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Aquilonius_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_73 CNS distribution of cholinergic receptors--some questions from a clinical neuroscientist
Ben-Aziz-Aloya_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_147 Promoter elements and alternative splicing in the human ACHE gene
Brann_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_121 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes: localization and structure/function
Burgen_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_129 Evolution and acetylcholine receptors
Butcher_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_1 Cholinergic neurons identified by in situ hybridization histochemistry
Caulfield_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_293 Postsynaptic actions of acetylcholine: the coupling of muscarinic receptor subtypes to neuronal ion channels
Clarke_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_77 Nicotinic receptors in mammalian brain: localization and relation to cholinergic innervation
Collier_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_183 Storage and release of acetylcholine in a sympathetic ganglion
Collier_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_XV In memoriam Frank Campbell MacIntosh
Consolo_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_201 D1 and D2 dopamine receptors and the regulation of striatal acetylcholine release in vivo
Cuello_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_265 Trophic responses of forebrain cholinergic neurons: a discussion
Davis_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_439 Subtype selective muscarinic agonists: potential therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease
Dunnett_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_413 Role of forebrain cholinergic systems in learning and memory: relevance to the cognitive deficits of aging and Alzheimer's dementia
Enz_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_431 Brain selective inhibition of acetylcholinesterase: a novel approach to therapy for Alzheimer's disease
Gauthier_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_427 What have we learned from the THA trials to facilitate testing of new AChE inhibitors
Giacobini_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_447 Pharmacotherapy of Alzheimer disease: new drugs and novel strategies
Gillin_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_379 Cholinergic receptor subtypes and REM sleep in animals and normal controls
Hanin_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_421 Clinical aspects of cholinergic pharmacology
Hefti_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_257 Protective effects of nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor on basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in adult rats with partial fimbrial transections
Heilbronn_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_133 Molecular biology of cholinesterases: a background and an introduction
Hobson_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_389 Acetylcholine as a brain state modulator: triggering and long-term regulation of REM sleep
Hokin_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_309 The phosphoinositide signalling system. I. Historical background. II. Effects of lithium on the accumulation of second messenger inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate in brain cortex slices
Israel_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_219 Acetylcholine release, from molecules to function
Iversen_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_423 Approaches to cholinergic therapy in Alzheimer's disease
Jones_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_61 The organization of central cholinergic systems and their functional importance in sleep-waking states
Jope_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_317 Lithium selectively potentiates cholinergic activity in rat brain
Karczmar_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_279 Comments to session on electrophysiological aspects of cholinergic mechanisms
Krnjevic_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_285 Central cholinergic mechanisms and function
Kudo_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_323 Characteristics of the changes in intracellular calcium concentration on the activation of muscarinic receptors in hippocampal neurons
Ladinsky_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_103 Acetylcholine receptors: drugs and molecular genetics
Ladinsky_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_XIII In memoriam Shosaku Numa
Loffelholz_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_197 Choline, a precursor of acetylcholine and phospholipids in the brain
Lucidi-Phillipi_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_241 The neurotrophic hypothesis and the cholinergic basal forebrain projection
Massoulie_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_139 Structure and functions of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase
McCormick_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_303 Actions of acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex and thalamus and implications for function
McKinney_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_333 Muscarinic receptor subtype-specific coupling to second messengers in neuronal systems
Nabeshima_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_405 Behavioral aspects of cholinergic transmission: role of basal forebrain cholinergic system in learning and memory
Parsons_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_175 Acetylcholine transporter--vesamicol receptor pharmacology and structure
Patrick_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_113 Functional diversity of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Pepeu_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_455 Overview and future directions of CNS cholinergic mechanisms
Price_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_51 Cholinergic systems: human diseases, animal models, and prospects for therapy
Quirion_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_85 Autoradiographic distribution of putative muscarinic receptor sub-types in mammalian brain
Rasmusson_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_357 Cholinergic modulation of sensory information
Rodriguez_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_213 Molecular aspects of acetylcholine release: an overview
Rylett_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_161 Regulation of the synthesis of acetylcholine
Salvaterra_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_167 Molecular genetic specification of cholinergic neurons
Scremin_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_191 Acetylcholine turnover and release: the influence of energy metabolism and systemic choline availability
Sillito_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_371 The cholinergic neuromodulatory system: an evaluation of its functional roles
Steriade_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_341 Modulation of information processing in thalamocortical systems: chairman's introductory remarks
Steriade_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_345 Cholinergic blockage of network- and intrinsically generated slow oscillations promotes waking and REM sleep activity patterns in thalamic and cortical neurons
Sudhof_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_235 Molecular approaches to synaptic vesicle exocytosis
Tucek_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_209 The non-quantal release of acetylcholine from motor nerve terminals: comment on its likely size
Vilaro_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_95 Advances and limitations of the molecular neuroanatomy of cholinergic receptors: the example of multiple muscarinic receptors
Wainer_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_9 Ascending cholinergic pathways: functional organization and implications for disease models
Whittaker_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_155 The cholinesterases: a discussion of some unanswered questions
Williams_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_251 Nerve growth factor affects the cholinergic neurochemistry and behavior of aged rats
Woody_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_365 Cholinergic and glutamatergic effects on neocortical neurons may support rate as well as development of conditioning
Zaborszky_1993_Prog.Brain.Res_98_31 Catecholaminergic-cholinergic interaction in the basal forebrain

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