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Bradley_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_441 Humoral immunity in myasthenia gravis: relationship to disease severity and steroid treatment
Brzin_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_313 Cholinesterases of the motor end-plate of the rat diaphragm
Burnstock_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_3 The ultrastructure of autonomic cholinergic nerves and junctions
Cohen_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_335 Accumulation of acetylcholine receptors at nerve-muscle contacts in culture
Collier_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_107 Cholinergic false transmitters
Dennis_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_359 Elimination of inappropriate nerve-muscle connections during development of rat embryos
Dreyer_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_213 Drug-receptor interaction at the frog neuromuscular junction
Droz_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_23 The importance of axonal transport and endoplasmic reticulum in the function of cholinergic synapse in normal and pathological conditions
Engel_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_423 The immunopathological basis of acetylcholine receptor deficiency in myasthenia gravis
Fambrough_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_325 The life history of acetylcholine receptors
Goldberg_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_465 The effects of inorganic lead on cholinergic transmission
Heilbronn_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_459 Short review of progress in experimental myasthenia gravis, bearing on the pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis
Israel_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_125 On the mechanism of acetylcholine release
Jones_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_391 Factors affecting the distribution of acetylcholine receptors in innervated and denervated skeletal muscle fibers
Juntunen_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_350 Morphogenesis of the cholinergic synapse in striated muscle
Kadlec_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_203 Dual effect of noradrenaline on cholinergic transmission in guinea-pig ileum
Kelly_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_253 Acetylcholine as an excitatory and inhibitory transmitter in the mammalian central nervous system
Kuhar_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_71 Sodium-dependent high affinity choline uptake
Ladinsky_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_411 The effect of altered function of dopaminergic neurones on the cholinergic system in the striatum
Landmesser_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_373 Competitive interactions between developing cholinergic neurones
Large_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_267 Studies on a false transmitter at the neuromuscular junction
Magazanik_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_225 The time course of postsynaptic currents in fast and slow junctions and its alteration by cholinesterase inhibition
Magleby_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_175 Facilitation, augmentation, and potentiation of transmitter release
Malthe-Sorenssen_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_45 Recent progress in the biochemistry of choline acetyltransferase
Marchbanks_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_77 Relationship of choline uptake to acetylcholine synthesis and release
Massarelli_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_89 Choline uptake and metabolism by nerve cell cultures
Massoulie_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_303 Biochemical characterization of muscarinic receptors: multiplicity of binding components
McGeer_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_59 Immunohistochemistry of choline acetyltransferase
Molenaar_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_449 Acetylcholine in intercostal muscle from myasthenia gravis patients and in rat diaphragm after blockade of acetylcholine receptors
Morel_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_191 Stimulation of cholinergic synaptosomes isolated from Torpedo electric organ
O'Brien_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_279 The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo electroplax
Pilar_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_97 Regulation of acetylcholine synthesis in cholinergic nerve terminals
Selyanko_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_241 Activation of acetylcholine receptors in mammalian sympathetic ganglion neurones
Suszkiw_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_153 Role of vesicle recycling in vesicular storage and release of acetylcholine in Torpedo electroplaque synapses
Thesleff_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_385 Studies on neurotrophic regulation of skeletal muscle
Volkov_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_403 A histological and electrophysiological study of the effects of colchicine on the frog sartorius nerve-muscle preparation
von Schwarzenfeld_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_163 Vesicular storage and release of cholinergic false transmitters
Vulfius_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_293 Acetylcholine receptor of Limnaea stagnalis neurones. Study of the active site functional groups
Vyskocil_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_183 The regulatory role of membrane Na+-K+-ATPase in non-quantal release of transmitter at the neuromuscular junction
Zelena_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_365 The elimination of polyneuronal innervation of end-plates in developing rat muscles with altered function
Zimmermann_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_141 Vesicular heterogeneity and turnover of acetylcholine and ATP in cholinergic synaptic vesicles
Zurn_1979_Prog.Brain.Res_49_435 The role of humoral immunity in myasthenia gravis

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