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Adler_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_607 Effect of Diisopropylfluorophosphate on Synaptic Transmission and Acetylcholine Sensitivity in Neuroblastoma-Myotube Co-Culture
Agoston_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_509 Separation of Recycling and Reserve Synaptic Vesicles from Cholinergic Nerve Terminals of the Myenteric Plexus of Guinea-Pig Ileum
Aizenman_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_459 Pharmacological Characterization of Axonally Transported [125I]-alpha-Bungarotoxin Binding Sites in Rat Sciatic Nerve
Alberts_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1067 Interaction of Cyclic Amp with Muscarinic Autoinhibition of [3H]-Acetylcholine Secretion in Guinea-Pig Ileum Myenteric Plexus
Albuquerque_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_677 Activation and Inhibition of the Nicotinic Receptor: Actions of Physostigmine, Pyridostigmine and Meproadifen
Aquilonius_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_313 Cholinergic Mechanisms in Spinal Cord and Muscle
Beani_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_661 A Comparison between Endogenous Acetylcholinerelease and [3H] Choline Outflow from Guinea-Pig Brain Slices
Bierkamper_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_447 Do Motor Neurons Contain Functional Prejunctional Cholinoceptors?
Bigl_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_225 Cholinergic Hypofunction and Dementia: Relation of Neuronal Loss in Different Parts of the Nucleus Basalis to Cortical Neuropathological Changes
Blaker_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_953 GABAA VS. GABAB Modulation of Septal-Hippocampal Interconnections
Blass_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_273 Elevated Red Cell to Plasma Choline Ratios in Alzheimers Disease
Bowen_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_111 Reduced Acetylcholine Synthesis in Alzheimers Disease is a Clinically Relevant Change
Boyne_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_519 Biochemical Implications of the Synaptic Vesicle Organization in Quick Frozen Electric Organ Nerve Terminals
Brezenoff_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1101 Brain Acetylcholine in Hypertension and Behavior: Studies Using N-(4-Diethylamino-2-Butynyl)-Succinimide
Briggs_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_643 Long Term Potentiation of Cholinergic Transmission in the Sympathetic Ganglion
Brown_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_939 Differential Effects of Carbachol and Oxotremorine on Muscarinic Receptors, Cyclic Amp Formation, and Phosphoinositide Turnover in Chick Heart Cells
Brown_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1071 Parasympathetic Innervation of the Heart: Acetylcholine Turnover in Vivo
Buccafusco_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1109 Inhibition of Brain Acetylcholine Biosynthesis by Clonidine and Methyldopa: Relevance to Hypertensive Disease
Butcher_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1 Cholinergic Systems in the Central Nervous System: Retrospection, Anatomic Distribution, and Functions
Carroll_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_ Depolarization Induced Hydrolysis of Cytoplasmic ACh in Mouse Brain
Casamenti_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1137 Biochemical and Behavioral Effects of Ethylcholine Mustard Aziridinium Ion
Catravas_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1119 Acetylcholine Prostanoid Interaction in the Pulmonary Circulation
Cheney_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_963 Septal Gabaergic Neurons: Localization and Possible Involvement in the Septal-Hippocampal Feedback Loop
Colhoun_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1151 Neurotoxic Effects of Nitrogen Mustard Analogues of Choline
Collier_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1161 Synthesis, Storage and Release of Choline Analog Esters
Consolo_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_583 Acetylcholine and Choline Contents of Rat Skeletal Muscle Determined by a Radioenzymatic Microassay: Effects of Drugs
Cooper_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_599 Presynaptic Modulation of Acetylcholine Release
Corradetti_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_817 Choline Fluxes to and from the Rat Cerebral Cortex Studied with the Cup Technique in Vivo
Dahlbom_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_385 Stereoselectivity of Some Muscarinic and Antimuscarinic Agents Related to Oxotremorine
Dahlstrom_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_79 Immunocytochemical Evidence for the Intra-Axonal Transport of nAChR-Like Material in Motor Neurons
Danielsson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_415 Interactions of Alaproclate, a Selective 5HT-Uptake Blocker, with Muscarinic Receptors: In Vivo and In Vitro Studies
Davis_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_251 Sympathetic Ingrowth: A Result of Cholinergic Nerve Injury in the Adult Mammalian Brain
De Groat_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1007 Enkephalinergic Modulation of Cholinergic Transmission in Parasympathetic Ganglia of the Cat Urinary Bladder
Dettbarn_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_705 Acetylcholinesterase and the Maintenance of Neuromuscular Structure and Function
Domino_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_ Plasma and Red Blood Cell Choline in Aging: Rats, Monkeys and Man
Dowdall_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1187 Action of Phospholipase Neurotoxins on Torpedo Synaptosomes: Changes in Membrane Potential and Phosphoglyceride Composition
Ducis_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_539 Tentative Identification of the Choline Transporter in Cholinergic Presynaptic Plasma Membrane Preparations from Torpedo Electric Organ
Dunant_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_529 Presynaptic Changes Accompanying Transmission of a Single Nerve Impulse: An Interdisciplinary Approach Using Rapid Freezing
Dun_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1027 Serotonin and a Role in the Modulation of Cholinergic Transmission in the Mammalian Prevertebral Ganglia
Eckernas_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_303 The Use of Positron Emission Tomography for the Evaluation of Choline Metabolism in the Brain of the Rhesus Monkey
Eder-Colli_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_99 Immunological Approach to Cholinergic Transmission: Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Presynaptic Membranes Isolated from the Electric Organ of Torpedo Marmorata
Ehlert_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1177 Alkylating Derivatives of Oxotremorine Have Irreversible Actions on Muscarinic Receptors
Eriksson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_933 Studies on a cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Obtained from Nicotinic Receptor-Bearing Microsacs
Etienne_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_243 Cell Counts in the Nucleus Basalis of Meynert and the Supraoptic Nucleus in Alzheimer-Diseased Brains
Flentge_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_859 Effects of the Combined Treatment of Rats with Fluphenazine and Choline or Lecithin on the Striatal Cholinergic and Dopaminergic System
Fossier_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_697 Molecular Relationship between Acetylcholinesterase and Acetylcholine Receptors
Gehlert_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_65 Autoradiographic Localization of Subtypes of Muscarinic Agonist and Antagonist Binding Sites: Alterations Following CNS Lesions
Giacobini_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_177 Aging of Cholinergic Synapses: Fiction or Reality?
Gibson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_191 Interactions of Calcium Homeostasis, Acetylcholine Metabolism, Behavior and 3,4-Diaminopyridine during Aging
Haggblad_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_621 Acetylcholine Release from Rat Diaphragm: A Search for Release Regulatory Mechanisms
Hawthorne_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_947 Polyphosphoinositide and Phosphoprotein Responses to Muscarinic Receptor Activation in Bovine Adrenal Medulla
Hedlund_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1019 Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide-Muscarinic Cholinergic Interactions
Hoffmann_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_915 The Efflux of Choline from Nerve Cells: Mediation by Ionic Gradients and Functional Exchange of Choline from Glia to Neurons
Howard_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_ Storage and Secretion of Acetylcholine and Dopamine by PC12 Cells
Ho_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_719 Striatal Dopamine-Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid-Acetylcholine Interaction in Organophosphate-Induced Neurotoxicity
Israel_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_551 A Reconstituted Presynaptic Membrane Equipped with Protein Structures Which Permit the Calcium Dependent Release of Acetylcholine
Janowsky_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_325 Central Acetylcholine and Stress Induced Cardiovascular, Neuroendocrine and Behavioral Changes: Effects of Physostigmine and Neostigmine
Janowsky_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_791 Central Versus Peripheral Antagonism of Cholinesterase Inhibitor Induced Lethality
Johns_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_133 Clinical Studies of the Cholinergic Deficit in Alzheimers Disease
Jones_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_375 Cholinergic Rem Sleep Induction Response as a Marker of Endogenous Depression
Jope_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_827 Biochemical Effects of Lecithin Administration
Karczmar_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1215 Conference on Dynamics of Cholinergic Function: Overview and Comments
Karlen_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_781 Acetylcholine Turnover in Mouse Brain: Influence of Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Kasa_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_907 The Role of Glial Cells in Neuronal Acetylcholine Synthesis
Kawatani_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1057 Selective Facilitatory Effects of Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide on Muscarinic Mechanisms in Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Ganglia of the Cat
Kilbinger_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_593 Pre- and Postsynaptic Effects of Muscarinic Antagonists in the Isolated Guinea Pig Ileum
Koelle_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_733 An Endogenous Neurotrophic Factor for the Maintenance of Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase in the Preganglionically Denervated Superior Cervical Ganglion of the Cat
Kozlowski_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1145 Histochemical and Biochemical Effects of the Injection of AF64A into The Nucleus Basalis of Meynert:Relevance to Animal Models of Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type
Ladinsky_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_973 Regulation of Drugs Affecting Striatal Cholinergic Activity by Corticostriatal Projections
Larsson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_429 Characterization of [3H]-Nicotine Binding in Rodent Brain and Comparison with the Binding of Other Labelled Nicotinic Ligands
Lerer_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_123 Cortical Cholinergic Hypofunction and Behavioral Impairment Produced by Basal Forebrain Lesions in the Rat
Levy_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1081 Tendency for Repetitive Vagal Activity to Synchronize Cardiac Pacemaker Cells
Loffelholz_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_633 Muscarinic Receptor Activation Increases Efflux of Choline from Isolated Heart and Rat Cortex in Vivo. Interactions with Forskolin and IBMX
London_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_215 Relationships between Choline Acetyltransferase and Muscarinic Binding in Aging Rodent Brain and in Alzheimers Disease
Maire_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_575 Effects of Exogenous Choline on Acetylcholine and Choline Contents and Release in Striatal Slices
Mallinger_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_351 Membrane Transport of Choline by the Human Erythrocyte: Relationship to Intracellular Choline Content, and Effect of Treatment with Lithium
Marchi_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_423 Presynaptic Muscarinic Receptors: Change of Sensitivity During Long-Term Drug Treatment
Martin_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1091 Transient Inotropic and Dromotropic Responses to Brief Vagal Stimuli
Massoulie_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_727 Polymorphism of Cholinesterase: Possible Insertion of the Various Molecular Forms in Cellular Structures
Mautner_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_439 The Cholinergic Ligand Binding Material of Axonal Membranes
McClure_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1203 Studies of Two Novel Presynaptic Toxins
McGeer_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_11 Cholinergic Neurons and Cholinergic Projections in the Mammalian CNS
Miledi_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_489 Evoked Release of Acetylcholine at the Motor Endplate
Molenaar_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_481 Resting Release of Acetylcholine at the Motor Endplate
Mykita_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_153 Protection and Therapeutic Effect of CDP Choline in Hypocapnic Neurons in Culture
Nordberg_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_165 The Aging of Cholinergic Synapses: Ontogenesis of Cholinergic Receptors
Nordgren_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_757 Succinylcholine A Method of Determination. Distribution and Elimination
Nordstrom_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_405 In Vivo and in Vitro Studies on a Muscarinic Presynaptic Antagonist and Postsynaptic Agonist: BM-5
ONeill_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_891 Inhibition of Acetylcholine Synthesis in Vitro
Parsons_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1169 A New Pharmacological Tool to Study Acetylcholine Storage in Nerve Terminals
Pepeu_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_43 Neurotransmitters That Act on Cholinergic Magnocellular Forebrain Nuclei Influence Cortical Acetylcholine Output
Pontecorvo_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_205 Cholinergic Dysfunction and Memory; Implications for the Development of Animal Models of Aging and Dementia
Price_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_235 Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Systems in Primate Brain: Anatomical Organization and Role in the Pathology of Aging and Dementia
Richter_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_923 Choline Uptake in the Hippocampus: Inhibition of Septal-Hippocampal Cholinergic Neurons by Intraventricular Barbiturates
Ringdahl_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_395 Affinity and Efficacy of Oxotremorine Analogs at Ileal Muscarinic Receptors
Risch_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_335 Muscarinic Supersensitivity of Anterior Pituitary Acth and -Endorphin Release in Major Depressive Illness
Robinson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_991 Contribution of the Dorsal Noradrenergic Bundle to the Effect of Amphetamine on Acetylcholine Turnover
Russell_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_799 Structural Gene Mutations Affecting Acetylcholinesterase and Choline Acetyltransferase Perturb Behavior and Development in a Simple Invertebrate
Rylett_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_869 Mechanisms of Acetylcholine Synthesis: Coupling with Choline Transport
Salvaterra_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_51 Biochemistry and Immunocytochemistry of Choline Acetyltransferase
Sastry_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1047 Regulation of Acetylcholine Release From Rodent Cerebrum by Presynaptic Receptors, Methionine Enkephalin and Substance P
Scatton_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_981 Excitatory Amino Acid Influence on Striatal Cholinergic Transmission
Schwartz_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_467 Nicotinic Cholinergic Receptors Labeled with [3H]Acetylcholine in Brain: Characterization, Localization and In Vivo Regulation
Schwarz_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_653 Control of the Release of [3H]-Acetylcholine from Rat Hippocampal Slices by Aminopyridines and Phencyclidine
Sherman_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_291 Human Red Blood Cell Choline in Aging and Senile Dementia: Effects of Precursor Therapy
Shih_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_767 Cholinergic Effects of HI-6 in Soman Poisoning
Siliprandi_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_ Studies on the Synaptic Function in Muscle after Nerve Crush in Normal and Diabetic Rats
Smith_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_261 Determinants of Acetylcholine Levels in Aged Rats
Sorbi_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_93 Lateralization of Cholinergic and Energy Metabolism Related Enzymes in Human Temporal Cortex
Stanley_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_343 Cholinergic Receptor Binding in the Frontal Cortex of Suicide Victims
Struble_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_ Cortical Cholinergic Innervation: Distribution and Source in Monkeys
Suszkiw_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_667 Relationship between Calcium Entry and ACh Release in K+-Stimulated Rat Brain Synaptosomes
Tuttle_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_879 Target Tissue Influences on Cholinergic Development of Parasympathetic Motor Neurons
Vizi_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_627 Distribution of Presynaptic Receptors Modulating Acetylcholine Release
Walsh_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1127 Long-Term Effects of AF64A on Learning and Memory Processes in the Rat
Waser_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_743 Pharmacokinetics of [14C]-Sarin and Its Changes by Obidoxime and Pralidoxime
Watson_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_31 Identification of Putative M1 Muscarinic Receptors Using [3H]Pirenzepine: Characterization of Binding and Autoradiographic Localization in Human Stellate Ganglia
Wecker_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_851 The Utilization of Supplemental Choline by Brain
Wood_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_999 Substantia Innominata Cortical Cholinergic Pathway: Regulatory Afferents
Zeisel_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_837 Factors Which Influence the Availability of Choline to Brain
Zigmond_1986_Adv.Behav.Biol_30_1039 Cholinergic and Peptidergic Regulation of Ganglionic Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activity

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