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Aloisi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_833 Antinociceptive Action of Cholinomimetics Evaluated with the Method of the Return of Corneal Anesthesia Induced with Procaine
Ansell_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_393 The Activity of Glycerophosphocholine Phosphodiesterase in Brain Tissue
Aquilonius_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_871 Clinical Trials with Choline and 4-Aminopyridine in HuntingtonS Chorea
Barker_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_475 Influx and Efflux of N,N,N-Trimethyl-N-Prop-2-Ynylammonium by a Rat Brain Synaptosome Preparation
Beani_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_763 Influence of Gaba on Acetylcholine Release from the Guinea Pig Brain
Birdsall_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_595 Binding States of Muscarinic Receptors
Blass_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_921 Cholinergic Dysfunction: A Common Denominator in Metabolic Encephalopathies
Bolzoni_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_155 Effect of Latrodectus Mactans Tredecimguttatus Venom on Synaptic Transmission of Chicken Ciliary Ganglion in Vitro
Butcher _1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_723 Cholinergic-Monoaminergic Interactions in Selected Regions of the Brain: Histochemical and Pharmacologic Analyses
Casamenti_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_685 Lesions of the Globus Pallidus: Changes in Cortical Choline Acetyltransferase, Choline Uptake and Acetylcholine Output in the Rat
Cheney_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_825 Marijuana and Cholinergic Dynamics
Collier_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_97 The Relationship between Choline Uptake and Acetylcholine Synthesis in a Sympathetic Ganglion
Cooper_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_521 Interrelationship between Acetylcholine Release from Synaptosomes and Na-K ATPase Activity
Corthay_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_321 Incorporation of Acetate into Acetylcholine and Other Compounds in the Torpedo Electric Organ
Costa_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_143 Regulation of Cholinergic Transmission in Adrenal Medulla
Dahlbom_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_621 Structural and Steric Aspects of Compounds Related to Oxotremorine
Davis_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_929 Cholinomimetic Agents and Human Memory: Preliminary Observations in Alzheimers Disease
Di Giamberardino_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_387 Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase: Similarities in Normal and Denervated Muscles, Differences in Axonal Transport
Domino_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_891 Red Blood Cell/Plasma Choline Ratio A Possible Biological Marker of Lithium Therapy Clinical Correlations and Limitations
Dowdall_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_249 Inhibition of Membrane Transport Systems in Synaptosomes from Torpedo Electric Organ by Snake Neurotoxins
Dowe_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_235 Isolation of Synaptic Vesicles from the Myenteric Plexus of Guinea Pig
Droz_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_377 Axonal Transport of Choline Phosphoglycerides to Cholinergic Synapses
Dunant_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_287 Acetylcholine Changes During Transmission of a Single Nerve Impulse
Dun_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_109 Multiple Mechanisms in Ganglionic Transmission
Eckernas_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_879 Pharmacokinetics of Neostigmine and Pyridostigmine in Man and Its Correlation to Clinical Effects in Myasthenia Gravis
Ehlert_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_609 Regulation of Muscarinic Receptor Binding
Fibiger_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_663 Anatomical Organization of Some Cholinergic Systems in the Mammalian Forebrain
Fonnum_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_569 Biochemical and Pupillographic Studies of Guinea Pig Iris During Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition
Froissart_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_91 Placental Choline Acetyltransferase Purification and Properties
Giacobini-Robecchi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_659 Newly Synthesized Acetylcholine Receptor in Denervated Skeletal Muscle
Giacobini_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_1 Acetylcholine Biosynthesis in Developing Cholinergic Synapses
Gibson_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_443 Acetylcholine Synthesis and Glucose Oxidation with Various Oxygen Levels in vivo and in vitro
Gillin_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_937 Effects of Lecithin on Memory and Plasma Choline Levels: A study in Normal Volunteers
Giompres_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_261 Biochemical and Biophysical Aspects of Stimulation Induced Vesicle Heterogeneity in Cholinergic Synaptic Vesicles
Gorio_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_221 Electrophysiological and Morphological Correlates of the Re-Innervation of Rat Neuromuscular Junction: Implications on the Role of Membrane Components such as Gangliosides in the Motor Nerve Sprouting
Hanin_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_901 Blood Choline and its Meaning in Psychiatric and Neurologic Disease States
Haubrich_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_425 Choline Availability and the Synthesis of Acetylcholine
Hedlund_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_647 Ionic Effects on Antagonist Binding to the Muscarinic Receptor from Rat Cerebral Cortex
Hopff_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_323 Cholinergic Receptor Isolation
Howard_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_133 Acetylcholine Metabolism in PC12, A Clonal Cell Line on Secretory Cells
Israel_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_273 Acetylcholine Storage and Calcium Clearance by Synaptic Vesicles
Jope_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_497 Choline Transport and the Regulation of Acetylcholine Synthesis in Synaptosomes
Kalaria_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_73 Choline Uptake and Choline Acetyltransferase in Brain of Developing Rats made Hypothyroid with Propylthiouracil
Karczmar_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_853 Basic Phenomena Underlying Novel use of Cholinergic Agents, Anticholinesterases and Precursors in Neurological Including Peripheral and Psychiatric Disease
Kewitz_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_405 Synthesis of Choline in the Brain
Kharkevich_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_351 On the Effects of Anticholinergic Agents on Muscarinic Receptors of Different Localization
Kilbinger_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_169 Modulation by Scopolamine, Acetylcholine and Choline of the Evoked Release of Acetylcholine from the Guinea Pig Myenteric Plexus: Evidence for a Muscarinic Feedback Inhibition of Acetylcholine Secretion
Kimura_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_695 Mapping of Cholinergic Systems in Rostral Forebrain of the Rodent
Koelle_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_127 Questions Raised by the Electron Microscopic Localization of Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase in Normal and Denervated Superior Cervical Ganglia in the Cat
Kotas_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_469 Least Squares Analyses of the Kinetics of Choline Uptake in Rat Brain Synaptosomes
Krenz_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_47 The Chemical Embryology of the Electromotor System of Torpedo Marmorata
Ladinsky_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_781 Regulation of Cholinergic Activity in the Rat Hippocampus: In Vivo Effects of Oxotremorine and Fenfluramine
Lefvert_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_333 New Evidence for True Immunopharmacologic Blockade in Myasthenia Gravis
Loffelholz_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_159 Regulation of Acetylcholine Synthesis and Release in the Isolated Heart
Lowenadler_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_343 Immunohistochemical Demonstration of IgG and Fab Fragments at Motor Endplates of Passively Transferred Mice
Luqmani_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_301 Uptake of Acetylcholine into Torpedo Synaptic Vesicles In Vitro
Luqmani_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_307 A Vesicular Site of Origin for the Release of a Cholinergic False Transmitter at the Torpedo Synapse
Manaranche_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_215 Release of Acetylcholine Triggered by the Venom of Glycera Convoluta
Marchbanks_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_489 Interaction of Choline Transport with Acetylcholine Release and Synthesis
Marchi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_25 Aging of Cholinergic Synapses in the Peripheral Autonomic Nervous System
Massarelli_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_511 Choline Uptake in Nerve Cultures and in Synaptosomal Preparation is Regulated by the Endogenous Pool of Choline
Mautner_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_367 Ligand Interactions of Axonal Membranes
Michalek_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_847 Comparative Studies on Rat Brain Soluble Acetylcholinesterase and Its Molecular Forms during Intoxication by DFP and Paraoxon
Miledi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_197 Hydrolysis of Acetylcholine by Frog Skeletal Muscle
Miledi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_205 Early Effects of Denervation on Acetylcholine and Choline Acetyltransferase in Skeletal Muscle
Mittag_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_541 The Cholinergic Systems of the Eye
Neal_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_555 Light Evoked Release of Acetylcholine from the Rabbit Retina in Vivo
Nordberg_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_639 Search for Nicotine-Like Receptor Binding Sites in Brain
Nordberg_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_809 Chronic Barbital Treatment and Cholinergic Mechanisms in Brain
Nordstrom_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_579 On the Ionic Mechanism of Presynaptic Muscarinic Receptor Action in Rat Hippocampus
Oderfeld-Nowak_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_739 On Modulation of Cerebral Cholinergic Mechanisms by Endogenous Indoleamines and their Derivatives
Pedigo_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_795 Acetylcholine Induced Antinociception: Comparisons to Opiate Analgesia
Perri_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_119 PGE1-Induced cAMP Biosynthesis in the Superior Cervical Ganglion of Different Animal Species
Reynolds_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_463 The Uptake and Acetylation of 3H-Choline in Brain of Inbred Strains of Mice
Robinson_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_705 Regulation of Septal-Hippocampal Cholinergic Neurons by Catecholamines
Scatton_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_771 Gaba-Acetylcholine Interaction in the Rat Striatum
Sisto-Daneo_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_85 Morphological Analysis of Chick Embryo Heart Development
Sitaram_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_947 Hypersensitive Cholinergic Functioning in Primary Affective Illness
Stadler_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_241 The Structure of Cholinergic Synaptic Vesicles
Suszkiw_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_313 Transmembrane Potential and Cation Diffusion Gradients in Isolated Cholinergic Synaptic Vesicles: Possible Model for Energization of Vesicular Acetylcholine Uptake
Szerb_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_177 Kinetic Studies on the Release of [3H]-Acetylcholine from Guinea Pig Myenteric Plexus: Difference in the Effects of Morphine and Reduced Calcium Influx
Teolato_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_601 Investigation on the Effect of Cholinergic Agonists and Antagonists on Cyclic Nucleotide Levels in vivo: Effect of Lyso-Phosphatidylserine
Tucek_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_415 Origin of Acetyl Groups of Acetylcholine in the Brain and the Role of Acetylcoenzyme A in the Control of its Synthesis
Vizi_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_187 Na+K+-Activated ATPase and Non-Quantal/Cytoplasmic Release of Acetylcholine
Wachtler_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_59 The Regional Distribution of Acetylcholine, Cholinacetyltransferase, and Acetylcholinesterase in Vertebrate Brains of Different Phylogenetic Levels
Wahlstrom_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_819 Interaction between Atropine and Hexobarbital in the Abstinence after Chronic Barbital Treatments in the Rat
Wamsley_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_587 Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptor Localization by Radiohistochemistry
Wecker_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_451 Regulation of Acetylcholine Release During Increased Neuronal Activity
Weiler_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_531 Acetylcholine Metabolism in Rat Neostriatal Slices
Wenk_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_673 Cholinergic Pathways to the Cerebral Cortex in Rats
Witzemann_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_653 Studies on the Structure of Acetylcholine Receptor
Wojcik_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_841 Do Gangliosides Affect the Recovery of Cholinergic Enzymes of Rats after Septal Lesions?
Wood_1981_Adv.Behav.Biol_25_715 Interactions of Neuropeptides with Cholinergic Septal-Hippocampal Pathway: Indication for a Possible Trans-Synaptic Regulation

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