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Ansell_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_431 The Source of Choline for Acetylcholine Synthesis
Aquilonius_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_817 Physostigmine in the Treatment of Drug Overdose
Barker_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_465 Studies on Substrates, Inhibitors and Modifiers on the High Affinity Choline Transport-Acetylation System Present in Rat Brain Synaptosomes
Bartfai_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_285 Muscarinic Stimulation and cGMP Synthesis in the Nervous System
Birdsall_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_25 Correlation Between the Binding Properties and Pharmacological Responses of Muscarinic Receptors
Blass_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_791 Cholinergic Systems and Disorders of Carbohydrate Catabolism
Butcher_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_93 Recent Advances in Histochemical Techniques for the Study of Central Cholinergic Mechanisms
Cheney_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_551 Endogenous Modulators of Acetylcholine Turnover Rate
Costa_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_267 Control of Nuclear Function in Chromaffin Cells by Persistent Activation of Nicotinic Receptors
Davis_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_755 Cholinergic Dysfunction in Mania and Movement Disorders
Davis_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_805 Cholinergic Mechanisms in Schizophrenia, Mania and Depression
Domino_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_673 Effects of 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol on Regional Brain Acetylcholine
Dowdall_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_359 Nerve Terminal Sacs from Torpedo Electric Organ: A New Preparation for the Study of Presynaptic Cholinergic Mechanisms at the Molecular Level
Eckernas_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_747 Plasma Choline in Healthy Subjects and in Huntingtons Chorea Patients on High Oral Doses of Choline Chloride
Gillin_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_781 Cholinergic Modulation of Sleep, Growth Hormone and Analgesia in Normal Volunteers
Hanin_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24181 Acetylcholine and Choline in Human Plasma and Red Blood Cells: A Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometric Evaluation
Howard_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_565 Effects of Polypeptide Neurotoxins on Acetylcholine Storage and Release
Jenden_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_139 Estimation of Acetylcholine and the Dynamics of its Metabolism
Jope_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_497 Pyruvate Utilization, Choline Uptake and Acetylcholine Synthesis
Karczmar_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_679 Exploitable Aspects of Central Cholinergic Functions, Particularly with Respect to the EEG, Motor, Analgesic and Mental Functions
Karlen_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_643 Effect of Atropine on Acetylcholine Metabolism in the Mouse Brain
Kilbinger_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_401 Muscarinic Modulation of Acetylcholine Release from the Myenteric Plexus of the Guinea Pig Small Intestine
Koelle_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_125 Histochemical and Pharmacological Evidence of the Function of Butyrylcholinesterase
Krnjevic_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_261 Acetylcholine and Cyclic GMP
Kuhar_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_447 Characteristics and Significance of Sodium-Dependent, High Affinity Choline Uptake
Ladinsky_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_615 Pharmacological Evidence for a Serotoninergic-Cholinergic Link in the Striatum
Lennon_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_77 Immunofluorescence Analysis of Surface Acetylcholine Receptors on Muscle: Modulation by Auto-Antibodies
MacIntosh_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_297 The Present Status of the Vesicle Hypothesis
Massarelli_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_539 Uptake of Choline in Nerve Cell Cultures: Correlation with the Endogenous Pool of Choline
Mautner_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_197 Studies on the Mechanism of Action of Choline Acetyltransferase
Miledi_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_377 Acetylcholine Compartments in Frog Muscle
Mittag_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_61 Are There Two Forms of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor?
Nordberg_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_629 Modulation of Acetylcholine Turnover in Brain Regions
O'Brien_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_1 The Binding of Acetylcholine to its Nicotinic Receptor
Pepeu_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_605 Drug Stimulation of Acetylcholine Output from the Cerebral Cortex
Pilar_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_481 Control of Acetylcholine Synthesis in Motor Nerve Terminals
Polak_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_511 Regulation of Acetylcholine Synthesis in Rat Brain
Quastel_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_411 Source of the Acetyl Group in Acetylcholine
Rossier_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_207 Activation of Choline Acetyltransferase by Chloride: A Possible Regulatory Mechanism
Russell_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_709 Cholinergic Substrates of Behavior
Schuberth_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_733 Central Cholinergic Dysfunctions in Man: Clinical Manifestations and Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment
Spector_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_163 Radioimmunoassay for Acetylcholine
Stavinoha_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_169 Microwave Fixation for the Study of Acetylcholine Metabolism
Szerb_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_49 Characterization of Presynaptic Muscarinic Receptors in Central Cholinergic Neurons
Taylor_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_239 Structure of Acetylcholinesterase: Its Relationship to the Postsynaptic Membrane
Trevor_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_223 Comparative Immunochemistry of Mammalian Brain and Eel Electric Tissue Acetylcholinesterases
Ulus_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_525 Effect of Choline on Cholinergic Function
Villegas_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_387 Acetylcholine Mediated Axon-Schwann Cell Relationships in the Squid Nerve Fiber
Vizi_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_587 Presynaptic Modulation by Norepinephrine and Dopamine of Acetylcholine Release in the Peripheral and Central Nervous System
von Schwarzenfeld_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_657 The Uptake of Acetylpyrrolidinecholine A False Cholinergic Transmitter Into Mammalian Cerebral Cortical Synaptic Vesicles
Waser_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_347 The Endocytotic Role of Vesicles at the Cholinergic Synapse
Werner_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_231 Constituents of Acetylcholinesterase
Whittaker_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_323 The Electromotor System of Torpedo as a Model Cholinergic System
Woody_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_253 If Cyclic GMP is a Neuronal Second Messenger What is the Message?
Yamamura_1978_Adv.Behav.Biol_24_35 Biochemical Characterization of Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors in Huntingtons Disease

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