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Gene_locus Family Text
mouse-ES10 A85-EsteraseD-FGH Mus musculus esterase 10
mouse-ABHD6 ABHD6-Lip Mus musculus (Mouse) Monoacylglycerol lipase ABHD6
mouse-Abhd8 ABHD8 Mus musculus Q9JMF5-Abhd8 (Mouse) epoxide hydrolase (EC
mouse-abhda ABHD10 Mus musculus (Mouse) Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 10, mitochondrial
mouse-Abhd11 ABHD11-Acetyl_transferase Mus musculus (Mouse) Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 11 Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosomal region 21 protein
mouse-abd12 ABHD12-PHARC Mus musculus (Mouse) abhydrolase domain-containing protein 12 protein c20orf22 CT022 (fragment)
mouse-g3uzn6 ABHD12-PHARC Mus musculus (Mouse) Protein Abhd12b
mouse-Q80UX8 ABHD13-BEM46 Mus musculus (Mouse) 1110065l07rik protein flj14906 fis Alpha/beta hydrolase domain-containing protein 13
mouse-Abhd16a ABHD16 Mus musculus (Mouse) Phosphatidylserine lipase ABHD16A, bat5 (hla-b-associated transcript 5) (ng26 protein)
mouse-Abhd16b ABHD16 Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to chromosome 20 open reading frame 135
mouse-q7m759 ABHD17-depalmitoylase Mus musculus (Mouse) cgi67 serine protease precursor
mouse-Q8VCV1 ABHD17-depalmitoylase Mus musculus (Mouse) hypothetical protein
mouse-Q99JW1 ABHD17-depalmitoylase Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to cgi-67 protein AB17A
mouse-Q8C1A9 ABHD18 Mus musculus (Mouse)3110057O12RIK Hypothetical alpha/beta-Hydrolases/putative DNA-binding domain
mouse-ABH15 abh_upf0017 Mus musculus (Mouse) alpha/beta-hydrolases domain-containing protein 15
mouse-abhd1 abh_upf0017 Mus musculus (Mouse) lung alpha/beta hydrolase 1 (Labh1-pending)
mouse-abhd3 abh_upf0017 Mus musculus (Mouse) lung alpha/beta hydrolase fold protein 3
mouse-ABHD2 abh_upf0017 Mus musculus (Mouse) alpha/beta hydrolase-2 fold protein 2210009N18RIK
mouse-ACHE ACHE Mus musculus (Mouse) acetylcholinesterase
mouse-1lipg Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) (EC (Gastric lipase) (GL) 2310051b21rik protein
mouse-1llip Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (C57 Black/6X CBA) LAL mRNA for lysosomal acid lipase
mouse-LIPK Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) LIPK Lipl2 weakly similar to triacylglycerol lipase
mouse-LIPM Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) LIPM Lipm Lipl3 riken cdna 4632427c23 gene
mouse-LIPN Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) lipase-like, ab-hydrolase domain containing 3 (fragment)
mouse-Lipo1 Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) lipase, gastric (EC (gastric lipase) (gl)
mouse-Lipo2 Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) Lipo2 Lipase
mouse-Lipo4 Acidic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) Lipo4 Lipase
mouse-apeh ACPH_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) hydrolase) (aph) (acylaminoacyl-peptidase)
mouse-acnt1 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) Acyl-coenzyme A amino acid N-acyltransferase 1
mouse-acot1 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) hydrolase) ACOT1 (cte-I) cytosolic long chain Acyl-CoA thioesterase
mouse-acot2 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) (EC very-long-chain Acyl-CoA thioesterase (MTE-I) ACOT2
mouse-acot3 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) (peroxisomal long-chain Acyl-CoA thioesterase 2) (pte-IA) (EC
mouse-acot4 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) peroxisomal long chain Acyl-CoA thioesterase Ib (pte-Ib) (pte-2b)
mouse-acot5 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) (peroxisomal cytosolic Acyl-CoA thioesterase Ic)
mouse-BAAT Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) bile acid CoA: amino acid n-acyltransferase (EC
mouse-ACOT6 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse)acyl-CoA thioesterase 6 (EC Weakly similar to peroxisomal acyl-coenzyme A thioester hydrolase2
mouse-Q8BGG9 Acyl-CoA_Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) Similar to bile acid coenzyme A: amino acid N-acyltransferase
mouse-f172a Arb2_FAM172A Mus musculus (Mouse). Cotranscriptional regulator FAM172A
mouse-adcl3 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse) Arylacetamide deacetylase-like 3
mouse-adcl4 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse) Arylacetamide deacetylase-like 4 Hypothetical esterase/lipase/thioesterase family active site containing protein
mouse-aryla Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse) arylacetamide deacetylase and 5033417e09rik protein
mouse-Q8BLF1 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse) KIAA1363 NCEH1 neutral cholesterol ester hydrolase 1 B230106I24RIK
mouse-b1avu7 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse). Uncharacterized protein
mouse-b2rwd2 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse). Arylacetamide deacetylase-like 2
mouse-j3qpi0 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse). Uncharacterized protein
mouse-w4vsp6 Arylacetamide_deacetylase Mus musculus (Mouse). MCG67716
mouse-BCHE BCHE Mus musculus mRNA for butyrylcholinesterase
mouse-CPMac Carboxypeptidase_S10 Mus musculus RIKEN 4933436L16RIK CPMac
mouse-Ppgb Carboxypeptidase_S10 Mus musculus (Mouse) Lysosomal protective protein, Cathepsin A Ctsa, Protective protein for beta-galactosidase (Mo54) Ppgb
mouse-RISC Carboxypeptidase_S10 Mus musculus RISC retinoid-inducible serine carboxypeptidase HSCP1 (serine carboxypeptidase 1)
mouse-cauxin Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) est5a (Ces5a) est7 (Ces7) carboxylesterase-like urinary excreted protein
mouse-Ces1a Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces1a LOC2445 Q5FWH4
mouse-Ces1b Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Putative uncharacterized protein Gm5158
mouse-Ces1c Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus mRNA for carboxylesterase, Ces1c lung surfactant convertase, Liver carboxylesterase N, PES-N clone MGC:18575
mouse-Ces1d Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) triacylglycerol hydrolase (tgh) Fatty acid ethyl ester synthase Carboxylesterase 3 (EC
mouse-Ces1e Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus esterase-22 (egasyn) Es-22 E.R.-targeting prot. of beta-glucuronidase
mouse-Ces1f Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) carboxylesterase ML1, CESmML1 61.6 kda protein ES-4 (EC
mouse-Ces1g Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces1g EST1 RIKEN 2cxes mRNA for carboxylesterase
mouse-Ces1h Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces1h RIKEN cDNA 2310039D24 gene (2310039D24Rik),XP_134476
mouse-Ces2a Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Protein Ces2a Ces6 carboxylesterase 6 (Intestine, liver) AI266984
mouse-Ces2b Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Ces2b hypothetical protein bc015286
mouse-Ces2c Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Ces2c similar to carboxylesterase 2 (intestine, liver) Acylcarnitine hydrolase
mouse-Ces2d-ps Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Ces2d-ps carboxylesterase 2D, pseudogene
mouse-Ces2e Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces2e Ces5 carboxylesterase, Pyrethroid hydrolase
mouse-Ces2f Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Ces2f Uncharacterized protein
mouse-Ces2g Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) hypothetical 62.7 kda protein
mouse-Ces2h Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces2h carboxylesterase 2 isoform 1
mouse-Ces3a Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus Ces3a liver carboxylesterase esterase 31 Es31
mouse-Ces3b Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Liver carboxylesterase 31-like, Es31L
mouse-Ces4a Carb_B_Chordata Mus musculus (Mouse) Carboxylesterase 4A (Ces4a) Carboxylesterase 8 (Ces8) pI 6.1 esterase (ES-10) ES-HVEL
mouse-abhd4 CGI-58_ABHD5_ABHD4 Mus musculus (Mouse) abhydrolase domain-containing protein 4 similar to hypothetical protein flj12816
mouse-abhd5 CGI-58_ABHD5_ABHD4 Mus musculus (Mouse) cgi-58 RIKEN AK004873 gene
mouse-pches Cholesterol_esterase Mus musculus pancreatic/mammary gland cholesterol esterase
mouse-c1ib CIB-CCG1-interacting-factor-B Mus musculus (Mouse) ccg1-interacting factor b
mouse-Dorz1 CIB-CCG1-interacting-factor-B Mus musculus (Mouse)1110013B16RIK Dorz1 similar to dkfzp564o243 protein
mouse-CMBL CMBL Mus musculus (Mouse) Carboxymethylenebutenolidase homolog
mouse-dpp4 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 M.musculus mRNA for dipeptidyl peptidase IV
mouse-DPP6 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) dipeptidyl aminopeptidase-like protein 6 (fragment)
mouse-dpp8 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus RIKEN dpp8
mouse-dpp9 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) dipeptidyl peptidase 9 homolog mflj00334 protein
mouse-dpp10 DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus DPP-10 Dipeptidyl peptidase IV-related protein RIKEN cDNA 6430601K09 gene (6430601K09Rik), mRNA
mouse-FAP DPP4N_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) fibroblast activation protein
mouse-F135A Duf_676 Mus musculus (Mouse) hypothetical Esterase/lipase/thioesterase family active site containing protein
mouse-Q9DAI6 Duf_676 Mus musculus (Mouse) family active site containing protein, similarity 135, member B
mouse-tmco4 Duf_726 Mus musculus (Mouse) Transmembrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 4
mouse-tmm53 Duf_829 Mus musculus (Mouse) Transmembrane protein 53
mouse-EPHX1 Epoxide_hydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) epoxide hydrolase mEH (EC
mouse-ephx3 Epoxide_hydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) Abhd9 ephx3 Epoxide_hydrolase sequence
mouse-ephx4 Epoxide_hydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) epoxide hydrolase-related protein
mouse-hyes Epoxide_hydrolase Mus musculus soluble epoxide hydrolase 2, cytoplasmic (Ephx2), mRNA
mouse-OVCA2 FSH1 Mus musculus (Mouse) 2310011m22rik protein (ovca2)
mouse-1hlip Hepatic_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse), Mus spretus (Western Mediterranean mouse) (Algerian mouse) hepatic triacylglycerol lipase
mouse-hslip Hormone-sensitive_lipase_like Mus musculus mRNA for hormone sensitive lipase
mouse-rbbp9 Hydrolase_RBBP9_YdeN Mus musculus (Mouse), Mus spretus (Western Mediterranean mouse), (Retinoblastoma-binding protein 9 protein) B5T overexpressed gene protein (bog protein)
mouse-KFA Kynurenine-formamidase Mus musculus Kynurenine formamidase (EC Afmid Ammd cDNA 9030621K19 gene (9030621K19Rik)
mouse-Ldah LIDHydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) lipid droplet-associated hydrolase (LDAH) C2orf43 CB043 UPF0554
mouse-DGLB Lipase_3 Mus musculus (Mouse) Daglb Sn1-specific diacylglycerol lipase beta 64.9 kda protein
mouse-q6wqj1 Lipase_3 Mus musculus (Mouse) Dagla neural stem cell-derived dendrite regulator DAGLA
mouse-Lipg Lipoprotein_Lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) Lipg endothelial lipase
mouse-lipli Lipoprotein_Lipase Mus musculus lipoprotein lipase
mouse-lypl1 LYsophospholipase_carboxylesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) lysophospholipase-like protein 1 (EC 3.1.2.-) 26.3 kda protein
mouse-lypla1 LYsophospholipase_carboxylesterase Mus musculus lysophospholipase 1 (Lypla1)(lysopla I), mRNA
mouse-lypla2 LYsophospholipase_carboxylesterase Mus musculus lysophospholipase 2 (Lypla2), mRNA
mouse-SPG21 Maspardin-ACP33-SPG21_like Mus musculus (Mouse) hypothetical Maspardin-ACP33-SPG21 Spg21 Spastic paraplegia 21 homolog (Human)
mouse-MEST MEST-like Mus musculus Mouse and Mus musculus molossinus (Japanese house mouse) Mesoderm-specific transcript protein
mouse-MGLL Monoglyceridelipase_lysophospholip Mus musculus (Mouse) monoglyceride lipase (EC
mouse-ndr1 Ndr_family Mus musculus (Mouse) ndr1
mouse-ndr2 Ndr_family Mus musculus (Mouse) ndrg2 protein (ndr2 protein)
mouse-ndr3 Ndr_family Mus musculus (Mouse) ndrg3 protein (ndr3 protein)
mouse-ndr4 Ndr_family Mus musculus (Mouse) NDRG4 ndrg4 protein mkiaa1180
mouse-1neur Neuroligin Mus musculus (Mouse) neuroligin 1, KIAA1070 clone MGC:7622 complete cds
mouse-2neur Neuroligin Mus musculus (Mouse) neuroligin 2 (Nlgn2), mRNA
mouse-3neur Neuroligin Mus musculus (Mouse) partial mRNA for neuroligin 3 protein
mouse-4neur Neuroligin Mus musculus (Mouse) neuroligin 4
mouse-Kansl3 NLS3-Tex30 Mus musculus (Mouse) Q8C0P9 4632411B12RIK serum inhibited-related protein homolog
mouse-Tex30 NLS3-Tex30 Mus musculus (Mouse) Tex30 Testis-expressed sequence 30 protein, C13orf27 homolog
mouse-paf2 PAF-Acetylhydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase 2 (40 kda)
mouse-pafa PAF-Acetylhydrolase Mus musculus plasma PAF acetylhydrolase
mouse-ppt Palmitoyl-protein_thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) palmitoyl-protein thioesterase
mouse-PPT2 Palmitoyl-protein_thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 2
mouse-1plip Pancreatic_lipase Mus musculus RIKEN Pancreatic lipase
mouse-1plrp Pancreatic_lipase Mus musculus (Mouse) pancreatic lipase related protein 1
mouse-LIPR2 Pancreatic_lipase Mus musculus mRNA for cytotoxic T lymphocyte lipase
mouse-C87498 PC-sterol_acyltransferase Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to LCAT-like lysophospholipase (llpl)
mouse-lcat PC-sterol_acyltransferase Mus musculus mRNA for phosphatidylcholine-sterol acyltransferase ( lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase)
mouse-notum Pectinacetylesterase-Notum Mus musculus (Mouse) Protein notum homolog
mouse-q3uuq7 PGAP1 Mus musculus (Mouse) gpi deacylase full insert sequence. (fragment)
mouse-srac1 PGAP1 Mus musculus (Mouse) Protein SERAC1
mouse-LIPH Phospholipase Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to lacrimal lipase
mouse-psplip Phospholipase Mus musculus Similar to phosphatidylserine-specific phospholipase A1alpha
mouse-f6yqt7 Phospholipase Mus musculus (Mouse). Lipase, member I
mouse-PPME1 PPase_methylesterase_euk Mus musculus (Mouse) similar to protein phosphatase methylesterase-1
mouse-dpp2 Prolylcarboxypeptidase Mus musculus (Mouse) Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase II Dipeptidyl peptidase 7
mouse-pcp Prolylcarboxypeptidase Mus musculus (Mouse) prcp protein 2510048k03rik protein prolylcarboxypeptidase
mouse-tssp Prolylcarboxypeptidase Mus musculus (Mouse) thymus-specific serine protease precursor (EC 3.4.-.-) ottmusp00000000643
mouse-ppce S9N_PPCE_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) (PE) prolyl endopeptidase POP PREP
mouse-Q8C167 S9N_PREPL_Peptidase_S9 Mus musculus (Mouse) PERLP unknown (protein for mgc:7980) mkiaa0436
mouse-SERHL SERHL Mus musculus (Mouse) serine hydrolase-like protein 0610008b10rik protein and isoforms shl-2 (1110019m09rik protein)
mouse-AI607300 Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) hydrolase (mch) SAST
mouse-FASN Thioesterase Mus musculus (Mouse) fatty acid synthase FAS oleoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] hydrolase (EC Thioesterase domain
mouse-thyro Thyroglobulin Mus musculus thyroglobulin cDNA
mouse-bphl Valacyclovir-hydrolase Mus musculus (Mouse) biphenyl hydrolase-like, breast epithelial mucin-assoc AG BPHL (mcnaa), Valacyclovir hydrolase 2010012d11 rik protein

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