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Adem_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_584 Poster: Muscarinic toxin 1 (MT-1) receptors in the rat brain: Quantitative autoradiographic localization
Ahlbom_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_590 Poster: Neonatal exposure to a single sub-symptomal dose of the organophosphates diisopropyl fluorophosphate or paraoxon induces changes in behavior and muscarinic density at adult age
Andrews_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_593 Poster: Reversal of performance deficits induced by scopolamine or hemicholinium-3 (HC3)
Angeli_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_589 Poster: The role of the muscarinic receptors subtypes in sleep regulation
Araujo_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_588 Poster: Chronic NGF treatment alters hippocampal muscarinic receptor function in rats with fimbrial transections
Aubert_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_591 Poster: [3H]AF-DX 384/muscarinic-M2 receptor binding sites are increased in certain cortical brain regions of aged memory-impaired as compared to memory-unimpaired rats
Barnes_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_521 Muscarinic receptor subtypes in airways
Bindslev_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_578 Poster: Detection of two muscarinic receptors on tracheocytes from the hen
Birdsall_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_561 Poster: Studies on muscarinic receptors using nitrogen mustards
Brann_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_405 Structure/function relationships of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Bymaster_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_593 Poster: 3-hexyloxy analogs of TZTP are potent and selective M1 agonists in brain of rat in vivo
D'Agostino_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_580 Poster: Characterization of prejunctional muscarinic autoreceptors in the rat urinary bladder
Disse_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_537 Ba 679 BR, a novel long-acting anticholinergic bronchodilator
Doods_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_497 Therapeutic potential of CNS-active M2 antagonists: novel structures and pharmacology
Doods_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_592 Poster: Bronchospasmolytic activity of the novel muscarinic antagonist DAC 5889
Dunbar_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_552 Poster: 5-(3-alkyl-1, 2, 4-oxadiazol-5-yl)-1, 4, 5, 6-tetrahydro-pyrimidines as agonists for M1 muscarinic receptors
Eberlein_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_551 Poster: Lipophilic M2 antagonists as potential therapeutic in Alzheimer's disease
Eglen_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_571 Poster: Muscarinic receptor protection studies in isolated, functional preparations
Eglen_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_572 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptors in guinea-pig seminal vesicle
El-Fakahany_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_566 Poster: Comparison of muscarinic receptor-mediated activation of cyclic GMP synthesis and nitric oxide release in a neuronal clone
Ellis_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_578 Poster: Allosteric regulation of [3H]acetylcholine binding to m2 muscarinic receptors
Elnatan_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_575 Poster: Difference in the affinity of McN-A-343 for muscarine receptors in smooth and cardiac muscle
Eltze_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_579 Poster: Characterization of the vasodilatory muscarinic receptor in perfused rat kidney by the use of agonists and antagonists
Ensinger_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_473 WAL 2014--a muscarinic agonist with preferential neuron-stimulating properties
Enz_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_513 SDZ ENS 163 a novel pilocarpine like drug: pharmacological in vitro and in vivo profile
Fisher_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_568 Poster: Cyclic AMP potentiates muscarinic receptor-stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in human neuroepithelioma cells
Flynn_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_557 Poster: Further characterization of the defect in M1 muscarinic receptor-G protein coupling in Alzheimer's disease
Freedman_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_489 The design of novel muscarinic partial agonists that have functional selectivity in pharmacological preparations in vitro and reduced side-effect profile in vivo
Fryer_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_529 Effect of inflammatory cell mediators on M2 muscarinic receptors in the lungs
Fuder_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_564 Poster: Glycopyrronium bromide, an ultrapotent M1-selective muscarinic receptor antagonist in vitro
Gerstin_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_570 Poster: Forskolin inhibits muscarinic receptor-mediated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in the rat parotid gland
Ghelardini_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_569 Poster: R-(+)-hyoscyamine: The first selective antagonist for guinea-pig uterus muscarinic receptor subtype
Gil_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_573 Poster: Muscarinic receptors in human ciliary muscle identified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and immunoprecipitation
Griffin_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_587 Poster: Kinetics of solvolysis and in vivo muscarinic receptor binding of N-(2-bromoethyl)-4-piperidinyl diphenylacetate; An analogue of 4-DAMP mustard
Grimm_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_563 Poster: Muscarinic inhibition of noradrenaline release evoked by field stimulation on rabbit isolated vas deferens
Gualtieri_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_554 Poster: 2-alkylthio-diphenylacetic acid esters: A new class of potent and selective muscarinic antagonist
Habecker_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_429 Regulation of expression and function of muscarinic receptors
Haga_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_421 Phosphorylation of muscarinic receptors: regulation by G proteins
Hellstrom-Lindahl_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_555 Poster: Muscarinic and nicotinic receptor changes in the cortex and thalamus of brains of chronic alcoholics
Hoss_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_552 Poster: Electronic requirements in a series of arecoline derivatives for muscarinic receptor-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism in the rat brain
Hunt_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_565 Poster: Functional activities of the novel cholinomimetics RU 35926 (CI 979) and RU 35963 with respect to muscarinic receptors
Hunt_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_582 Poster: [3H]AFDX384: Characterization of binding and autoradiographic localization
Jenden_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_545 Poster: Summary and closing comments
Johansson_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_590 Poster: Increased susceptibility to pyrethroid (bioallethrin) exposure in the adult mouse neonatally exposed to DDT alterations in muscarinic cholinergic receptors and behavioral variables
Jones_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_457 Muscarinic receptor subtypes: modulation of ion channels
Jones_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_560 Poster: Site-directed mutagenesis of a conserved arginine in the rat M1 receptor
Kilbinger_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_577 Poster: Is the presynaptic muscarinic autoreceptor in the guinea-pig trachea an M2 receptor?
Kovacs_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_577 Poster: Pharmacological comparison of the cloned rat and human M2 muscarinic receptor genes expressed in the murine fibroblast (B82) cell line
Lambrecht_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_481 New functionally selective muscarinic agonists
Lapchak_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_585 Poster: Muscarinic receptor-mediated control of hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA expression
Lauffer_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_563 Poster: Comparisons between human muscarinic receptor subtypes coupled to phospholipase C and those coupled to adenylyl cyclase: Effect of receptor reserve
Lazareno_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_449 Pharmacological characterization of guanine nucleotide exchange reactions in membranes from CHO cells stably transfected with human muscarinic receptors m1-m4
Lee_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_562 Poster: Post-transcriptional regulation of the m1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
Levey_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_441 Immunological localization of m1-m5 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in peripheral tissues and brain
Maggio_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_558 Poster: Coexpression of N- and C- terminal muscarinic receptor domains results in functional receptors
Mash_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_583 Poster: Distinct kinetic binding properties of N-[3H]-methyl-scopolamine afford differential labeling and localization of M1, M2 and M3 muscarinic receptor subtypes
Matucci_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_581 Poster: Estrogen modulation of cholinergic receptors in guinea-pig myometrium
Mendla_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_571 Poster: Human M1 receptor-transfected RBL cells: A novel test system for the characterization of muscarinic agonists
Messer_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_575 Poster: GTP-gamma-S modulation of agonist affinity at m1 receptors expressed in A9 L cells
Mirzadegan_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_561 Poster: Molecular modeling studies of the m1 and m2 muscarinic receptors leading to the design of selective m1 agonists
Mitchelson_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_574 Poster: Variations in the degree of allosteric interaction with muscarine receptor antagonists
Mitch_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_550 Poster: Hexyloxy-TZTP: A potent and selective M1 agonist in-vitro
Mohr_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_564 Poster: On the over-additive antimuscarinic action with atropine of potent allosteric stabilizers of antagonist binding to M2-receptors
Moreland_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_559 Poster: A model for ligand binding at the muscarinic cholinergic receptor
Moser_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_550 Poster: New functionally selective M1 agonists related to McN-A-343
Mullen_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_553 Poster: M1 receptor activities of substituted azaspirodecanones
Nilsson-Hakansson_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_554 Poster: Muscarinic receptor subtypes regulating acetylcholine release in human and rat cortex
Nordberg_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_556 Poster: Visualization of muscarinic receptors in Alzheimer brains in vivo by positron emission tomography
Oktay_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_579 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptors in guinea-pig gallbladder
Oron_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_582 Poster: The kinetics of disappearance and the role of glycosylation in the polar expression of native and expressed muscarinic receptors in xenopus laevis oocytes
Page_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_560 Poster: Mutation of ASP to GLU in the third transmembrane helix of the muscarinic receptors
Pappano_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_569 Poster: Carbachol inhibits L-type calcium current in guinea pig ventricular myocytes: Possible role of cGMP
Pedigo_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_588 Poster: Pharmacology of muscarinic receptor subtypes mediating spinal analgesia in the rat
Pfaffendorf_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_581 Poster: Muscarinic receptors in the rat isolated portal vein
Pittel_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_565 Poster: Transmembrane signaling of M1 muscarinic receptors in the rat brain and cell cultures
Potter_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_433 m1-toxin
Richards_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_576 Poster: Activation by full and partial agonists of M1 to M5 human muscarinic receptors expressed in A9L or CHO cells
Ross_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_413 Regulation of the M1 muscarinic receptor-Gq-phospholipase C-beta pathway by nucleotide exchange and GTP hydrolysis
Sadee_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_559 Poster: HM1 receptor internalization induced by carbachol requires a short S/T rich domain of the i3 loop
Sagrada_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_574 Poster: Himbacine discriminates between two M1 receptor-mediated responses
Sauerberg_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_549 Poster: Alkoxy sar around the functionally M1 selective agonist hexyloxy-TZTP
Scapecchi_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_568 Poster: Affinity profile of S(-)-hyoscyamine for muscarinic receptor subtypes
Schiavi_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_572 Poster: Distribution of the muscarinic receptor subtypes in rat olfactory bulb as determined with three selective second generation antagonists DAU 6202, AQ-RA 741 and DAG 5600
Schwarz_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_465 Characterization of muscarinic agonists in recombinant cell lines
Shiozaki_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_567 Poster: Effects of Mg2+ on the interaction of atrial muscarinic receptors and G proteins
Spencer_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_562 Poster: Mutations of aspartate 103 in human muscarinic receptor subtype m2 expressed in cos-7 cells: Effects on receptor binding and signal transduction
Svensson_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_556 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptor subtypes in normal and Alzheimer brain tissue by using selective muscarinic antagonists
Swedberg_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_594 Poster: Muscarinic analgesia is mediated by non-M1 muscarinic receptors
Tecle_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_505 Synthesis and SAR of bulky 1-azabicyclo[2.2.1]-3-one oximes as muscarinic receptor subtype selective agonists
Thomas_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_573 Poster: Selective blockade of M3 receptor-mediated responses by 4-damp mustard
Tobin_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_585 Poster: m3-muscarinic receptor specific antisera for use in studies of muscarinic receptor desensitisation
Trybulski_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_553 Poster: Cholinergic agonists: Potential therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease and probes for mapping the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor
Tsiokas_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_586 Poster: Differential in vivo induction of immediate early genes in the CNS of long- and short-sleep mice via muscarinic receptor activation
Vincent_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_586 Poster: Ontogeny of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor expression and in vivo muscarinic receptor mediated immediate early gene induction in the rat CNS
Vockert_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_551 Poster: Functional characterization of muscarinic receptors in rabbit peripheral lung
Vogel_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_558 Poster: Conserved threonine and tyrosine residues play important roles in acetylcholine binding and muscarinic receptor activation
Waelbroeck_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_576 Poster: Binding to an allosteric site on muscarinic receptors
Wang_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_567 Poster: Muscarinic autoreceptors on cholinergic nerves innervating horse trachea are not of the M1, M2, or M3 subtypes
Wanibuchi_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_589 Poster: Anti-amnesic effects of a novel muscarinic agonist, YM796
Ward_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_549 Poster: Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of 3-(pyrazinyl)- 1, 2, 5, 6-tetrahydro-1-methylpyridines. Construction of a molecular model for the M-1 pharmacophore
Watson_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_555 Poster: Differential regulation of human CNS m1-m5 muscarine acetylcholine receptor gene expression in Alzheimer's diseased and age-matched post-mortem control tissues
Wess_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_557 Poster: Mutational analysis of the m3 muscarinic receptor: Functional role of proline residues that are highly conserved among all G protein-coupled receptors
Wills-Karp_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_566 Poster: Modulation of muscarinic agonist binding by cations and guanine nucleotides during aging
Winding_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_570 Poster: Desensitization and deinhibition of ACh-induced exocrine secretion at the receptor level
WoldeMussie_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_591 Poster: Effect of selective muscarinic antagonists on pupil diameter in rabbits
Wolfe_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_584 Poster: Development and utilization of a panel of antisera selective for each of the subtypes of muscarinic cholinergic receptor
Wood_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_583 Poster: Regulation of m4 muscarinic receptor gene expression
Yang_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_580 Poster: Differentiation between muscarinic receptor subtypes coupled to adenylate cyclase and phosphoinositide hydrolysis in canine tracheal smooth muscle cells
Zang_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_592 Poster: Denervation-induced changes in hippocampal muscarinic receptor subtypes and their mRNAs
Zhang_1993_Life.Sci_52(5-6)_587 Poster: 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-9-aminoacridine (THA) may interact with cholinergic presynaptic receptors to regulate in vivo acetylcholine release in the striatum of anesthetized rats

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