutaneous homeostasis
Bruggmann_2003_Life.Sci_72_2095 Rat arteries contain multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha-subunits
Chernyavsky_2003_Life.Sci_72_2069 The M4 muscarinic receptor-selective effects on keratinocyte crawling locomotion
Duncan_2003_Life.Sci_72_2013 Role of the non-neuronal cholinergic system in the eye: a review
Fujii_2003_Life.Sci_72_2131 Detection of the high-affinity choline transporter in the MOLT-3 human leukemic T-cell line
Grando_2003_Life.Sci_72_2009 Introduction: the non-neuronal cholinergic system in humans
Grando_2003_Life.Sci_72_2135 Mucocutaneous cholinergic system is targeted in mustard-induced vesication
Hersh_2003_Life.Sci_72_2021 Regulation of cholinergic gene expression by the neuron restrictive silencer factor/repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor
Horikoshi_2003_Life.Sci_72_2145 Acetylcholine increase in amniotic fluid of experimental rats for intrauterine growth retardation
Horiuchi_2003_Life.Sci_72_1745 Evolutional study on acetylcholine expression
Kamimura_2003_Life.Sci_72_2151 Nitric oxide (NO) synthase mRNA expression and NO production via muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-mediated pathways in the CEM, human leukemic T-cell line
Kawashima_2003_Life.Sci_72_2101 The lymphocytic cholinergic system and its biological function
Kimura_2003_Life.Sci_72_2155 Nicotine-induced Ca2+ signaling and down-regulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit expression in the CEM human leukemic T-cell line
Kirkpatrick_2003_Life.Sci_72_2111 Expression and function of the non-neuronal cholinergic system in endothelial cells
Liu_2003_Life.Sci_72_909 Palladium and platinum ions interfere with the measurement of erythrocyte vesiculation by inhibiting the acetylcholinesterase activity of the released spectrin-depleted microvesicles
Malo_2003_Life.Sci_72_2029 Expression of the acetylcholine release mechanism in various cells and reconstruction of the release mechanism in non-releasing cells
Mayerhofer_2003_Life.Sci_72_2039 The expression and biological role of the non-neuronal cholinergic system in the ovary
Metzen_2003_Life.Sci_72_2075 Proliferative effect of acetylcholine on rat trachea epithelial cells is mediated by nicotinic receptors and muscarinic receptors of the M1-subtype
Nguyen_2003_Life.Sci_72_2081 Keratinocyte acetylcholine receptors regulate cell adhesion
Nomura_2003_Life.Sci_72_2117 A beta-induced TNF-alpha expression and acetylcholine action in mouse glial cells
Nomura_2003_Life.Sci_72_2121 The presence and functions of muscarinic receptors in human T cells: the involvement in IL-2 and IL-2 receptor system
Ogawa_2003_Life.Sci_72_2127 Expression of multiple mRNA species for choline acetyltransferase in human T-lymphocytes
Pfeil_2003_Life.Sci_72_2087 Expression of the high-affinity choline transporter CHT1 in epithelia
Rubin_2003_Life.Sci_72_1209 Plasma leptin suppression by arginine vasopressin in normal women and men
Song_2003_Life.Sci_72_2159 Synthesis of acetylcholine by lung cancer
Summers_2003_Life.Sci_72_2091 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits and receptor activity in the epithelial cell line HT29
Wessler_2003_Life.Sci_72_2055 The non-neuronal cholinergic system in humans: expression, function and pathophysiology
Wessler_2003_Life.Sci_72_2169 Increased acetylcholine levels in skin biopsies of patients with atopic dermatitis
Wess_2003_Life.Sci_72_2047 Muscarinic receptor subtypes mediating central and peripheral antinociception studied with muscarinic receptor knockout mice: a review
Williams_2003_Life.Sci_72_2173 Muscarinic signaling in carcinoma cells

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