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Aronstam_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_78 Poster: Differential inactivation of muscarinic receptor-G protein interactions in rat brainstems by physical and enzymatic means
Berrie_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_8 Muscarinic receptor-subclasses: The binding properties of the soluble receptor binding sites
Black_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_87 Poster: Pharmacological analysis of the inhibition of vagal stimulated acid secretion by pirenzepine and atropine in the isolated mouse stomach
Broomfield_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_81 Poster: The binding of soman antidotes to muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
Brown_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_66 Mechanisms of muscarinic excitatory synaptic transmission in ganglia and brain
Brown_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_83 Poster: Selective effects on muscarinic responses at the level of receptor-effector coupling
Buckley_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_85 Poster: Inositol uptake by cultured myenteric neurons
Burgen_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_1 The molecular basis of receptor selectivity
Carney_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_96 Poster: Chronic tabun injections result in altered cholinergic drug sensitivity
Collins_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_88 Poster: Characteristics of muscarinic receptor M2 subtype on canine gastric smooth muscle
Eberfein_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_81 Poster: New analogue of pirenzepine: structure-activity relationships of M,-selective antimuscarinics
Egan_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_86 Poster: Muscarinic receptor mediating K+ conductance increase of parabrachial neurons has a low affinity for pirenzepine
Eglen_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_91 Poster: McN-A-343: a selective agonist at M1 receptors in terms of potency but not affinity
Ehlert_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_82 Poster: A comparison of muscarinic receptor occupancy and adenylate cyclase inhibition in the rabbit myocardium
Ek_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_84 Poster: Muscarinic receptor mediated inositol phospholipid metabolism in guinea-pig parotid gland, ileum and cortex
Endoh_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_82 Poster: Uncoupling of muscarinic receptor mediated biochemical and functional responses by islet-activating-protein (IAP) in the isolated rat atrium
Ensinger_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_79 Poster: Differences in temperature dependence of muscarinic agonist and antagonist binding to M1 and M2 receptors in different tissues
Filbert_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_79 Poster: Use of methyl-quinuclidinyl benzilate for the assay of muscarinic cholinergic binding sites
Fisher_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_61 Inositol lipids and signal transduction at CNS muscarinic receptors
Flynn_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_78 Poster: Two subtypes of muscarine receptors from rabbit brain in solution
Fox_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_89 Poster: Peptidergic inhibition of cholinergic drive via M1 muscarinic neural receptors in canine small intestine in vivo
Franklin_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_82 Poster: Inhibition of carbachol-stimulated GTPase by selective muscarinic antagonists in rat brain
Freedman_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_79 Poster: Apparent affinities of muscarinic antagonists and agonists at binding sites in rat heart and brain
Freedman_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_80 Poster: Allosteric regulation of muscarinic receptors from rat brain
Fuder_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_91 Poster: The efficiency of presynaptic receptoreffector coupling in the muscarinic inhibition of norepinephrine release from rat hearts
Giachetti_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_88 Poster: M1 muscarinic antagonists selectively inhibit vagally mediated acid secretion
Giraldo_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_80 Poster: Binding profile in rat brain of compound AF-DX 116, a novel cardioselective muscarinic receptor antagonist of the competitive type
Gjorstrup_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_84 Poster: Stimulation of a muscarinic receptor increases force of contraction and phosphatidylinositol turnover in the feline heart
Gonzales_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_83 Poster: Activation of phosphoinositide phosphodiesterase by guanine nucleotides in membranes from rat brain
Halonen_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_90 Poster: Characterization of muscarinic receptor subtypes involved in vagally-induced bronchoconstriction
Hammer_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_33 In vivo labelling of peripheral muscarinic receptors
Harden_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_14 Characteristics of two biochemical responses to stimulation of muscarinic cholinergic receptors
Horvath_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_93 Poster: Direct autoradiographic determination of muscarinic receptor sub-type distribution in the rat brain: relative binding patterns in cholinergic nuclei and projection areas
Hoss_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_94 Poster: Regional distribution of gallamine binding sites in the rat brain
Iversen_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_44 The cholinergic hypothesis of dementia
Kobayashi_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_86 Poster: Selective agonists and antagonists in the variety of muscarinic responses in the single cells of rabbit sympathetic ganglia
Lambrecht_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_91 Poster: Hexahydrosiladifenidol: a selective antagonist at muscarinic M2 receptor subtypes
Lane_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_95 Poster: Muscarinic cholinergic binding sites respond to acquisition and extinction of conditioned emotional response (CER)
Londong_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_89 Poster: Interactions of pirenzepine and ranitidine in man - pharmacodynamic secretory studies
Loy_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_94 Poster: Muscarinic receptor density changes in rat hippocampal formation due to age, deafferentation and chronic blockade are greatest in subiculum
Mayer_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_78 Poster: Temperature dependence of specific pirenzepine binding to M1 and M2 receptors
McCormick_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_75 Pirenzepine discriminates among ionic responses to acetylcholine in guinea-pig cerebral cortex and reticular nucleus of thalamus
McKinney_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_81 Poster: The effector systems for muscarinic receptors in N1 E-115 neuroblastoma cells
Messer_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_95 Poster: Changes in muscarinic receptors after behavioral tolerance to pirenzepine and scopolamine
Nastuk_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_92 Poster: Autoradiography of M, and M2 muscarinic binding in the striatum
Nordberg_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_97 Poster: Changes in muscarinic receptors in normal aging and dementia disorders
Noronha-Blob_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_84 Poster: Potent and selective muscarinic (M1) antagonists
North_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_19 Muscarinic receptors and membrane ion conductances
Ordy_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_96 Poster: An animal model of human-type memory loss based on aging, drug, and lesion studies with the rat
Pagani_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_87 Poster: Selective inhibition of vagally induced acid secretion by pirenzepine
Palacios_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_56 Mapping of subtypes of muscarinic receptors in the human brain with receptor autoradiographic techniques
Ringdahl_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_90 Poster: Selectivity of oxotremorine analogs based on differential efficacy
Rosenfeld_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_88 Poster: Carbachol potentiation and inhibition of histamine-stimulated acid secretion by isolated rat parietal cells
Sastry_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_92 Poster: Muscarinic receptor subtypes involved in the release of acetylcholine from the mouse cerebrum and the furan analogs of muscarine
Schimerlik_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_2 Biohemical studies on muscarinic receptors in porcine atrium
Sims_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_28 A mechanism of muscarinic excitation in dissociated smooth muscle cells
Sokolovsky_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_39 Modulation of muscarinic receptors and their interactions
Surprenant_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_23 Muscarinic receptors in the submucous plexus and their roles in mucosal ion transport
Vicentini_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_85 Poster: Muscarinic receptor-activated signal transduction in PC12 cells
Voderholzer_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_89 Poster: Telenzepine is more than 25-times more potent than pirenzepine a dose response and comparative secretory study in man
Vogt_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_93 Poster: Distribution of M1 and M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors on cortical neurons and thalamic afferents
Watson_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_46 Biochemical and functional basis of putative muscarinic receptor subtypes and its implications.
Watson_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_97 Poster: Studies of selective cholinergic biochemical markers in the anterior cerebral cortex of a proposed rat model of Alzheimer's disease
Williams_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_86 Poster: Antagonist-like action of oxotremorine on a muscarinic receptor in guinea-pig olfactory cortex in vitro
Yoshida_1986_Trends.Pharmacol.Sci_Suppl_95 Poster: Blockade of cholinergic receptors by PrBCM in the rat cerebral cortex causes deficits in passive avoidance learning

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