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Alonso_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_105 Poster: Effects of THA on acetylcholinesterase and muscannic receptors after single and repeated injection in rat
Angeli_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_99 Poster: In-vivo selectivity of muscarinic agonists with a 1,3-oxathiolane nucleus
Araujo_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_104 Poster: Age-related changes in the muscarinic receplor autoregulation of acetylcholine release from rat brain
Ashkenazi_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_16 Functional diversity of muscarinic receptor subtypes in cellular signal transduction and growth
Aubert_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_98 Poster: Muscarinic receptor alterations in human cognitive disorders
Ballejo_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_117 Poster: Muscarinic receptors that mediate the enhancement of the rat vas deferens neurogenic contractions by cholinergic agonists: a new subtype?
Bartolini_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_99 Poster: i.c.v. AFDX- 116 induces analgesia only when administrred at very low doses
Baumgold_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_111 Poster: Novel selective muscarinic agonists
Birdsall_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_31 The modes of binding of ligands to cardiac muscarinic receptors
Boddeke_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_111 Poster: Differential responses upon Ml muscarinic receptor stimulation by various agonists
Bognar_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_103 Poster: On the prejunctional muscarine receptors of cholinergic nerves in the perfused rat heart
Bonisch_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_111 Poster: PC12 (phaeochromocytoma) cells express a muscarinic receptor with high affinity for telenzepine
Bonner_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_11 New subtypes of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Bruggmann_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_114 Poster: Pharmacophore model for antimuscarinic agents related to difenidol and siladifenidol - a molecular modeling study
Burgen_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_1 Some considerations of receptor specificity
Byrholt Hansen_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_112 Poster: Heterocyclic muscarinic agonists as experimental tools and potentIal therapeutic agents
Cereda_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_114 Poster: Potent and selective mAChR antagonists with amidine cationic heads
Chidiac_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_107 Poster: Muscarinic abnormalities in hamster cardiomyopathy
Choo_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_113 Poster: Antimuscarinic potencies of olefinic analogues related to hexahydro-difenidol at three muscarinic receptor subtypes
Christie_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_101 Poster: Effect of muscarine on membrane properties of locus coeruleus neurons
Clark_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_100 Poster: Relative aversive potency of muscarinic agonists
Conklin_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_117 Poster: Carbachol stimulation causes inhibition of mitogenesis and cell elongation in CHO cells transfected with muscarinrc receptor genes
D'Agostino_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_103 Poster: Prejunctional inhihitory muscarine receptors modulating acetylcholine release in the guinea pig trachea: direct evidence by release experiments
Donetti_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_113 Poster: Hexocyclium derivatives with high selectivity for smooth muscle muscarinic receptors
Doods_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_113 Poster: AQ-RA 741 and UH-AH 37 - two pirenzepine analogues with an opposite selectivity for atrial and ileal muscarinic receptors
Downes_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_39 G protein-dependent regulation of phospholipase C
Eberlein_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_50 Structure-activity relationships and pharmacological profile of selective tricyclic antimuscarinics
Eberlein_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_113 Poster: AQ-RA 741- a New cardioselective (M2) muscarinic antogonist
Eglen_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_107 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptors mediating responses in canin femoral vein and artery in vitro
Eltze_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_109 Poster: Onset and offset rate of M1-receptor blockade by telenzepine in the rabbit isolated vas deferens
Entzeroth_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_106 Poster: Affinity of muscarinic .ar:Jtagonists for porcine coronary muscannlc receptors
Eriksson_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_104 Poster: Effects of two different types of pyrethroids on subpopulations of muscarinic receptors in the neonatal mouse brain
Eva_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_117 Poster: Regulation of muscarinic receptors expression by nerve growth factor in developing corticostnatal cells in culture
Feifel_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_110 Poster: [3H]-(+/-}-Telenzepine selectively labels muscarinic M1-receptors in calf superior cervical ganglia
Forray_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_111 Poster: Mediation of phosphinositide metabolism in rat cerebral cortex by M1 and M3 muscarinic receptors
Freedman_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_114 Poster: Direct measurement of muscannic agonists and antagonists in the mouse central nervous system ratio
Fryer_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_106 Poster: An endogenous factor induces heterogeniety of binding sites for selective muscarinic receptor anfagonists in rat heart
Fuder_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_103 Poster: On the muscarine receptors of cholinergic nerves and.sphincter muscle in the isolated guinea-pig iris
Fukuda_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_4 Selective effector coupling of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes
Galvan_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_110 Poster: Muscarinic receptor binding in rabbit superior cervical ganglia
Ghelardini_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_99 Poster: Muscarinic M1 contrary to M2 antagonists do not induce analgesia
Gray_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_85 Muscarinic agonists for senile dementia: past experience and future trends
Gray_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_98 Poster: Muscarinic agonists for senile dementia, past experience and future trends
Gualtieri_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_99 Poster: Analgesia induced by the M2 antagonist methoctramine administered i.c.v.
Hartvig_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_75 Cholinergic mechanisms in pain and analgesia
Hulme_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_22 Localization and structure of the muscarinic receptor ligand binding site
Jacoby_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_105 Poster: Effects of parainfluenza virus on agonist affinity for muscarinic receptors in guinea-pig lung and heart
Jokisch-Mehrling_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_109 Poster: M1-Potencies of muscarinic agonists in rabbit isolated vas deferens
Jones_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_116 Poster: Physiological comparison of cloned muscarinic receptor subtypes expressed in CHO cells
Kilbinger_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_104 Poster: Differential effects of pertussis toxin (PTX) on the M1- and M2- receptor-mediated modulation of acetylcholine (ACH) release
Kopp_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_102 Poster: Protein kinase-C is not involved in muscarinic phosphoinositide feedback regulation in human intestinal cells
Kostka_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_108 Poster: Differential labeling of presynaptic and postjunctional muscarinic receptors by 3H-N-metflylscopolamine (NMS) in dog ileum
Kromer_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_110 Poster: Histamine-liberatin~ cells in the mouse isolated stomach may uear muscarinic M1-receptors
Kurtenbach_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_115 Poster: Location of sulfydryl groups of the muscarinic acetylcnoline receptors involved in intramolecular disulfide bonds by peptide mapping studies
Lambrecht_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_60 Pharmacology of hexahydro-difenidol, hexahydro-sila-difenidol and related selective muscarinic antagonists
Lane_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_100 Poster: Transfer of ACh-like behaviours from CER to 3 paradigms
Lazareno_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_108 Poster: Muscarinic binding sites in chicken heart and rabbit peripheral lung
Lechleiter_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_34 Diverse functions of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes
Lindmar_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_108 Poster: Presynaptic autoreceptors in chicken heart exhibit M1 characteristics
Li_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_102 Poster: Muscarinic receptor mediated hyperpolarization of somata membrane in toad dorsal root ganglion neurons and its underiying ionic basis
Maclagan_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_88 Muscarinic pharmacology of the airways
Manjeet_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_101 Poster: Muscarinic receptors mediating phosphatidylinositol turnover 111 cultured smooth muscle cells of the rabbit aorta
Melchiorre_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_55 Polymethylene tetraamines as muscarinic receptor probes
Micheletti_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_109 Poster: Functional determination of McN-A-343 affinity for Ml mAChRs
Noronha-Blob_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_102 Poster: Cholinergic stimulation of phosphoinositide breakdown and detrusor smooth muscle contraction in absence of extracellular calcium
Novotny_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_116 Poster: Agonist pharmacology of cloned muscarinic receptors
Oron_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_101 Poster: M1 and M3 muscarinic receptors mediate two types of membrane electrical responses In Xenopus oocytes
Pappano_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_100 Poster: Carbachol induces an inward Na+ current in ventricular myocytes by activating M2 muscarinic receptors
Pavia_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_100 Poster: CI-969: An orally active muscarinic receptor agonist related to arecoline
Pfeiffer_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_102 Poster: Preferential activation of calcium/calmodulin kinase rather than protein kinase-C (PK-C) by M3-receptors in human colonic epithelial carcinoma cells (HT 29)
Pitschner_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_92 Selective antagonists reveal different functions of M cholinoceptor subtypes in humans
Pittel_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_105 Poster: Synaptosomal acetycholine release is modulated by M1 and M2 mACh receptors
Quirion_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_80 Muscarinic receptor subtypes in human neurodegenerative disorders: focus on Alzheimer's disease
Richards_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_101 Poster: Are there multiple types of of muscarinic receptors linked to inositol-monophosphate formation in rat hippocampus?
Rodrigues de Miranda_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_109 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptors in rat kidney
Roeske_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_116 Poster: Drug selectivity and second messenger systems in the cloned M1 muscarinic receptor (R)
Roffel_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_112 Poster: Interaction of quaternary anticholinergics with muscarinic receptors in bovine guinea pig and human airway smooth muscle
Saunders_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_70 The design of full agonists for the cortical muscarinic receptor
Schwarz_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_116 Poster: Muscarinic receptor binding, phosphatidylinositol (PI) turnover and Ca2+ mobilization in cells transformed to selectiveIy express rat m1 muscarinic receptors
Shapiro_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_43 Regulation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor function in cardiac cells and in cells expressing cloned receptor genes
Showell_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_112 Poster: Tetrahydropyridyl-oxadiazoles: ligands used to map the muscarinic receptor
Sim_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_106 Poster: Absence of a high-affinity binding site for acetylcholine in the aorta of the spontaneously hypertensive rat
Snow_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_112 Poster: 5-Hydroxyquinuclidine oxadiazoles: stereochemical probes for the agonist binding state of the muscarinic receptor
Strader_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_26 Genetic approaches to the determination of structure-function relationships of G protein-coupled receptors
Su_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_98 Poster: Clinical pharmacology of AFGX 116 BS, a novel selective antibradycardic agent after repeated dosrng in normal subjects
Szabo_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_46 Muscarinic activation of potassium channels in cardiac myocytes: kinetic aspects of G protein function in vivo
Tanswell_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_98 Poster: Pharmacokinetics and effects of single oral doses of the novel selective antibradycardic agent AF-DX 116 BS in normal subjects
Tietz_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_107 Poster: High affinity pirenzepine receptors in chicken atria are different from Ml type
Trybulski_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_118 Poster: Chemical and biochemical studies of restricted rotation isomers of BM-5
Vilaro_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_115 Poster: Regional expression of muscarinic receptor (MChR} subtypes in rat brain: an in-situ hybridization/receptor autoradiography study
Waelbroeck_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_65 Stereoselectivity of the interaction of muscarinic antagonists with their receptors
Watson_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_104 Poster: In-vivo regulation of CNS muscarinic receptor subtypes by chronic agonist and antagonist administration in rats
Weiner_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_115 Poster: Distribution of m1-m5 muscarinic receptor mRNAs in rat brain
Wessler_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_103 Poster: Differential activation of inhibitory and facilitatory muscarine receptors on the rat phrenic nerve under different stimulation conditions
Wess_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_115 Poster: Identification of a small intracellular region of the rat m3 receptor responsible for selective coupling to PI turnover
Whiting_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_106 Poster: Interaction of p-fluorohexahydrosiladifenidol (pFHHSiD) at muscarinic receptor subtypes in vitro
Zaagsma_1989_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_108 Poster: Pharmacological and biochemical characterization of muscarinic receotors in human airway smooth muscle

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