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Abou-Donia_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__447 The significance of inhibition of nonspecific esterases in the development of organophosphorus-induced delayed neurotoxicity
Anastasijevic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P85 Poster 85. Effects of soman on Renshaw cell responses to antidromic ventral root stimulation
Appleyard_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P49 Poster 49. Short-term effects of electroconvulsive shock treatment upon acetylcholinesterase levels of several brain areas in the rat.
Atack_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P50 Poster 50. Acetyl- and butyryl-cholinesterase in Alzheimer-type dementia, Selective loss of the G4 form of acetylcholinesterase
Bacou_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P35 Poster 35. Differential axonal transport of acetylcholinesterase forms in the nerves of fast and slow-twitch muscles
Barnard_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__47 Introduction to session II. Multiple molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase: structure, regulation and molecular genetics
Barnard_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__49 Multiple molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase and their relationship to muscle function
Biagioni_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__331 Studies on human cholinesterases in relation to genetics, pharmacology and neuromuscular pathology
Blondet_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P22 Poster 22. Acetylcholinesterase and acetylcholine receptor modulation in rat strnocleidomastoid muscle after denervation at birth
Bon_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P28 Poster 28. Evolution of acetylcholinesterase molecular forms in the electric lobes and in the electric organs during development of Torpedo
Bon_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P36 Poster 36. Membrane bound acetylcholinesterase on the external side of nerve-terminals plasma membrane
Boskovic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__365 Effects of Sarin, Soman and Tabun on plasma and brain aliesterase activity in the Rat
Bregovec_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P67 Poster 67 Reactivators of phosphorylated and phosphonylated cholinesterases. Dicarbamoyl bis-pyridinium monooximes
Brimijoin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__247 Immunochemical approaches to the study of mammalian cholinesterases
Brodbeck_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__187 Amphiphile dependency and amphiphilic structure of detergent soluble acetylcholinesterase
Bronzetti_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P32 Poster 32 Acetylcholinesterase and cholinacetyltransferase activities in different microscopical areas of chick embryo spinal cord.
Brown_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P1 Poster 1 Reversible inactivation of serum cholinesterase by isocyanates through involvement of an active-site thiol
Brzin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__245 Introduction to session III. Sub-cellular localization, transport and secretion of cholinesterases
Brzin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__259 Cholinesterases in skeletal muscle and sympathetic ganglia
Brzin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__307 Introduction to session IV. Biological functions of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase, and changes in disease states
Bucht_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P71 Poster 71. On the reactivation of soman.inhibited cholinesterase
Casida_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__427 Oxidative bioactivation of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors with emphasis on S-alkyl phosphorothiolate pesticides
Chubb_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__345 Acetylcholinesterase; multiple functions?
Dacre_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__415 Toxicology of some anticholinesterases used as chemical warfare agents - A review
Dale_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P52 Poster 52. Rectal mucosal acetylcholinesterase in Hirschprung's disease
De Jong_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P74 Poster 74. Stereospecific reactivation by some Hagedorn-oximes of acetylcholinesterase from various species including man, inhibited by soman
De la Porte_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P41 Poster 41. Acetylcholinesterase focalized at neuromuscular contacts: Neuronal or muscular origin?
Dekleva_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P72 Poster 72. The effect of HI-6 on soman induced muscle lesions
Dettbarn_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__ 401 Consequences of acetylcholinesterase inhibition in fast and slow muscle of rat
Do Thi_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P46 Poster 46. Denervation of sternocleidomastoid muscle in trembler dysmyelinating mutant as compared to control mouse
Doctor_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P8 Poster 8. Antigenic and structural differences in the catalytic subunits of the molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase
Festoff_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__317 Neurocrine regulation of acetylcholinesterase in health and disease
Forsberg_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P61 Poster 61. Inhibition kinetics for some irreverslble inhibitors in the reaction wilh acetylcholinesterase from electric eel
Friboulet_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P62 Poster 62. Peripheral site(s) of action of an organophosphorous compound, a melhylphosphorothiolate derivate, on skeletal muscle acetyLcholinesterase. Evidence for irreversible and reversible reactions on the extracted and immobilized enzyme
Futerman_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__99 Solubilization of membrane-bound acetylcholinesterase by a phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C: enzymatic and physicochemical studies
Futerman_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P9 Poster 9. Solubilisation of acetylchoinesterase from Torpedo electric organ by a phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C
Galli_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P68 Poster 68. Protection of acetylcholinesterase by eseroline against inactivation by DFP and carbamates in vitro and in vivo
Gennari_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P14 Poster 14. The saltlt soluble forms of acetylcholinesterase in human nucleuscaudatus
Goudou_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P23 Poster 23 Latency and amplitude of the changes in the major molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase after denervation of the adult mouse sternocleidomastoid muscle in the motor endplate (MEP)-rich and free regions
Grassi_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P15 Poster 15. An Immunological study of mammalian acetylcholinesterase using anti-rat serum
Grassi_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P24 Poster 24 Relationship of collagen-tailed acetylcholinesterase with basal lamina components: Absence of binding with laminin, fibronectin and collagens type IV and V and lack of reactivity with different anti-collagen antisera
Greenfield_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__289 A novel function for acetylcholinesterase in nigro striatal neurons
Grubic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P69 Poster 69. Tbe detoxication capacity of rat liver at soman concentrations present in the tissue after application of sublethal doses
Haynes_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P53 Poster 53. Regulation by beta-endorphin and derivatives of the activity and distribution of acelylcholinesterase molecular forms in cultured rat myolubea
Hollingsworth_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__483 Direct comparison of the distribution of neurotoxic esterase and acetylcholinesterase in rat and hen brain
Ishikawa_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P87 Poster 87. Sucrose density gradient sedimentation fo Mifapox sensitive and Paraoxon esterases
Ivan_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P56 Poster 56 . Study of non-specific cholinesterase synthesis in rat
Jarvis_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P43 Poster 43. AChE in stimulated fast-twitch avian muscle
Jedrzejczyk_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P19 Poster 19. Molecular forms of the cholinesterases Inside and outside endplates in. slow-tonic chicken muscle fibers
Jedrzejczyk_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P20 Poster 20 . Molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Inside and outside endplates in mammalian muscle fibres
Johnson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__463 The aging reaction of inhibited neuropathy target esterase - fundamental studies and toxicological significance
Johnson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P73 Poster 73. Interaction of the resolved isomers of soman with chicken brain acetylcholinesterase and neuropathy target esterase
Kaufmann_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P54 Poster 54. Active transport by acetylcholinesterase
Kieffer_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__13 Photosuicide inhibition of acetylcholinesterase
Klinar_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P57 Poster 57 Differences between AChE and non-specific ChE (nsChE) in rat superior cervical ganglion (SCG) and plasma
Koelle_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__309 Demonstration of a neurotrophic factor for the maintenance of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase in the preganglionically denervated superior cervical ganglion of the cat
Kreutzberg_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__273 Cytochemical changes of cholinesterases in motor neurons during regeneration
Kunec-Vajic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P2 Poster 2 Effect of cholinesterase inhibitors and substrates on cholinesterase induced luminescence of luminol
Lai_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P17 Poster 17. AChE In the different fibre types of mammalian muscle. I. Relationships of AChE molecular forms to the typa of fibre.
Lai_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P18 Poster 18. AChE In the different fibre types of mammalian muscle II Effects. of denervation
Lockridge_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__5 Amino acid composition and sequence of human serum cholinesterase: A progress report
Lucas_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P37 Poster 37. Regulation of secretion of acetylcholinesterase from neuronal cell cultures
Luth_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P33 Poster 33. Ultrastructural demonstration of acetylcholinesterase activity in the corpus geniculatum laterale, pars dorsalis of the rat
Magazanik_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__229 Functional role of cholinesterase in different types of neuro-muscular junction
Mailly_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P39 Poster 39 . Ultrastructural localisation of acetylcholinesterase at the neuro-muscular junction. Immunocytochemical and biochemical study using monoclonal antibodies
Majcen_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P34 Poster 34. Ach-system in the longitudinal and circular muscle layer of guinea-pig vas deferens
Mantovani_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P64 Poster 64 Ranitidine is a rapidly reversible inhibitor of acetylcholineterase
Maroni_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P88 Poster 88 . Neurotoxic esterase: comparison between human lymphocyte and platelet activity
Marquis_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled_P63_ Poster 63. Interaction of organophosphates with extra-catalytic sites on bovine brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE)
Marquis_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P58 Poster 58 Interactions of neuroactive drugs and multivalent cations with purified human serum cholinesterase (ChE)
Masson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P84 Poster 84. Electrophoretic studies of the aged soman-inhibited butyrylcholinesterase
Massoulie_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__73 The polymorphism of cholinesterases: classification of molecular forms; Interactions and solubilization characteristics metabolic relationships and regulations
Michalek_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P29 Poster 29 . Brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) In its molecular forms In Acomys cahirinus during early post-natal life
Moore_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P40 Poster 40 Synaptic antigens defined by monoclonal antibodies
Moretto_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P89 Poster 89. Neurotoxic esterase in extranervous tissues of man
Nelson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P60 Poster 60. Modulation of sperm propulsion: Role of cholinesterase
Nicolet_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__129 Tailed, asymmetric acetylcholinesterase and skeletal muscle basal lamina in vertebrates - Subcellular location; hydrophilic and hydrophobic variants
Pantelic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P75 Poster 75 . AChE reactivation potency of mono- and bis-pyridinium oximes; Peripberal versus central effectiveness in the rat
Parvari_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__219 Ontogenic and agranulation-induced alterations in cholinesterases and in cholinesterase mRNA in the rodent cerebellum
Parvari_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P3 Poster 3. A microfluorometric assay for cholinesterase suitable for multiple kinetic determination of picomoles of released thiocholine
Pavlic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__21 Role of dehydration of the esteratic site in acylation of cholinesterase
Pavlin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P48 Poster 48. Does nerve cell produce and release only one transmitter?
Pilipovic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P76 Poster 76 Stability of oxime HI-6 in acidic solution
Plummer_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__173 Studies on membrane_bound and solubilized acetylcholinesterase
Poiana_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P44 Poster 44. The molecular forms of cholinesterases in human muscle from dystrophic and hypotonic patients
Poiana_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P45 Poster 45 Muscle acetylcholinesterase activity and molecular forms from normal and dystrophic mice
Rakin_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P77 Poster 77. On the in vitro interaction of sarin and soman with PAM-2, HI-6 and HGG-12
Rakonczay_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P51 Poster 51. Change in the distribution of acetylcholinesterase molecular forms in the peripheral nerves of rabbits with experimental allergic neuritis
Ramirez_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__115 Two classes of collagen-tailed molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase
Randall_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P27 Poster 27. Acelylcholinesterase assembly during development of quail muscle in culture
Reiner_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__3 Introduction to session I. Chemistry and catalytic activity of cholinesterase
Reiner_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__37 Sites for reversible binding of acylating inhibitors to acetylcholinesterase evaluated from kinetic studies
Rosenberry_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__155 Human erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase is an amphipatic form
Rotundo_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__203 Synthesis, assembly and processing of AChE in tissue cultured muscle
Scarsella_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P59 Poster 59 Activity and molecular forms of human serum cholinesterase and prolonged succinylcholine action
Settimi_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P30 Poster 30. Acetylcholinesterase molecular forms in rat brain subcellular fractions (including axonal membranes)
Simeon-Rudolf_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P4 Poster 4 Rabbit serum (cholin)esterase hydrolysing acetylthiocholine and butyrylthiocholine
Simonic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P86 Poster 86. Muscarinic and nicotinic cholinergic mechanisms involved in seizures induced by cholinesterase inhibitors (ChEI)
Sketelj_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P21 Poster 21. Asymmetric molecular forms of AChE In muscles of different mammals
Sketelj_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P31 Poster 3I . Activity and molecular forms of cholinesterases in Ihe liver and plasma of the rat
Sket_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P78 Poster 78. HI-6 against inhibition of AChE in the rat brain
Sket_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P79 Poster 79. Some aspects of AChE reactivation by HI-6 alter soman poisoning in the rat
Skrinjaric-Spoljar_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P81 Poster 81. Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by some bispyridinium compounds
Spillecke_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P10 Poster 10. Isolation and characterisation of different forms of AChE from Torpedo californica
Stalc_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P6 Poster 6. Spin labeled esters of fluorophosphonic acid in the study of microgeography of acetylcholinesterase
Stamenovic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P80 Poster 80. The presynaptic modulatory effect of the oxime HI-6 at the neuromuscular junction
Stephens_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P42 Poster 42. Acetylcholinesterase localization in fast and slow muscles of normal and dystrophic mice
Sterri_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__389 Detoxification of organophosphorus compounds
Sterri_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P70 Poster 70 Detoxification of organophosphorus compounds
Stieger_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P13 Poster 13. Comparative studies on acetylcholinesterase from ToreMo marmorata
Stojan_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P5 Poster 5. Time course of inhibition of cholinesterase by D-tubocurarine
Suput_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P55 Poster 55. The effect of purified acetylcholinerase added to the bathing fluid on end-plate potentials
Taylor_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__145 Molecular aspects of the biosynthesis and disposition of multiple forms of acetylcholinesterase
Tokovic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P82 Poster 82. IR study of interaction of oximes HI-6, PAM-2 Cl and HGG-12 with soman, in vitro, in the presence and absence of cholinesterases
Tomlinson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P7 Poster 7. Reaction of T. californica acetylcholinesterase with fluorescent thiol-selective reagents
Toutant _1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P11 Poster 11 Acetylcholinesterase molecular forms in Torpedo marmorata: Tissue specificity and hydrophobic character
Toutant_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P26 Poster 26. BIochemical, evidences for two types of myoblastes during chick embryogenesis
Tran_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P16 Poster 16. Hydrodynamic properties and detergent interactions of the molecular forms of mouse acetylcholinesterase. Sedimentation coefficients, partial specific volumes, molecular weights and frictional ratios
Tunek_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P65 Poster 65. Bambuterol, a terbulaline carbamate prodrug, as substrate and inhibitor for cholinesterase in human blood
Vallette_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P25 Poster 25. Intracellular and extracellular molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in primary cultures of chick embryo myotubes
van der Drift_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P83 Poster 83. A comparative study of the ageing of DFP-inhibited serine hydrolases
van Helden_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__375 On the existence of a Soman depot
Vilanova_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P66 Poster 66. Properties of cholinesterase inhibitors of some fractions isolated from impurities of industrial solvents causing neuropathies
Vojvodic_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__363 Introduction to session V. Anticholinesterases: toxicology and structure-function relationships of inhibitors and antidotes
Weston_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P38 Poster 38. Turning behaviour folowing microinjection of acetylcholinesterase and dopamine antagonists into the substantia nigra
Wilson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__443 Introduction to session VI. Acetylcholinesterases and neurotoxic esterase: mechanism of delayed neurotoxicity
Wilson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__493 Unifying mechanisms in AChE regulation and organophosphate induced neuropathy of the chicken
Wilson_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P47 Poster 47. Molecular forms of AChE, glucocorticoid. and denervation of chicken muscles
Witzemann_1984_2nd.ChE.Meeting.Bled__P12 Poster 12 Characterisation of the catalytic subunits of acetylcholinesterase from the electric organ of Torpedo marmorata

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