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Assay method, session, NaCl (mM), exp, Enzyme, BSA (µM), Buffer pH, Specific activity (µmol/min/mg), Tris–HCl (mM), Kcat (1/s), Reference, Temperature (°C), Lipase Nature, NaTDC (mM), NaDC (mM), Substrate, CaCl2 (mM), Substrate physical state
Nominal Categories for catdes function.

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 exp;Assay method;BSA (µM);Buffer pH;CaCl2 (mM);Enzyme;Kcat (1/s);Lipase Nature;NaCl (mM);NaDC (mM);NaTDC (mM);Reference;Specific activity (µmol/min/mg);Substrate;Substrate physical state;Temperature (°C);Tris–HCl (mM)
Lenfant_1__Thu_Dec_5_2013;pHstat;0;8;0.004;Rabbit gastric lipase;0;native;0;0.013;0;3382677;0;Egg lecithin;Micelles;37;0;

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