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Bee_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2641 Poster: Alanine scanning mutagenesis of transmembrane domain 2 in the rat M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor.
Berkeley_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2624 Poster: Ml muscarinic acetylcholine receptors activate MAPK in brain
Birdsall_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2517 Multiple allosteric sites on muscarinic receptors
Braverman_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2633 Poster: Denervation induced changes in the interaction between muscarinic receptor subtypes that mediate urinary bladder contraction
Bringas_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2630 Poster: Muscarinic M2 receptor function in rata tria and urinary bladder smooth muscle in vitro
Buchanan_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2629 Poster: The M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor is a necessary component in cholinergic circadian signaling.
Buller_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2618 Poster: Investigations of subtype-specific epitopes involved in the allosteric interactions of caracurine V derivatives at muscarinic receptors
Bunemann_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2525 Novel signalling events mediated by muscarinic receptor subtypes
Bymaster_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2473 Investigations into the physiological role of muscarinic M2 and M4 muscarinic and M4 receptor subtypes using receptor knockout mice
Cao_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2625 Poster: Synthesis and biological evaluation of Bis[3-(3-alkoxy-1,2,sthiadiazole-4-yl)-1,2,s,6-tetrahydro-pyrid-1-yl] alkane dihydrochlorides as muscarinic agonists
Cefalu_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2630 Poster: In vivo evidence for a functional role of muscarinic M2 receptors in rat urinary bladder
Choppin_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2633 Poster: Pharmacological characterisation of muscarinic receptors in human isolated ciliary smooth muscle
Christopoulos_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2616 Poster: M1 muscarinic receptor-mediated nitric oxide formation modifies agonist signaling: a paradigm of intracellular feedback regulation.
Coulson_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2636 Poster: Diabetes-induced increases in inhibitory neuronal M2 muscarinic receptor function in the rat ileum.
Disse_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2557 Antimuscarinic treatment for lung diseases from research to clinical practice
Duttaroy_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2631 Poster: Evaluation of muscarinic agonist-induced analgesia in muscarinic receptor knockout mice
Eglen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2573 Muscarinic receptors and gastrointestinal tract smooth muscle function
Eglen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2634 Poster: Pharmacological characterisation of muscarinic receptors in mouse urinary bladder smooth muscle
Ehlert_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2638 Poster: Acetylcholine-mediated desensitization of muscarinic agonistinduced contraction in the guinea pig ileum is prevented by pertussis toxin
Ellis_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2618 Poster: Multiple muscarinic allosteric ligands compete at a common allosteric site but interact with different receptor loci
Erlenbach_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2640 Poster: Functional expression of M1 M3, and M5 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in yeast
Evans_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2635 Poster: Effects of dexamethasone on pulmonary muscarinic receptors in antigen challenged guinea pigs
Felder_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2605 Elucidating the role of muscarinic receptors in psychosis
Felder_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2636 Poster: Enhanced sensitivity to the locomotor-activating and disrupting effects of phencyclidine in M4 muscarinic receptor knock-out mice
Flynn_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2619 Poster: Mechanisms involved in attenuation of muscarinic receptor responsiveness: evidence for a unifying hypothesis for alzheimer's disease.
Forster_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2628 Poster: M5 muscarinic receptors mediate brainstem-evoked dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens
Furukawa_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2621 Poster: Conformation of (S)-methacholine bound to the M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
Gillette_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2467 Role of the M1 receptor in regulating circadian rhythms
Gil_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2601 Exploring the potential for subtype-selective muscarinic agonists in glaucoma
Gomeza_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2457 Generation and pharmacological analysis of M2 and M4 muscarinic receptor knockout mice
Hamilton_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2489 Alteration of cardiovascular and neuronal function in M1 knockout mice
Hirose_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2627 Poster: Pharmacological characterization of (2r)-n-[1-(6-aminopyridin-2-ylmethyl)piperidin-4-yl]-2-[(lr)-3,3-difluorocyclopentyl]-2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetamide, a novel muscarinic M3 receptor antagonist with high selectivity over M2 receptors
Hoglund_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2632 Poster: Effects of microdialyzed oxotremorine, carbachol, epibatidine and scopolamine on intraspinal release of acetylcholine in the rat
Holzgrabe_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2620 Poster: Ligand for the common allosteric site of M2-receptors of subnanomolar potency
Hulme_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2495 The conformational switch in muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Jacoby_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2565 Anticholinergic therapy for airway diseases
Jagoda_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2634 Poster: Regional brain uptake of the muscarinic ligand, [18F]FP-TZTP, is decreased in M2 knockout but not in M4 knockout mice.
Lachowicz_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2585 Facilitation of acetylcholine release and improvement in cognition by a selective M2 muscarinic antagonist, SCH 72788
Larsen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2635 Poster: Effects of acetylcholine in human duodenal endoscopy biopsies
Laszlo_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2642 Poster: Functional analysis of promoter and cytokine receptor sites required for LIF-mediated induction of the M2 muscarinic achetylcholine receptor
Liang_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2637 Poster: Effect of unilateral blockade of rat striatal M1-neurotransmission on spontaneous movement.
Lu_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2640 Poster: Functional importance of transmembrane domains 4 and 7 of the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
Mamoon_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2623 Poster: Muscarinic agonist-induced translocation of rhoa to the membrane and phospholipase D activity in porcine tracheal smooth muscle is blocked by wortmannin: role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase.
Matsui_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2627 Poster: Multiple functional defects in peripheral autonomic organs in mice lacking muscarinic acetylcholine receptor gene for the M3 subtype
McClatchy_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2642 Poster: Muscarinic M4 acetylcholine receptor interacts with elongation factor 1A2 (EEF1a2).
Messer_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2625 Poster: Synthesis and biological evaluation of bivalent xanomeline analogs as M1 muscarinic agonists
Mohr_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2620 Poster: Modulation of partial agonist efficacy in M2-receptors by structurally diverse muscarinic allosteric agents
Ngola_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2617 Poster: M2 muscarinic receptor immunoprecipitates with cPKC-beta1 in transfected JEG-3 cells
Nilvebrant_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2549 Clinical experiences with tolterodine
Olianas_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2615 Poster: Expression of muscarinic receptors positively coupled to cyclic AMP in the different layers of rat main olfactory bulb.
Onali_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2616 Poster: Acetylcholine-dopamine interaction in rat nucleus accumbens: muscarinic M4 receptor-induced inhibition of D1-like receptor activity.
Pappano_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2617 Poster: Selective regulation of muscarinic inhibition revealed by guanylyl cyclase blockade
Park_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2622 Poster: Oligomeric stability of the M2 muscarinic receptor
Patten_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2615 Poster: Hypoxia/re-oxygenation mediated down-regulation of muscarinic receptor expression in rat embryonic hippocampal neuronal cells.
Pfaffendorf_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2639 Poster: Influence of oxidative stress on muscarinic receptor-mediated responses of the rat isolated portal vein
Porter_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2624 Poster: The M1 muscarinic receptor subtype mediates Gq coupling in mouse hippocampus and pre-frontal cortex
Potter_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2541 Snake toxins that bind specifically to individual subtypes of muscarinic receptors
Ruggieri_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2632 Poster: Denervation changes both muscarinic receptor subtype and intracellular signal transduction mechanism mediating bladder contraction
Saffen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2622 Poster: Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors activate Ca2+ influx via Ca2+ store-regulated and store-independent Ca2+ channels in PC12D cells
Salamone_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2579 Neostriatal muscarinic receptor subtypes involved in the generation of tremulous jaw movements in rodents implications for cholinergic involvement in parkinsonism
Sastry_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2637 Poster: Formation of false cholinergic transmitters from chlorophenoxy-acetic acids and their interference at M2 and M3 muscarinic receptor sites.
Schwarz_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2626 Poster: Benzoxazine isoquinolines as M4 selective muscarinic receptor antagonists
Shapiro_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2481 Identification of subtypes of muscarinic receptors that regulate Ca2+ and K+ channel activity in sympathetic neurons
Shehnaz_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2638 Poster: Acetylcholine-mediated desensitization of histamine-induced contraction in the guinea pig ileum is prevented by pertussis toxin or by inactivation of muscarinic M3 receptors
Shen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2629 Poster: Evaluation of possible mechanisms in M2-mediated contractions in smooth muscle.
Spalding_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2511 Constitutively active muscarinic receptors
Stengel_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2626 Poster: Bradycardic effect of the functionally selective M1 receptor agonists xanomeline and sabcomeline in mouse atria
Tayebati_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2639 Poster: Muscarinic cholinergic receptor subtypes in human peripheral blood lymphocytes: changes in diseases with cholinergic involvement
Trankle_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2619 Poster: Binding of the radiolabelled allosteric ligand [3H]dimethyl-W84 to M4 muscarinic receptors
Tucek_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2501 Dual effects of muscarinic M2 receptors on the synthesis of cyclic AMP in CHO cells: background and model
van Koppen_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2535 Sphingosine kinase-mediated calcium signaling by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Volpicelli-Daley_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2623 Poster: Ml and M4 subtypes of muscarinic receptors traffic through distinct endosomal compartments in PC12 cells
Walland_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2631 Poster: Differences in bronchospastic activity between muscarinic agonists induced by IV injection in anaesthetized guinea pigs.
Weiss_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2641 Poster: Chronic administration of the M1 muscarinic agonist CI-1017 facilitates trace eyeblink conditioning in aging rabbits
Weyand_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2621 Poster: Effects of atypical allosteric agents on the binding of [3H]dimethyl-w84 to M2 receptors
Wienrich_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2593 Pharmacodynamic profile of the M1 agonist talsaclidine in animals and man
Yeomans_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2449 M5 muscarinic receptors are needed for slow activation of dopamine neurons and for rewarding brain stimulation
Yeomans_2001_Life.Sci_68(22-23)_2628 Poster: Increased drinking in mice with truncated M5 receptor genes: deprivation and dry mouth factors

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