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Burgen_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_1 The generation of receptor specificity
Christie_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_30 Control of ion conductances by muscarinic receptors
Freedman_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_54 Biochemical measurement of muscarinic receptor efficacy and its role in receptor regulation
Gardner_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_40 The effect of some selective agonists and antagonists on peripheral muscarinic receptors
Haga_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_12 Molecular properties of muscarinic receptors
Krogsgaard-Larsen_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_69 Bioisosteres of arecoline as novel CNS-active muscarinic agonists
Ladinsky_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_44 Muscarinic receptor heterogeneity in smooth muscle: binding and functional studies with AF-DX 116
Pappano_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_35 Pertussis toxin-insensitive mechanism for carbachol-induced depolarization and positive inotropic effect in heart muscle
Peralta_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_6 Structural basis of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor subtype diversity
Spencer_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_61 Neurochemical and behavioural effects of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor agonists
Subers_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_25 Biochemical and immunological studies on the regulation of cardiac and neuronal muscarinic acetylcholine receptor number and function
Vogt_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_49 Localization of cortical muscarinic receptor subtypes
Wheatley_1988_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_19 Peptide mapping studies on muscarinic receptors: receptor structure and location of the ligand binding site

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